Star Trek X: The Segregation on Tantalus III

The USS Yorktown is called to Tantalus III to settle a civil rights violation on that world and prevent a civil war that will affect the nearby populated systems.


3. 3

The capital of Tantalus III is littered with tall white towers and skyscrapers except for one building that is a three story, square structure surrounded by columns with the top floor a small square above the columns that has large glass windows.  Raven and Gabriel rematerialized in a park to the right corner of the capitol building and as they looked around they noticed there are no people outside or within sight.  Raven said, “Some welcoming committee.” Gabriel said, “I guess the situation is as bad as we are told.” Four, large, light green men in roman like armor appeared with a smaller, light green female in multi-colored robes leading ahead of them and she said, “Captain Valkyrie, I am Luminary, the Head Servant of the High Leader, we have been expecting you.  Please follow me.” As they followed her (with the guards surrounding them and Raven glancing at them) Gabriel said, “What’s with the guards and where are the people?” Luminary replied, “We have received threats by the Los that they intend to change the government in force and assassinate our High Leader and he has declared martial law till further notice.” They entered the capitol building and once inside and past the reception desk there is a singular hallway leading straight to a pair of doors at the other end (with a guard standing by each end) with a rolled out red carpet on the floor between them and the doors and both walls are lined with paintings of their previous leaders as they walked down to the far end.  


    They reached the end of the hallway and the two guards standing by the doors opened them and Gabriel and Raven saw Tantar sitting on what appears to be a throne flanked by two short rows of Tantas in elaborate clothing next to him while Tantar wore what looks like a military dress uniform but in a form of a robe.  Tantar smiled and said, “Welcome Captain Valkyrie to Tantalus III!” Gabriel said, “Thank You High Leader!  It’s an honor to be here and be welcomed under such circumstances!” There was a scraping noise behind Gabriel and Raven and he glanced back and used his x-ray vision to see the doors being blocked by a large beam going across it for a brief moment.  Tantar said, “Don’t worry, it’s just for our safety.” Gabriel said, “Yes I’ve heard what is going on and because of this is the reason why me and my first officer are here.” Tantar said, “These people decided to cling to the idea of annotating us to solve our differences.” Raven said, “If you would allow them to leave this...” Gabriel said calmly, “Commander.” Raven looked at him and saw him staring at her as if he is trying to be polite and she stood there silently but holding back her anger as Gabriel looked back forward and said, “Sorry, my commander was speaking what I’m thinking and that is the idea of allowing the Los to leave the planet so this war would be avoided.” Tantar said, “I’m sorry, but what the council has voted cannot be undone.  The only way it may change is if a new council has taken their place.” Gabriel said, “Then you must renounce some of your laws that segregate the Los in order...” Tantar hissed at them and four guards stood by Raven and Gabriel’s sides and looked like they are ready to draw out their swords as Gabriel stood calmly while Raven clinched her fists and stood ready to fight.  Tantar said, “I have told you, none of our laws cannot be undone until new members replace the current ruling council and High Leader!” Gabriel stared at him and said, “Then your world and the neighboring systems will be drawn into a bloody civil war and I cannot let that happen.” Tantar said, “Then you will be treated as a sympathizer to the Los if you refuse to leave.” There was then silence in the large room as Gabriel and Tantar continued to stare at one another with Tantar in threatening eyes while Gabriel stared with a calm, cool expression.

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