Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


14. Chapter 14

That big garage ~ a few hours earlier

"This is painful to do. There is still a lot of work to be done. Let's call it a day, what do you say?" one of the engineers working on Vixey asked.

"Sure, let's just do a test with her endoskeleton, I wanna see if we are on the right track." the other one said.

"Okay, but I'll soon have to go, so let's make it quick."

Then one of the engineers opened a compartment on Vixey's back and flicked the switch, causing Vixey to start shaking, as her servos power up. Once they did, she regained consciousness. The first thing she noticed was the two humans near her talking, so she instinctively pretended to be a lifeless animatronic. She then did a self-checkup, but when she tried to move her arms, she noticed that she couldn't. She didn't feel them. When she opened her eyes, she saw that her hands were nowhere to be seen. She would have panicked, but since the two humans were right next to her, she tried her best to hide it away. She tried moving the appendages that were once her hands. The humans seemed to be satisfied.

"Okay, she has no problem with her endoskeleton. Next we work on the endoskeleton arms." the first one said.

The other one went back for her back, in an attempt to turn her back off, but then they heard a doorbell.

"What the hell? Who could be ringing at 9 o'clock in the evening?" the first one (who owned the garage) was the one to complain.

"Let's leave her for another five minutes and see who the hell that could be." the other one suggested. Then they both left the garage and went into the house. When Vixey heard them close the door, she shot her eyes open, looking around and trying to find a way to get back to the pizzeria.

The engineers went to open the door. At the door was a man wearing a two-piece dark white suit. The two engineers greeted the man.

"Good evening, how may we help you?"

The man replied:

"Good evening. That must be the public garage I've heard of. And one of you gentlemen must be the owner."

Then the engineer replied:

"Yes, this is my public garage, but we closed a few hours ago. Please come back tomorrow." and went on to close the door, but the man protested:

"Wait, sir! I need to get somewhere. My car stopped on the middle of the road and won't start."

Vixey was now trying her best to ignore her missing arms, but that was not easy, since she couldn't get up. She struggled a lot, and she got up a few times, but she couldn't maintain her balance and fell back on the floor. After ten tries she still didn't give up. On the eleventh try she managed to get up by biting on a table and pulling herself up on her feet. But then she saw a shadow on the other side of the garage. Just when she got up, she had to fall back down. The shadowy figure started approaching her. She thought that it was a human, so she tried her best to act like a lifeless robot.

"Hello there, welcome to Freddy Fazbear's pizza!" she let her voice-box recite. The figure kept approaching and finally spoke:

"So, you must be Vixey. I am glad to meet you."

Vixey now saw that the 'human' did not buy it. She could only defend herself with her teeth, but that was not much. If the 'human' decided to dismantle her, he/she could do it."

"Do not fear me. I see that you are in quite a predicament." Vixey could now recognize that it was a male voice.

"What do you want from me?" she asked, visibly afraid.

"You seem to be on someone's list. And apparently, your family misses you."

Vixey was now more than confused.

"How do you know that? I never saw you before?"

"Do you want to go back?"

Meanwhile ~ Back at the pizzeria

"Missed me?" the puppet asked with an innocent tone. Chi, Goldy and Freddy came out of the kitchen to see everything but good. Bonnie and Chica were attacking the others, who were trying not to look at the puppet.

"Oh no...Bonnie and Chica! Help them somehow!" Bon-Bon screamed. Even though Bon-Bon was the closest to Bonnie's and Chica's reach, they both turned towards Foxy and cornered him, their red eyes staring at him. Toy Freddy then rushed to help them, but Chica turned around and caught his hand just as he was about to slap her out of it.

"You two, go help Foxy! I've got to try it again!" Goldy told Freddy and Chi and then teleported. Freddy and Chi rushed to help Foxy as Bonnie and Chica trapped him. He teleported behind the puppet and grabbed it by it's neck. He started squeezing. They both teleported at the same time and appeared in the kitchen.

