Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


11. Chapter 11

The dining area, 5:30 AM

"Holy shit. And what am I supposed to say to Stephan for this?" Mike was annoyed because of the mess that was made. "I'll be in a huge load of shit!"

Freddy was trying to be sarcastic: "Well, let's can tell him that you invited your friends for a little party, since the whole restaurant was on your watch, and then an accident occured and..."

"Freddy, knock if off. I'm in serious shit. I can get fired for this." Mike was a bit irritated.

Of course, since the fight with possessed Foxy, there was a broken table, multiple broken chairs, stage curtains were ripped and filled with holes, the tiled floor was was a huge mess. The animatronics realized that Mike was going to lose his job, so they tried their best to clean up a bit before 6 AM, but it was not possible, since Stephan arrived earlier today, at 5:45 AM. The animatronics heard the car outside, so they all quickly got into their positions. Originals went back to parts/service, and toys were back on stage/kids cove. Mike was sitting for one of the untouched tables, thinking of an excuse. He thought to himself.

"I could say that someone broke in. Nah, the cameras recorded everything, and he probably wouldn't beli...oh shit! The cameras! I've got to erase the footage! Aaand I can't do that either. Well, shit!". He then turned towards the toys, who were on the stage. "Well, you guys seem to be in a lot of shit as well..." They looked at him with their heads tilted, seemingly confused. Then Toy Freddy suddenly facepalmed.

"Oh no, the cameras. The cameras recorded everything." he whispered. The other two heard him and immediately got worried. ChiChi then turned back to Mike:

"Mike! You've got to prevent him from seeing the camera footage! Please, do something!"

Then the door opened. Chi immediately froze, like any other ordinaryanimatronic would be. Stephan entered the pizzeria. It was still quite dark, the sun didn't come out yet, so he had to turn on the lights. Then he saw the mess, and Mike in the middle of it.

"Jesus Christ! Mike, what the hell happened to this place?"

Mike was still trying to think of an excuse that wouldn't end bad for everyone. "Well...sir, I...uhh...didn't see..."

"Are you okay? Did cameras record what happened?"

Mike then distracted his boss using a...weird startegy, not daring to answer his second question.

"Oh, I'm fine! I'm really fine, even if it didn't look like i was fine at first. How are you, sir? You slept well?"

"I-I'm fine Mike, let's go check the cameras." The sentence Mike never wanted to hear. He thought for himself:

"Oh, shit. What now? Think, Mike. THINK! Use your head for once!"

Then they heard knocking on the front door, and a voice:

"Hey, Stephan! You've got to help me! Come quick!"

Stephan then turned away from the office and went for the entrance with Mike. When they came, the door was wide open, but nobody was there. Then they heard the voice coming from outside this time:

"Stephan! My wife passed out! Please, call 911!" The person sounded distressed.

Stephan ran out to find nobody, he just saw a hand disappear behind the corner, and the voice again:

"Please, help my wife, she's dying!". Stephan went on to follow the person that was calling him.

"I'm coming! Please, take me to your wife!" without even seeing the person's face. He then disappeared behind the corner from Mike's perspective.

"What are you doing, Mike?! Don't just stand there, go erase the footage now!"

Mike was startled. "Goldy! Don't teleport on me like that! Wait...that was you?"

"Yes! I'll hold him off, you do something about the cameras, quickly!". Goldy then teleported away, and all that he heard a second later was a crying scream coming from "the person" that needed help, and Stephan yelling, though not so audibly: "I can't see you! Where are you? Where is your wife?"

Mike didn't waste any more time and decided to try to erase everything from the...last couple weeks! Stephan never asked to look at the footage, he relied on his guards to tell him if there was anything wrong. Adrian and Mike didn't have permission to tamper with the footage/delete it without telling him. This time, Mike had to, or the pizzeria would be turned into an 8th World Wonder. Strange that Adrian didn't look at the recordings.

He turned on the tablet and went into 'Options' and under options there was a 'Delete everything' button. He tapped on that, and all the recordings started erasing. Then, to his horror, Stephan was coming back from down the hallway.

"Damn, someone must have been messing with me. Sick joke, wife dying and stuff. Found anything Mike?"

Mike didn't know what to do, the files didn't finish deleting yet.

"Yeah, I'm trying to turn it on right now." he tried to sound as nonchalant as possible, while on the inside, he had an adrenaline rush. Just before Stephan could peek at the screen, everything was deleted. Mike released a huge sigh on the inside.

"Well?" Stephan asked. It was now smoother for Mike to lie his way out.

