Star Trek X: The Segregation on Tantalus III

The USS Yorktown is called to Tantalus III to settle a civil rights violation on that world and prevent a civil war that will affect the nearby populated systems.


9. 9

The Yorktown is orbiting Tantalus III before it left standard orbit and headed towards space at full impulse when Gabriel said, “Captain’s Log Stardate 2343.6, we have settled the dispute on Tantalus III and prevented a civil war that could have affected the nearby star systems.  We have also been notified by Starfleet Command that because of my and Commander Darkholme’s actions we are commended for our performance and congratulated by the ambassador himself.  We are now heading to Starbase 24 for supplies and recreation for a week before heading back out.” Gabriel is laying back in bed sleeping and did not notice, nor heard, the door to his quarters open and close.  He then rolled to his right and when he tried to go back to sleep he saw a pair of yellow eyes staring at him in the dark and on instinct he reached over his shoulder and grabbed his sword and made one swing and the person that laid next to Gabriel immediately rolled off the bed and hit the light switch just as the blade of Gabriel’s sword sliced through the headboard and struck the metal wall and the light revealed to be Raven as she yelped in surprise.  Raven yelled, “What the hell Gabriel!” Gabriel sat up in bed and looked shocked at first but then angry and said, “Raven!  You can’t just break into people’s rooms and lay with them in bed without asking!  I could have killed you!” He put his sword away and Raven replied sarcastically, “Well sorry.” She then looked at him fascinated and said, “I guess with your new abilities you look better than you were before.” Gabriel looked at her puzzled and then at himself and noticed he was only wearing pajama bottoms and no top, exposing his chest and upper body and he replied, “Oh.” Raven smiled at him and laid back down on the bed and said, “Well, are you going to stand there or are you going to do something.” Gabriel smirked and said, “I think I have something in mind.” Outside the captain’s quarters a Centurion crew member walked down the hallway when he heard a continuous metal banging sound.  He looked around puzzled wondering where the noise is coming from as he slowly continued down the hallway till the noise got louder and louder till he reached the captain’s quarters and the crew member stood by puzzled and scratched his head till the noise suddenly stopped.  The crew member pressed the call button to the captain’s quarters and said, “Captain, are you there?” Gabriel replied, “Yes crewman, I was just fixing the food replicator.” The crewman looked even more puzzled but nodded his head and said, “Yes sir, just making sure the metal banging noise was you.” Gabriel replied, “Thank You crewman, I’ll try to keep it down.” And the crewman walked away nodding his head in confusion.


    Gabriel laid back in bed and breathed lightly as Raven laid back in bed and breathed heavily, trying to keep from laughing and said, “Food replicator?” Gabriel made a guessing face and said, “Had to think of something.” Raven looked at him oddly and said, “After that you are not tired?” Gabriel said, “If I would have gone longer I probably would be.” Raven made a short laugh and said, “I have to admit.  With your hidden powers, expressing your love is definitely intense.” Gabriel looked a little concerned and said, “Was I too hard for you?” Raven looked at him as if he is challenging her and said, “Hard?  I’ll show you hard.” She then rolled over on top of him and repeated what he just did.


    When she finished Raven breathed heavily as they both kissed passionately before she stopped and stared into Gabriel’s eyes with her passionate smile.  Gabriel smiled and said, “I have to say, your look more beautiful than ever.” Raven then looked at him with anger and Gabriel continued to smile and said, “If you think I am criticizing your blue form and piercing yellow eyes, your wrong.” She did not look at him with anger and Gabriel continued, “It is a compliment, my love.” Raven smiled passionately and said, “Gabriel.” Gabriel said back, “Raven.” And they kissed as Raven surrendered herself to his love as he rolled her over onto her back as she crossed her legs and feet behind him and they made love.

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