"What the?" the puppet was surprised now and started making choking noises, as Goldy squeezed harder. Puppet then tried it's rapid teleport around the pizzeria. Goldy was concentrating on the puppet's mind all the time, which allowed him not to lose it. As the puppet continuously teleported, Goldy's headache started and got up to the point where Goldy had to let go, and they stopped in parts/service room. Meanwhile, the possessed Bonnie and Chica managed to trap Foxy, and keep the others away from them.

"Let tis pirate go, ya landlubbers!" Foxy struggled while Bonnie and Chica started dragging him by the arms, seemingly trying to get to the puppet. Chi appeared behind Chica and slapped the back of her head, causing her to regain consciousness and let go of Foxy. While Chica was recovering, Bonnie had a good grip on Foxy, and even though Foxy clawed and punched with his free hand, Bonnie wouldn't let go. He managed to drag him to the hallway of the west side, while Freddy, Chi and Toy Freddy followed. When Bonnie kicked the parts/service door open, the others managed to catch him, but to their horror, they saw Goldy on the ground of the parts/service, and didn't seem to be moving. Bonnie managed to get Foxy to the puppet, who now turned it's attention to him. After Bonnie dropped Foxy in front of the puppet, he earned a hard slap on the back of his head and regained consciousness, while his eyes returned to normal.

From down the hallway came Mike, who saw what was going on and rushed to help. Chi immediately rushed to Goldy and try to help him. To her joy, he started moving. But the joy lasted for a few seconds after Goldy turned around to look at her with his red eyes.

"Oh no! Nononononono!" Chi yelled in a crying voice, when Goldy grabbed her by the bib and threw her across the room like she was a paper airplane. She hit the wall pretty hard and fell onto the ground.

"Get Chi out of here." Freddy commanded, so Chica and Bon-Bon managed to drag Chi out of the parts/service. Meanwhile, Bonnie Freddy and Toy Freddy now faced Goldy who's strength was beyond everything now. To make things worse, Foxy was being cornered by the puppet.

"Look at me in the eyes, I'll give you candy!" Puppet started mocking Foxy, who had his eyes closed. Foxy tried throwing punches, but the puppet dodged them easily, by teleporting.

"No, no. Bad boy." Puppet continued to mock. At this point, If Foxy were to open his eyes, the puppet would be all over his face.

In the meantime, Freddy, Toy Freddy and Bonnie tried to tire Goldy out, but it wasn't going so well. At least Bon-Bon and Chica rushed back to help. Now it was five versus one. They all tried tackling him to the ground, and ended up succeeding, but only for so long. Lucky for them that Goldy was already tired from all the teleporting.

When that happened, Foxy ran out of the room, trying to find a way to get the puppet off his tail. He passed next to Chi (who was unconscious) and Mike who was trying to aid her. He ran through the long hallway, in an attempt to get to the east side and the dining area. And just when he ran out of the hallway...

"Foxy, what is going...aaah!"

"V-Vixey? Whacha be doin' here lass?" Vixey's arms were fully functional.

"I don't really..."

"Close yer eyes!"

And that's when the puppet teleported right at the door. Foxy and Vixey backed away, and they could see the puppet doing something with the door.

"Okay, I am not letting you slip away this time." Puppet hissed. All the windows that were open now closed violently with a loud bang. All the doors slammed, now trapping Foxy and Vixey with the puppet. It approached them slowly, while asking:

"Okay, who wants to go first?"

Foxy now knew that he couldn't harm the puppet in any way. Vixey was the one to pounce at the puppet, anger in her eyes visible. Foxy tried to stop her but failed. The puppet simply teleported out of the way and then turned around.

"Looks like you want to be the first, vixen! Let's see if this works..."

And the puppet now started forcing Vixey's eyes to open via telekinesis. It seemed to be working, as her eyes started opening, while she was yelling:

"No! I don't wanna look at your retarded eyes! Leave me alone!"