"I am trying, but...what the hell? No footage? What do you mean, no footage?" Mike seemed irritated.

"What?! All the footage was lost?! How could that happen?!" Stephan was angry.

"I-I have no idea, sir! I just picked up the tablet and everything was gone."

"Did you, at least, see what happened?! Anything, Mike?"

"No, my eyes were focused on the animatronics most of the time."

"Well, now i'm gonna have to close for a few days to get the damage fixed." Stephan then looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:15 AM. He then thought that it was not that early for the guys he wanted to call, so he pulled out his phone and dialed. Mike was listening to what would he do.

"Hey, I hope I'm not calling too early, did I wake you up? Okay, good. I need you to come and fix the place up a bit. There must have been a burglary or something last night, the footage was deleted for some reason...Okay, I need to have this place fixed as soon as possible. Until then I'll have to close...You can't do it today? about tomorrow, tomorrow sounds good? Okay, so I'll order new tables, chairs and other stuff, you just come with your other pals and help me. Walls and floors too...Uh, it's not wallpaper, it's paint...and tiled floors, I'll order those too. Okay, see ya tomorrow." and then he hung up and turned back to Mike:

"Listen Mike, come tomorrow as well. And please monitor the whole place? I'm counting on you."

Mike responded: "No problem, sir. I'll be here."

Stephan sighed. "Okay, good. See ya in two days. Pick up your stuff and lock the place." and Stephan left. Mike picked up his stuff and decided to visit parts/service to tell everyone what happened. He opened the door, and the animatronics turned towards him with a curious expression on their faces.

"It worked! Goldy you are a genius! You guys have a day-off today. The pizzeria is being closed for two days. Tomorrow they will come and fix the mess. Just let me handle Adrian, then you are free to come out." And he closed the door.

On his way out, he saw Adrian coming to the pizzeria.

"Hey Mike. Why aren't you home by now?"

Mike replied: "I am going now. Pizzeria is closed today, so you can go home as well." as he locked the door.

"Really? Why is it closed?" Adrian asked.

"Well...Stephan will explain it to you, I can't think right now, I'm sleepy. Go home Adrian, see you in two days."

Both of them went back to their homes. The animatronics jumped from their positions, happy that they've got a day-off. They all soon gathered back at the dining room.

Chica: "Sooo...what do you guys say we clean up a bit? I don't like when it's messy."

They all agreed to at least remove the broken tables and chairs out of the way. And while they were doing that, Goldy reminded everybody about the puppet.

"Don't forget about the puppet. Whenever you see something suspicious, close your eyes straight away." as he lifted a heavy table up into the air and moved it to the parts/service for the time being.

Freddy started to hang out with Goldy and Chi a lot. They were like three talkative neighbors that like to hang out while drinking coffee. Yep, that's exactly what they were like. They were also like three best friends now.

"Hey, what do you say we go and watch TV in Stephan's office?" Goldy suggested.

"Oh yeah, I remember I saw a TV in there. Good idea, brother." Freddy added.

Chi: "I never watched TV before. Sounds like fun!" Chi was happy that she could finally watch TV. "But we better not make a mess in the office.

Goldy: "Don't worry, sweetheart. We are just gonna watch TV."

Chi: "Are you sure that you can teleport us both in there without passing out, honey?"

Goldy: "I'm sure. I also need to practice doing that to get more and more adapted to it.". Goldy was now much more confident about his ability to teleport another person. Or an animatronic.

Freddy: "Alright then, let's go!"

Goldy: *clears throat* Ladies first?

Freddy: "Oh, of course. Where are my manners? Haha..."

Goldy then held Chi's hand and soon they were inside the office.

Chi: "How do you feel?"

Goldy: "I feel good. And that's the weirdest part."

Goldy then teleported back out to get Freddy. Once they were in the office, Goldy started holding his head.

Freddy: "Brother, you ok? How do you feel?"

Goldy: "I'm fine. Just give me a minute."

After a few minutes, Goldy was alright, and they could finally continue with what they wanted to do.

Chi: "Let's watch some TV!"

They started looking around the office again. It was much bigger than an average office. The desk was on one side, and on the other was a three-sitter sofa, and right across it a TV that manager likes to watch.

Freddy: "Man, it's been so long since we watched TV, huh brother?"

Goldy: "Yeah, I always enjoyed watching documentaries. One way to learn how the outside world looks like without going out."

Freddy: "I always enjoyed watching those comedy movies."

Chi: "Excuse me, but can we watch something that we all like? For example, I find something I like to watch, and then if you two like watching it too, we will watch it together."

