Draco vs Merlin vs Winn

~Sequel to The Magic of Merlin~

After Oliver died Taylor didn't know what to do, she couldn't think straight, she was crying her eyes out. Ollie was the only family Taylor had left and now he's been taken from her.

What will Taylor do? Will she go back to school and be with her friends? Will Merlin come looking for her or will he go back to Camelot?

What if Taylor found out about Draco and Kara and went to National City for a few days and met Winn? What will happen? Between Winn and Draco, who will she choose?

(All Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling)


27. Divination

Taylor's POV

"Hello Taylor! How was your Christmas?" I looked around. "Oh hey Harry! My Christmas was wonderful.." I replied with a dreamy gaze. Harry snickered. "I find that hard to believe since you were with Malfoy." He replied shaking his head. "He's actually a lot kinder than he lets on." I replied scowling slightly.

Harry sighed putting his hand on my shoulder. "I don't know how you-" Harry was cut off. "Oi! Potter! Get your hands off my girlfriend. She's for my hands only!" Draco yelled storming over to us. I blushed at this. "I wasn't doing any-" Harry started. "Yeah right! Stop flirting with my girl! I know she's beautiful, but she's mine!" Draco shouted pulling me towards him.

From my place in Draco's arms, I could see him glaring at Harry. "Draco," I said as I motioned Harry to get out of there from behind my back. "We weren't flirting..we were talking about break..and you?" Harry slipped away unnoticed from Draco. Draco smiled and leaned towards my ear. "Well, I can't be mad about that can I?" He whispered making me giggle. The bell rang and Draco sighed annoyed. I hesitated to pull out of Draco's grasp and held his hand as we went to Divination which was with the Ravenclaws.

Draco's POV

Taylor and I walked into Divination and sat in the back. Today we were looking into the future as Professor Trelawney put it. She had us pair up and look into a teacup and say what we're feeling.

Taylor and I of course paired up and looked at our teacups. Professor Trelawney walked around the class looking at everyone's progress.

"So Draco what does your cup say? Taylor asked. I looked at it and it was a picture of two ppl on a beach holding hands. "It means that we'll have a bright future together." I replied smiling. "How does that make you feel?" She asked. "Blessed and happy bc I found the girl of my dreams and nothing will ever tear us apart." I replied.

"What does your cup mean Taylor?"

Taylor looked at her cup and gasped then looked at me with tears in her eyes. "What wrong Tay?" I asked holding her hand. She shook her head as Professor Trelawney walked up to our table to check on our progress.

Professor Trelawney's POV

I walked over to Mr. Malfoy's and Miss Queen's table to check on their progress and asked a few questions.

"Hello my dears" I said. "Hello" Mr. Malfoy replied. "Can I see your cup Mr. Malfoy?" I asked. He handed it to me and I looked at it and smiled. "You will have a bright future ahead of you boy wth your girlfriend." I then looked over at Miss Queen but she was no where to be found.

"Was it something I said?" I asked. Mr. Malfoy shook his head and wanted to be excused and I let him. I then continued on with class.

Taylor's POV

I rushed out of Divination crying and ran to the girl's bathroom. I went to the sink and continued crying until I heard ppl come in. I looked up and saw Ginny and Hermione

"Taylor what's wrong?" Hermione asked. It's nothing don't worry about it." I replied. "Are you sure Taylor?" Ginny put her hand on my shoulder. "We're here if you want to talk." I turned around and ripped Ginny's hand from my shoulder.

"Really Ginny! If you wanted to talk to me you didn't have to be a bitch about it." I spat. "What do you even mean!?" Ginny exclaimed. "I'm sorry but I wanted to protect you." "I don't need protection! I can take care of myself!" I yelled. We continued fighting and Hermione didn't butt in at all which I didn't blame her.

I couldn't take the arguing anymore so I just bolted out of the bathroom and headed towards the courtyard crying yet again.

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