Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


15. Chapter 15

After 30 years, Foxy was telling a story to the children again. It felt like a dream to him. Maybe some of the adults would remember him when they were kids. Unfortunately, nobody seemed to remember him. But that didn't matter to Foxy. He was having a blast with what he was doing. When he got to some suspenseful moments in his story, the children would gasp and impatiently wait for him to continue. Whenever he told a happy scene in the story, the children would all cheer. That's what he enjoyed. But this time, there was someone who payed a visit to him. It was Adrian. Adrian decided to leave his office and pay a visit to the 'new' animatronic. Even though kids sometimes trip and fall on the ground, nothing serious happened. Meanwhile, kids were partying with the toy band, as Toy Freddy, Bon-Bon and Chi were playing some songs, something interesting happened. As they were playing a song, another song started playing, and the kids recognized it. It was the music box in the prize corner! The kids immediately left the stage area and ran to the prize corner. The toy band was horrified when it heard the music box. "No, it can't be..." all three said and looked at eachother. Even Foxy could hear a faint music box sound with all the children yelling and cheering. He was shocked and surprised. He then stopped with his story and immediately started walking towards the main room where prize corner was located. He now didn't care if the people knew he was not 'lifeless'. The music box played the well known 'Toreador march'. The kids gathered around the big box. The toy band didn't expect the puppet to spring out, because the box was empty. At that moment Foxy came out of the cove. Then the music box started playing 'Pop goes the weasel' and...the puppet sprang out of the box. "Hello children! I am sorry if i'm late! But it's present time!" The children cheered, but the staff was surprised. The puppet was not in the box when they looked. And the strings were back, tied onto the puppet. How could that happen? When Stephan heard something was going on, he came out of his office to find the puppet giving gifts to the children. "Adrian!" he called his guard, who was standing in awe as well. "What happened here? Wasn't the box empty?" "Yes sir, I have no idea how to explain that." The toy band and Foxy could explain that, but were shocked. After giving the presents to the children, the puppet turned to look at Foxy. Foxy was clearly angry, and the staff looked him weirdly. "And what the hell is happening with Foxy? The animatronics aren't supposed to act like that!" Stephan said. Foxy realized that he wasn't supposed to be doing what he was doing at that moment, so he found himself in an awkward situation. He turned his head towards the toy band, who was looking at him. The puppet then looked at the toy band, but they looked away. Stephan was watching all this. "Okay, what the hell is going on here?" The animatronics behaved like they were living beings, but that wasn't on his mind. There was no way they could be alive. The animatronics then went back onto behaving like robots. Toy band started their song again, moving like robots were supposed to move. Foxy did the same. He started walking in a 'robot fashion' again, and went into the 'Pirate' cove. "Well that was fucking weird." Stephan thought to himself. After it handed all the presents to the children, the puppet went back into the box. At one point, the two engineers that were supposed to be working on Vixey came to the pizzeria. When Stephan saw them, he approach to greet them, but they were visibly unhappy. They were nervous and shaking. "Good day, gentlemen! What seems to be the problem?" The two engineers then led Stephan to the hallway leading to the west side and then started: "Well...we...we don't know..." And at that moment Adrian opened the Parts/Service room and saw Vixey in there. "Hey, boss! When did the Vixen arrive? I thought that she was supposed to arrive next week." When the two engineers heard that, they were lost. "What? You two already brought her here? How did you manage to finish your job in 2 days? Ah nevermind." The two engineers were shocked, but went along with it gladly. "Well...we just wanted to tell you that we finished early. We want-ted to surprise you." "Awesome. You are getting extra for your hard work. Congratulations!" He then invited them to his office where he wrote them two checks and handed them out. "Thank you for working so hard to get it done. You should celebrate. And get some sleep will ya? Hehe..." The engineers thanked him and exited the pizzeria. When they did, they looked at each other. "What the hell was that?" "I don't know, how is that possible? We barely even started working." "It's a miracle that saved us! I thought that he would sue us for losing his animatronic!" "Let's get a drink and forget about this. I've got a headache from this." And the two engineers drove off. The day ended without any more incidents. Stephan left the pizzeria before Adrian, because Adrian had the keys. When Adrian locked the pizzeria, the animatronics were able to move again. When Vixey and the others came back into the main area, they found the toy band standing behind Foxy, who was looking inside the big gift box in prize corner. "Why are you looking there, Foxy?" they asked. "It be tat the puppet came back." Foxy answered. The toy band nodded, confirming what Foxy said. "What did it do? It came back for the show?" Vixey asked, as she approached the box as well. "Aye. And it seemed ta be hostile too." Goldy then asked again: "Did you look at it in the eyes?" "Aye. But nothin' happened." Goldy then gave a loud sigh and said: "Okay ladies, listen up. And that's for all of you." , and after they stopped talking, he continued: "We have to stop the puppet, whether I lose my life or not. I have a plan. I thought we could..." And that's when the others cut him off with a huge 'NO!', which was 8 animatronics strong. Freddy: "Are you crazy? There is no way I'm allowing you to risk your life." Bonnie: "Me too." Chica: "Me three. You are very important to us. To me at least! Think about us!" Toy Freddy: "I would never allow you to risk your life for me. You are the one I look up to." Bon-Bon: "You are probably the most reliable and responsible friend I ever had. I stand with the others." Foxy: "Face it, lad. We all love ya. Ya can't just walk straight inta death for us!" Vixey: "Not if we don't agree!" Goldy looked at all them, and he was overjoyed with what he just heard. But, just as he was about to protest, Chi came out of the small crowd, with tears in her eyes. "Chi sweetheart, why are you crying?" he asked her. "Don't you even care about me? How can you think about that without even having a single idea how much I care about you?" and she ran straight into a hug, burying her head into his chest and crying. Goldy then simply looked at her in shock, as she continued crying. "No, I do care about you. I love you and I'm sorry, but we have to stop the puppet somehow! And I am the only one that can stop it." Then she continued: "But think about what could happen to you. No. You are not going to go near the puppet and that's it. I don't want the puppet to get you!" Goldy then thought about it for a moment, but Chi then pushed herself away from him and cried: "But then again, if you don't love me or the others, go ahead and do whatever you like." Goldy was surprised by her statement, and the others looked at the situation in awe. Freddy and Bonnie suggested: "We will think about another strategy. Don't do this to us or Chi." As Chi turned her back to him, he grabbed her hand and pulled her back into a hug. That wasn't more surprising than the fact that he started crying as well. "No, I won't do it. I love you and the others far too much. I can't imagine how would it be without any of you." The scene was so heartwarming that everyone shed a tear or two. Once they came back to their normal selves, they decided to think of something else. The priority was now not allowing anyone to die, even if it would be beneficial for others' survival. At that point, they heard a front door unlock and open. Since the front door was visible from where they were standing, they all froze completely when they saw Adrian enter the pizzeria. "Stupid! Forgot my goddamn k-waaaah..." he was surprised seeing all the animatronics - even the ones he never saw before - standing in one part of the building. They all looked at him with their eyes widened, not knowing what to do. They all just stood there frozen for, what seemed like hours. Animatronics were waiting for Adrian to make a first move. It's like they already made a deal on what to do with him. "O-oookayyy...what the fucking hell? Uhh...bye!" he was visibly terrified. He made a dash towards the door, but Goldy ended up teleporting in the way, pushing Adrian onto the ground. Adrian fell on his face and hit his nose hard. Once he turned around, he was in a complete panic, as all the animatronics gathered around him, as Goldy closed the front door. "What is g-going on h-here? Uhh...please let me go?" Freddy then answered: "I'm afraid you saw too much for us to let you go." Adrian was now scared for his own life and more confused than ever. "Please, don't kill me! I'll do anything you want! PLEASE!" he screamed. "Whoa whoa whoa, we are not gonna kill you." Chica tried to calm him down. Once Adrian saw Chica's bib that read 'Let's eat!', it made him even more scared. They are animatronics! Robots! Lifeless objects! How can they have a conversation? That surely wasn't installed into their voice boxes. They helped him get up and sit on a chair, while he was shaking like mad. There were 9 of them, and they weighed over 600lb! They could crush him at any given second if they wanted to! "Give me the keys." Bon-Bon demanded. Adrian took the keys out of his pocket and gave them to him without saying a word. Bon-Bon went to the door and locked them. "Will ya calm down? We aren't gonna eat ya!" Foxy tried to calm him down, but because he said it rather loudly, it didn't help at all. Goldy sighed: "Foxy, you don't yell at him to calm down. Chi, go and get some water, please?" Chi nodded and went to the kitchen. "H-How are y-yoh-you guys doing th-hat?" Adrian finally spoke. "Okay, first you need to calm down and breathe. Then we will talk." Goldy said. "Wow, it's like he saw an animatronic hehe" Bonnie tried to be funny, but it wasn't helping at all. Once Adrian calmed down and started breathing normally, they could finally talk. "How are you guys doing that?" he asked again. "What do you mean? How are we talking to you?" Goldy lead this conversation. "Not just that. How are you guys...uh...'alive'?" "Long story. Your name is probably Adrian, right? My name is Golden Freddy, but call me 'Goldy' for short." "What do you want from me to let me go?" "Call Mike, and let me talk to him." Goldy proposed something unusual. And Adrian pulled out his phone and called Mike. Mike picked up the phone: "Hey Adrian, what's up?" but he was surprised to hear Goldy's voice. Goldy was holding a small phone in his one hand/paw. It was too big. "Mike, guess what?" "Oh don't tell me...did Adrian really catch you guys?" "Yep, now we need you to talk to Adrian." "Okay, I'm on my way." "Wait, you can talk to him via the phone, Mike." "No, I'll rather come to the pizzeria. I need to explain everything to