Meanwhile, dining room

Bonnie: "Would you like to learn how to play cards?"

Bon-Bon: "How do we play with cards?"

Chica: "It's fun, you will see. You just need to learn how to play, and I'm pretty sure you will want to play it every day."

Bon-Bon: "Okay, show us."

Toy Freddy: "Where are Foxy and Vixey? Maybe they would want to play as well?"

Chica: "I think they are in the kitchen. I'll go check. Bonnie you start teaching them the basics."

Bonnie: "Will do, my love." And Bonnie started showing them the cards first.

"As you can see, these cards have different numbers, which represent values of the card. There are four "shapes" that are known as suits. Diamonds and Hearts are red, Spades and Clubs are black..."

As Bonnie was explaining the basics the other two, Chica went to the kitchen door. She tried opening them, but they seemed to be locked.

"Foxy? Vixey, you in there?" she called for them.

"Aye, we be in 'ere, lass."

She was relieved to hear Foxy's voice.

"Why did you lock the door?" she asked.

"Well, it's a surprise for everyone." Vixey's voice could be heard. Then Chica heard them giggling while making noises with kitchen dishes and tools.

"Do you wanna play cards with us?" Chica now asked a question she came for.

"Nah, maybe later. Ya go play cards, Chica."

"Okay, but don't take to long. I want to make something to eat."

Foxy and Vixey looked at eachother, and laughed.

"Oookay Chica, you got it, guurl!" Vixey changed her voice while still giggling.

Chica shrugged and went back to the other three.

"Waiwaiwaiwait, repeat that please, slower?" Bon-Bon was a little irritated by Bonnie explaining too fast, but was interested nevertheless.

"Okay, so if you don't have any matching cards, you can switch up to three cards you want with three other random cards from the deck. If you have good cards, then you place a bet. After you switch, you can either fold, if you have bad cards, or you can raise if you think you have good pairings, but you risk of losing more money. Oh hey, love. How are Foxy and Vixey doing?"

Chica: "Ehh, they locked themselves into the kitchen and won't let me in. Wonder what they're doing."

Bon-Bon: "Don't you think that somehow...the puppet...

Others: "No way!"

Then they all rushed towards the kitchen. They started calling for them and knocked hard on the door.

"You two, open this door right now!" Chica yelled

"Oh, but why? We are not possessed by the puppet or anything..." Vixey was teasing them a little too much.

"OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!" the other three commanded.

"But we be makin' surprise for ya!"

The others continued knocking on the door, so they didn't have any other choice but to open the door. Vixey unlocked the door and opened.

"You knocked ever so gently?"

They looked at her eyes and they were normal pale yellow. They sighed.

"Sorry, we thought the puppet might have been in there. Don't lock yourself in one room like that!" Chica sighed in relief.

"Okay...I thought that you would die without your kitchen for a second." Vixey joked.

Chica: "Yeah, haha. Very funny."

Bonnie: "We won't come in, just don't lock yourselves like that."

Vixey then closed the door again, but didn't lock the door.

Manager's office

"Dad, what are you doing, I want to go home. Where's mom?"

"She's dead, sweety, you know that! ... You killed her!"

"No, dad what are you talking about? Please, I just wanna go home!"

Another person: "Do it! That's the only way to save her soul!"

Chi: "No, you're not gonna do it. You're crazy!"

Freddy: "Holy shit..."

Goldy: "Is he sick?"

"Daddy, what are you doing with that?" The girl's dad poured lighter fluid on her head. He took out the matchbox.

"Dad, no! Please!" He tried to light it, but it went out.

"Please, listen to me! It's me!"

"I'm sorry, sweety..." he lights the second one, but fails.

"Please...*silence*...I will rip your soul out, daddy."

All three gasped.

He lights the third one, succeeds.


Chi then changed the channel.

Goldy and Freddy: "Whoa whoa whoa, why did you change it?"

Chi: "It's scary and sick, I don't wanna watch that."

Goldy: "Ah, come on, sweetheart, it's just a horror movie. That's how those movies are supposed to be.

Chi: "Well, I don't like horrors then."

Goldy then started making out with Chi. Freddy was watching and was a little jealous.

They noticed this, as Freddy was looking down in sadness. They immediately parted.

Goldy: "Sorry, brother..."

Freddy: "Nah, it's okay. Can you take me back to the others?"

Goldy: "Sure, Chi and I are gonna watch another movie."

Freddy: "Ok, see you later, Chi."

Chi: "See you later, Freddy."

