Everyday the town changes. Every day we see new faces. Everyday my town has more to offer, everyday I see more.


1. Changes

I rise to the familiar sun, so bright 

After a sweet, familiar night 

I rise and see the sun

I want to fly, to run

In my town, in the beautiful United States

Everyday, a new day awaits

I dance in the freedom of the rain

The drops, wet, creating a water stain

These are the days I long for

There's so much sun, but I long for more

In my town, the trees aren't high

I've looked up to them, dreaming, trying to fly

In my town, the lights gleam and shine 

I feel as if I am free, the world is mine

It is not a country town, nor city land

It is beautiful, straight from His hand

Wrapped in the valley, a bowl shape 

The sun is the light, the wind is the cape

I've lived here for more than a decade

The memories are amazing, they'll never fade

In my town, the nights are hot and breezy

Don't get lost, that's easy

The whimsical trees with their low hanging arms

The roosters, our natural alarms

I've gone through friendships and love

All in the safety of my town, the blue sky above

No matter what, I'm confident it'll be okay

Because everyday, it's a new day

In my small town, a promise is held

Every new day, I am compelled

To dance, and run mile after mile

In my small town, I am compelled

To smile 



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