him face to face. Okay, bye." Goldy then gave Adrian his phone back and said: "Mike is coming. We are gonna have a little 'talk'." Adrian then became nervous again: "What do you want from me to let me go?" "After we have that little 'talk', if you co-operate." This made Adrian gulp. And that's when Chi came out of the kitchen. "I made some lemonade. It's better than water." and served it to Adrian. Up until Mike came, everything was awkward. Adrian didn't know what to say, he didn't really want to talk to them and he was scared and confused. This was too much for one day for him. The animatronics asked him a few questions, and he answered, but they weren't sure if he was scared or lying, since he stuttered a lot. After a while, Mike came into the pizzeria. "Okay, what do we have here..." Adrian was glad to see him, but Mike was with the animatronics, so he had to co-operate no matter what. They all sat for the table and Mike started explaining everything to him, with the animatronics occasionally filling the holes in the story he left. Adrian swallowed everything word for word. During the explanation, Mike kept saying 'I know this is going to sound really strange, but...'. And it did sound strange. The animatronics were truly the 8th world wonder. After they finished telling him everything, Mike finally told him their proposition: "Don't you dare say anything about the animatronics being 'alive' and all. Can we trust you?" Adrian then immediately spoke up: "Yes! You can trust me. No worries!" "And even if you do, they will think that you are crazy. The camera recordings will be erased and you will have no proof, so don't even try." "S-so you are the yellow bear I saw a few weeks ago." Adrian said, referring to Goldy. Goldy sighed. "Yes, you saw me before. I'm glad we met. You are free to go now." And Adrian immediately picked up his stuff and ran through the front door to his car. "I better be going too. I didn't get any sleep and I'm tired." Mike said as he stood up. Everyone waved and soon they were alone again. "Okay, so now we can get to planning!" Freddy exclaimed. Bonnie: "Foxy and Vixey are immune to the puppet, so they are our next best weapon." Foxy: "Aye, agree." Goldy was listening to the others planning, feeling a little disappointed that he had only one shot left, and he couldn't risk getting caught again. Freddy: "And brother, what will you be doing?" Freddy asked him. Goldy: "I...I will...stay behind with my eyes closed at all times?" he let out a nervous chuckle. Freddy: "Absolutely correct!" Toy Freddy: "And Chi should stay back as well. Help Goldy out, keep her eyes open for him." Chi: "That's a great idea. And I'm going to spend more time with you, handsome." she said with a smirk on her face. Goldy: "And at least you won't be like Chica, who couldn't watch over my hat even if her life depended on it." Goldy now teased Chica. Chica: "Heey! That was long time ago. I am not irresponsible anymore." They all bursted into laughter, and Chica started blushing. Bon-Bon: "What happened with your hat, Goldy?" Goldy: "She 'accidentally' dropped it into a pot of boiling water as she was cooking, but I think that she held a fashion show in the kitchen. It was a more than 10 years ago." And the originals kept telling stories that happened before their old place got closed. Those were embarrassing stories most of the time. Chica: "I was the only girl then, so it made sense I wanted to do something without you boys seeing. One of those were, as Goldy calls them 'fashion shows'. At least now I've my two new girlfriends I can share secrets with." Bonnie: "Would you share some of those secrets with me?" Chica: "Yes, you are the only guy I would share secrets with." Bonnie: "But I don't know the reason, could you tell me why would you do that?" Chica: "Bonnie, why do you always have to tease me like that? Because I love you, of course!" Everyone aww'ed at those words. Then they decided to play 'Truth or dare' and 'Spin the bottle' combined. They were in a huge circle, and with the first spin of the bottle it was decided who would dare first. It was Chica. She then had the honors of spinning the bottle. It stopped on Bon-Bon. "Truth or dare?" she asked. "Umm...truth." he decided. "Okay, this is besides everything. Just a fun question, who do you like the most?" "Well...I don't want you to get angry, but I have to confess finally. Goldy, please don't get angry with me, but Chi...before you met Goldy, I had a crush on you, and...I still kind of do... Chi smiled at this. "Well, that's very great from you. To finally get it out and all. I love you as a friend." and that's when Chi gave Bon-Bon a hug he wanted for so long. Even though Chi was not 'available', it felt really good. Goldy wasn't mad at all. He simply smiled and acknowledged that. Next it was Freddy's turn. His bottle stopped on Foxy. "Truth or dare?" Foxy, without thinking, said: "Dare me, lad. I be a pirate, I want ta be dared." Freddy then thought about it and decided: "I dare Foxy to kiss Vixey. That's an easy one." Foxy, without even a little hesitation turned towards Vixey and started kissing her passionately. That 'kiss' turned into a 'make out' very quickly. They didn't care if others were watching. There was nothing bad in that. After a good minute, Goldy interrupted them: "Uhh, excuse me you two, but maybe someone else is waiting in line for a possible kiss?" Everyone chuckled at this and Foxy and Vixey finally went back onto playing. Bonnie: "Okay, who is with me? If Goldy gets a dare, don't make him kiss Chi." Goldy looked at him weirdly: "Really, Bonnie?" And that's how the whole day passed. They spent it together, having more fun than ever.
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