They teleported out of the office, and Freddy went to find the others, while Goldy teleported back into the room.

"Well, would you like to watch a romantic movie?" Chi asked with a slightly seductive voice. Goldy didn't notice that though.

"Sure, let's see what's on." he said as he sat next to her, and they started snuggling.

"Now it's your turn. See if you have any pairings. If you do, then switch out the ones that you don't need, and hope that you don't need." Bonnie explained.

"Okaaay...I don't need the six of clubs and seven of diamonds."

"Bon-Bon, not out loud. You are not supposed to tell the others which ones you have."

Bon-Bon groaned. "Eh, I knew that I would fuck up again."

Bonnie: "Do you guys smell that? What is that awesome smell?"

Then Foxy and Vixey finally came out of the kitchen

Chica was surprised the most out of all.

"What is that? Why didn't you call me to help you?"

Foxy: "Arrrgh, we don't be needin' no help."

Vixey: "We thought we would make this ourselves, for you guys."

Chica took a good look at it. Those seemed to be...pancakes.

"How did you get the recipe?" she asked.

Vixey: "I found it. It seemed to be ok, so Foxy and I thought that we could make these for you, because you are all our dear friends. And, of course, spare you the trouble, Chica." she added a wink at the end.

Chica: " Well, I like cooking, so it wouldn't be any trouble for me to make everything, but since you took the time to make everything, I want to thank you." she smiled.

Everyone thanked the two foxes for making these, as they sat back down and ate the delicious pancakes.

Back in the manager's office

Goldy and Chi were watching a movie, when a romantic scene started.

"Let's do what they are doing. A little roleplaying?" Goldy smiled as he kissed Chi's neck, and she shivered. She turned to look at him.

"So that's how you wanna play?" she whispered seductively into his ear. And she knew exactly what she had done.

Goldy shivered a bit as well, but didn't seem to mind, as a bulge appeared on his crotch. Chi continued whispering into his ear, though. And Goldy enjoyed every single bit of it.

"You like when I do this huh? What do you say we get a little lower? Hmm?" She continued to whisper.

(A/N - WARNING! Lemon starts here)

Chi slowly reached down into his pants, grabbed onto his 'member', which was pretty big, and slowly started jerking him off while still whispering in his ear.

"Does that feel good, honey? Do you want me to continue?"

He slowly nodded, barely paying attention to what she is saying to him. From her clumsy moves and a lot of repositioning, he could see that she was a little nervous. He was nervous too.

"Chi, it's just that...I've never done this before in my life."

She whispered again: "Neither did I." and started nibbling his ear with the top of her beak while slowly breathing into it. She knew where was his "button" located, and she didn't only push it... she completely molested that "button".

"Ch..Chi! T-Take it easy o-OOkaay, sweetheart?!"

She whispered yet again: "Whatever you say, lover boy."

Goldy then reached behind Chi's back and started untying the knot on Chi's bib, that was also acting like a tank-top. Once he took of her bib, he moved down, now taking off her pink skirt. Everything they did from that point on was clumsy, they were really nervous. Once Goldy took off her skirt and exposed her completely, with one of his hand he was fondling her breasts, while with the other hand he was fondling her 'entrance'. She answered that by breathing into his ear faster and faster. She also started jerking him faster as well.

Then she finally left his ear alone and they started making out, while softly moaning into eachothers' mouths. At that moment, he slowly inserted his furry index finger into her, and she twitched. She then stopped for a second, used her free hand to snap her beak off, and then went back onto making out.

Goldy had enough of the teasing, so he grabbed her and slowly lifter her a bit. He first asked her:

"Are you ready?"

She slowly nodded, as he lowered her down, allowing her to position herself so that she was comfortable. When she was, he lowered her down even more and slowly entered, causing both of them to twitch again. As she got used to the 'feeling', she started going up and down faster and faster, as he started thrusting slowly into her. They were trying their best not to make any noises. But one accidentally escaped Chi's mouth.

They were both nearing the edge. It's like they were communicating by just looking at each-other in the eyes. And it's like they both gave each other a "ready" signal, as they both released at the same time, bringing them tons of pleasure at the same time. This time they couldn't help but release a few loud moans, both of their liquids flowing out of Chi and onto Goldy's crotch. The pleasure lasted a little longer for Chi, as she was still going, while Goldy slowed down. They soon finally came to a stop, and they finished with another kiss.

Just then, they heard knocking on the door, causing both of them to jump.

"Hey you two, can I come in and watch a movie with you again?" It was Freddy.

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