Star Trek X: The Segregation on Tantalus III

The USS Yorktown is called to Tantalus III to settle a civil rights violation on that world and prevent a civil war that will affect the nearby populated systems.


4. 4

Gabriel and Tantar continued to stare at each other till Gabriel said, “You realize if you arrest us or harm us in any way the Federation will regard it as a hostile act and the Los will be the least of your worries.” Some of the council members grumbled and Tantar spoke over them, “We will do what we must to preserve our way of life, even if its against the Federation!  Guards!” Gabriel smiled and as the guards started to pull out their swords, Raven punched one of the guard’s in the throat to her left, grabbed hold of the guard and spun around him before kicking the other, that was approaching her to her right, in the face and fell with a loud clatter.  In a blink of an eye Gabriel grabbed the guard to his right and lifted him and his suit of armor up and threw him against the guard to Gabriel’s left sending them flying and hitting the left wall and crumpled onto the floor.  Another guard charge at Raven with his sword raised but Raven shoved the guard, she was holding, into the other knocking the sword out of his hands.  She then slid between them and punched both of them between the legs before they fell to the floor groaning in pain.  The soldier she kicked earlier got up and she grabbed his shoulders as she flipped over him and threw him over her head and slammed him on his head to the tiled floor.  Two more guards came from behind Tantar and Gabriel ran so fast that he was just a blur as he grabbed both the guards and took one of the guards swords and pinned the guards to each other back to back all in a blink of an eye.  


    Tantar and the council looked on in shock and as soon as Gabriel took a step towards them a solid concrete wall fell in front of Gabriel, separating Gabriel and Raven from Tantar and the council.  A guard then appeared from a doorway from Gabriel’s right and Gabriel punched him straight in the face with ease as the guard fell hard to the floor unconscious.  Another guard came towards Gabriel’s left and Gabriel kicked him in the chest sending him flying back and slamming into the wall as he fell hard with a dent (where Gabriel kicked him) in his metal armor chest plate before another guard came from behind Gabriel and he made a roundhouse kick knocking the guard flat to the floor unconscious.  In the meantime Raven glanced behind and saw one of the guards drawing his blaster and she got up, grabbed his arm holding the blaster and flipped him over onto his back breaking two of the tiles on the floor beneath before she locked her body around him and snapped his arm as he yelped in shock and she choked him with her legs wrapped around his head till he passed out shortly after he yelped in pain.  Raven looked up when she heard and saw a guard raising his sword over her head when suddenly the guard was throttled back as Gabriel grabbed him from behind and he slammed his back hard against the concrete barrier creating large crates where he hit and slumped onto the floor with his back against the barrier.  Raven looked wide eyed when suddenly Gabriel looked behind her and yelled, “Duck!” She leaned forward in a kneeling position as Gabriel jumped and slipped over her back as he kicked another guard with his feet to his chest and the guard flew back and smashed the front doors but stopped and fell leaving the metal beam exposed and bent due to the guard slamming into it as the guards on the other side looked on in shock.  Raven stood up and looked at the concrete barrier before them and she said, “Can you smash it with your bare hands?” Gabriel looked at her and shrugged his shoulders and said, “I could, but it will be futile as they are long gone by now.” The alarm sounded making a klaxon sound and they looked back and saw the guards at the front of the broken doors aiming their blasters at them when suddenly Gabriel whipped his phaser out and stun both the guards and blew away the beam.


    Raven transformed into one of the unconscious guards as they walked to the entrance of the room and she said, “Let’s go!” Gabriel then blocked her with his arm as she looked at him puzzled and said urgently, “What?” Gabriel replied calmly, “Wait.” Raven looked at him and down the hallway and still confused and said, “Wait for what, there’s no time!” He grabbed her and in a blink of an eye he flew down the hallway and smashed through the front doors blowing apart the paintings (that revealed gun holes) in his path and the guards at the entrance of the capitol building where thrown to the sides as Raven (looking like one of the guards) appeared outside in front of the building as Gabriel let her go.  Raven stumbled a little as she breathed heavily and looked around to see Gabriel no where in sight.  Raven said, “Captain, where are you?” She heard Gabriel’s voice in her head say, “I am now at the Federation Embassy.” She raised her hand to her right ear when Gabriel said, “Don’t reveal yourself.” She immediately pulled her hand away as Gabriel continued, “I left you an ear piece so we can keep in contact as you help me try to find Tantar and the council.” Raven breathed, “Asshole.” Gabriel said with a little mockery, “Discipline Raven.  You don’t want to be sticking out like a sore thumb.” Raven composed herself and looked serious as she walked briskly to the left side of the capitol building and down an alley just as the Tantas in various colored robes started to appear from the nearby buildings and into the park.  She hid behind a corner of the building and transformed into one of the pass by Tantas as she walked out and passed by the Tantas as they continued towards the capitol building. 

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