Foxy then tried punching the puppet again from behind and, this time, it worked, and the puppet was on the floor, giving Foxy time to scoot over to Vixey, while puppet teleported again.

"Alright, I had enough."

Then they heard a noise from down the hallway, and saw the others coming. When they saw that the puppet had Foxy and Vixey, they tried to rush in and help. Freddy was the first one to hit the invisible barrier and ricochet back. At this point, the animatronics started bashing at the invisible barrier in an attempt to break it.

"Don't you dare touch them, you hell spawn!" Freddy yelled, followed by the others. The puppet turned towards them.

"Or what? What are you going to do, little baby? Cry? There's nothing you can do now." The puppet mocked them again, and then it turned towards the two foxes in an attempt to finish them off at once. Foxy and Vixey were now in an embrace, trying to cover eachothers' eyes, but the puppet was now able to make them look at it.

"You first, fox."

Foxy found himself losing control over his own actions, as he felt a sudden urge to turn his head around and look at the puppet, but Vixey kept holding him back.

"Foxy, don't do it. Look at my eyes. Keep looking at my eyes!"

Foxy listened to her, and kept looking at her eyes, but the puppet kept forcing him.

"I must...let go lass!" he muttered.

"No! Don't let go! You are my life, Foxy! You are my everything! If you let go now, I will let go as well!" and she grabbed his head, trying to fight the puppet's force.

"Lass, don't! Me life ain't as important as yer life!"

Then Vixey started the kiss. Their eyes locked one onto another, and started glowing. With those glowing eyes, they both turned towards the puppet. The puppet was surprised when it saw their eyes glowing, but it didn't bother it a lot.

"So you finally decided to obey. How nice of you."

Foxy and Vixey now stared directly at the puppet's red eyes.

"No! Look away, both of you!" The others could be heard from behind the invisible barrier.

"It's too late...they looked..." Bonnie quietly muttered. Everyone stared in pure fear now.

"What the hell is wrong?" The puppet suddenly spoke. "Why aren't you obeying? Revertere animas!" and it's eyes glowed stronger and brighter red, but Foxy and Vixey didn't move. Then all of a sudden they made the first step towards the puppet, both of them were in complete and absolute sync: (A/N: Translations at the end)

"Tibi non licet accipies animas nostras..."

The puppet now started backing off a little. They continued:

"...Tibi non enim permittitur, nunc et nos fiant unum sumus! Vos non potestis...!"

The puppet couldn't believe what it was hearing. They finished it off with:

"Animas independens est gaudium creaturae!"

And with that their eyes returned to normal. The puppet tried again.

"Ugh, that can't be possible." and it's eyes were red once again. Foxy and Vixey stared at it, and then looked at each other in joy:

"Nothing is happening! Foxy, we are okay!" Vixey screamed in joy.

"Aye, ta puppet can't harm us." Foxy answered, and now they were both in each other's embrace. The puppet stood there in shock.

"Wh-what just happened?!"

Then, it earned a hook across it's mask by Foxy, causing the barrier to disappear, and the others were able to come through. They all saw what just happened, and were in shock as well. Though they still couldn't look at the puppet's eyes. Everyone gathered around the two foxes, now extremely confused and curious.

Chica: "How do you feel?"

Freddy: "What the hell happened to you?"

Toy Freddy: "Yeah, you seemed to recite some strange words."

Vixey then replied with: "We will talk about that later, we still have a puppet on the loose here..." and Vixey walked up to the puppet, who was still trying to process what happened. Vixey grabbed it by it's neck and looked it straight into the eyes and said:

"Now I am going to haunt your pathetic soul." while staring at it in a completely disturbing and creepy way. The puppet teleported away and it didn't reappear anywhere in the pizzeria.

Freddy approached Vixey and asked:

"Wait, are the puppet?"

Vixey turned around and answered:

"Well, looks like it." she tried to sound sarcastic.

"Another question: How did you get here? You were supposed to be there for a whole week."

She replied: "I...I don't remember how. I just did."

Foxy then approached: "Freddy, don't push. Ta lass be tired. Leave 'er ta rest."

Vixey: "Thank you so much, Foxy. You can take the spotlight, I'll just *yawn* go and take a nap..." and then it hit them.

Toy Freddy: "Wait, Foxy is supposed to perform today! How will you explain your comeback, Vix?"

Vixey: "I don't have to explain anything, the engineers have to."

Foxy: "Aye, and I be glad to perform again!"

Then Goldy, Chi and Mike came out of the hallway and greeted the others.

"I got possessed again? I am really sorry If I caused some problems." Goldy apologized.

Chi: "Well, I know that it wasn't you. I cannot be mad at you honey."

Goldy: "What? What did I do to you?"

Chi: "Well..." and then she showed her back, and there was a small crack on it, as a part of the suit broke.\

Goldy: "Oh my gosh, I feel so terrible Chi. I cannot believe that. Please forgive me.

Chi: "What are you talking about? The most important thing is that you are okay. But you are on step two with Foxy and Vixey..."

Freddy: "I'm afraid that he is alone on the step two.

Goldy: "How?"

And then the others proceeded to tell Goldy and Chi what happened with Foxy and Vixey. Goldy and Chi were overjoyed for them, but now Goldy was the puppet's main target now. To make it even worse, he is the only one who can stop it. Looks like they hit a dead-end.

Meanwhile, unknown location

The puppet was walking around, still trying to understand what happened to the two foxes and why couldn't they give the souls back. As it was thinking about it, it heard a familiar voice:

"Some battle."

The puppet now turned to look at the 'Stranger':

"How did you know? You helped them, didn't you?!" the puppet was irritated.

"I certainly did not. It is your fault that that happened. It was your ignorance. I will repeat myself again. You have got a long way to go, Marty, and I will be looking out for you."

And the 'Stranger' disappeared again, leaving the puppet to think about the next strategy.

Back at the pizzeria

It is now 3:55 AM, a few more hours until the opening time, and Foxy was rather nervous. He kept thinking that the kids won't like him. They were used to their favorite adventure vixen, so maybe they won't like a pirate. The Kids cove was already decorated in pirate decoration, and the background of the stage was changed to a pirate ship.

Vixey was in the backstage room, sleeping. Goldy, Chi and Mike were at the office. Goldy begged Mike to let him read the wikipedia page again, for any signs of how one can counter the original donor. Foxy and Vixey already did it, but even they don't know how.

"Okay, scriptures claim that the only way to counter the puppet would be to have another 'soul mate', that is, there need to be two of the split souls. And that's all what it says here." Mike summarized.

"I figured that out long time ago. Thanks for nothing, wikipedia." Goldy grew irritated. "And I am the only one that can actually follow it."

"Don't worry. That puppet is getting you only over my dead body."

Goldy chuckled: "You really know how to cheer me up, sweetheart."

"I really meant it, Goldy." she thought that Goldy didn't take her seriously.

"I know you did, and that's why I love you so much!" he replied with a smile and started caressing the feathers on the top of her head.

6 AM

Once 6 AM stroke, everyone went back into their positions. And by that, Vixey now joined the others in parts/service room while Foxy was supposed to perform. Mike said goodbye and left the pizzeria, while giving the keys to Adrian, who was now joined by Stephan and other employees. Stephan decided to call his engineers to see how big of a progress they achieved. Of course Stephan knew that the engineer would always get up before 6 AM, so it was not an inappropriate time to call him.

"Hello?" the engineer picked up the phone.

Stephan "Good morning! How was it yesterday?"

EG: "Uhm...well it was good."

Stephan: "Good, and how's Vixey doing?"

EG: "Well...she's good. We...we finished her endoskeleton, now we are going to work on...the arms! Yes, the arms.

Stephan: "Okay, expecting her next week. Gotta go!"

And the line was broke. First thing Stephan did was go to the temporary Pirate's cove to check up on his new attraction. He already wrote the speech about Foxy being a 'substitute'.

"You look good, buddy. If the kids like ya, I may order for them to completely repair ya, so that you can join the crew again." Stephan talked to nobody in particular, but Foxy listened. He could not believe what he was hearing. He might be coming back for real. Only if today's show goes well.

Soon came 8 AM and it was time for the pizzeria to open. The kids rushed in. They all took their chairs while preparing to listen to the toy band while pizza was being served. Also, there was a scheduled birthday party, so a party room next to parts/service was taken.

Once the Toy band played some songs, and when it was time for the kids to visit Vixey, they were stopped. Stephan went on the stage with a mic.

"Hello boys and girls. Today I have some news for you. Vixey will be away for a couple of days. She has gone on an adventure, so that she can tell you her tales!"

The kids awwed in dissapointment, but they got stopped again.

"We have a new guest in the cove! Some of you might remember him, some of you might not. He will be taking Vixey's place while she is on an adventure! Let's go to the cove and meet him!"

The kids cheered up and went into the cove. All the toys and dolls were in the place for the toddlers later, and the curtains of the cove stage were closed. The kids noticed that the cove looked different. Once they all sat on the small chairs, they waited for the star of the show.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the curtains, Foxy was nervous as hell.


"Hi, Foxy! It's my birthday today!"

"Can I touch your golden tooth?"


"That robot just bit that kid! Call ambulance now!"

"Scrap him!"

"Poor child..."

"Get him out of the restaurant and burn him!"

"My child! No! *cries* You fucking robot! I'm going to get you destroyed!"

~end of flashbacks~

Foxy was literally shaking from the nervousness. What if the bite happens again? But it was just a malfunction back then. It won't happen again thanks to the new technology. Then came his shining moment. The curtains opened, so he decided to stop worrying about the bite, but was still nervous.

"Some of you might now him! He is one and only! Foxy the pirate!"

And Foxy jumped out of the curtains.

"Yarrgh me mateys! Are ye ready ta travel across the seven seas with yer old pal Foxy?"

The kids cheered immensely, as Foxy got off the stage and went on to meet the little ones.

"I be tellin' ya me story, kiddies. An adventure across the seven seas!" and so Foxy started telling them a story. In the meantime, a party room was now full, because there was a birthday girl.

Vixey was sitting and talking with the others in parts/service, when they started hearing the noise in the next room.

"I want to perform so bad!" Freddy stated.

"We all want to, but can't, and you know it." Chica bursted his bubble.

"Vixey, how did it feel like? Getting free?" Goldy asked.

"Well, it did feel extraordinary, but I had a warm feeling on the inside, and I could have only thought of Foxy." she answered.

"Though in this situation we are going to have to scrap the puppet. We do not know how to achieve this with everyone." Chica added.

"We can't risk Goldy. He's in the most critical condition right now." Bonnie said.

Goldy: "Oh no, you are not going to make me hide behind your backs, are you?"

Other four: "Yes."

Goldy: "Sonnuvabitch."

Freddy: "It's for the best, brother."

Goldy: "Ye, I know..."

The children now finished listening Foxy's tales and were now getting ready for the Puppet, but Stephan stopped them yet again.

"Okay, the presents are on the table, kids. Pick up your very own 'Let's party!' bib sponsored by our favorite Chica the Chicken!"

The kids were still waiting for the Puppet, but there was no music coming from the music box.

"Marty is sleeping now, kids. You will get to see him another time."

Foxy felt amazing. Nothing seemed to be going wrong, and he was so glad that he could perform again. He also hoped that Stephan would do what he promised: To make him part of the crew again. But the priority was now getting rid of the puppet.

Translations: (from Latin to English)

Revertere animas - Return the souls

Tibi non licet accipies animas nostras - You cannot take our souls

Tibi non enim permittitur, nunc et nos fiant unum sumus. Vos non potestis! - You are not allowed, now that we have become like one. You cannot!

Animas independens est gaudium creaturae - Independent souls are the real joy of creation.

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