One more day in hell

Storm Was with her family for Two years, A herd of Zombies came and and attacked them Storm was the only one to survive, She left and Soon came back to give them Mercy. She has been alone since then, It's been a Year, but One day she stumbled upon a group. Will She fall in love with The Sniper boy, or will She and Him just be friends, Because of age differences.


4. Safe

 It's Been A year since then and That's the day We all got split up. I still made my way to California., Hoping that I would meet them along the way. I Haven't had much luck yet. I was walking down a road and I came across a Neighborhood. I heard voices, so I decided to Investigate. I made my way to the voices quietly but quickly. I hid behind a Tree and Listened.

 "I think they are Guilty, Hang them." I heard a Male's voice shout, I poked my head from behind the tree. I seen Two guys and a boy with rope around their necks. I looked closely and noticed that boy was 10k. "Oh No 10k What have you gotten yourself into." I said and turned around and seen A guy. I screamed and he grabbed me. "You're not supposed to be back here missy." He said, Dragging me to 10k and the two guys.

 "Storm, Put her down, I'm Not afraid to kill you." 10k shouted. "10k Shut up." I yelled. "Listen to your little girlfriend here, you might want to keep quiet." The guy said, pulling my head back by my hair and putting a knife to my throat. I let out a whimper, but didn't let tears fall so I didn't Look weak. "Oh Tough girl huh." He said, lowering the knife to my arm. He cut my arm and I bit my lip so I didn't make a sound. "Let her go Now." 10k yelled louder than before, pure anger in his voice. "What are you going to do Pretty boy, you're all tied up." The guy stated. "He might not be able to do anything but I can." I heard an unfamiliar voice say. 

Then I heard a gunshot and The guys grip on me loosen. I pushed him off of me and turned to look at the person who just saved me. It was a girl around my age. "Thank you so much." I said and hugged the unfamiliar girl. "No Problem I'm Erica." She said "I'm Storm." I said, "Yeah I know I'm New to your group, and 10k just doesn't shut up about you." She said and I blushed.

I heard more Gunshots and yelling, Erica grabbed my uninjured arm and pulled me to a bridge. There I seen Murphy. "Murphy Long time see." I said, A smile on my face. "What happened to your arm?" He asked. "Oh stranger danger." I said and 10k came running up, He took off his bandana and wrapped it around my arm. He tied it and I winced in pain. 

"I'm Sorry." He said and he hugged me. I hugged him back, and started crying happy tears, I know I said I didn't cry but These tears are happy tears, so that doesn't count. "Hey What's wrong?" He asked, Not letting me go. "I'm Just so happy I am seeing all of your faces again." I said pulling away from him. I seen Addy and ran to her. I pulled her into a hug. "I missed you so much" I said "I missed you too." She said. I let go of her and hugged everyone else. 

"So Are we still headed to California." I asked. "Yep." They said In Unison. "Come let's get going." Warren said. We all piled up in the car. I had to sit on 10k's lap, since there was no room. Jake climbed in and seen 10k and I. "Wow Get some 10k." Jake said, causing me and 10k to blush. "Leave them alone Jake." Erica said. "Ok ok." He said laughing. We drove off and I laid my head against 10k's chest. I started to get light headed from blood lost.

 "Hey Tommy, can you get Doc to Stop the blood flow and stitch me up?" I asked in a whisper only he could here. He nodded. "Hey Doc, Ch- I mean Storm is getting a little woozy, Can we stop, and you stitch her up." 10k asked "Yeah, I'll see what I can do, Just don't let her fall asleep." Doc said and he pulled over. 10k lifted me up and put me on top of the trunk. "I'm getting tired, Can I go to sleep." I asked overly tired. "No not just yet Storm, Don't fall asleep." 10k said. I then felt something pierce my skin. "Ow ow ow ow." I hissed. "Goodnight, Tommy." I whispered, "No no no Don't Go to sleep storm, Don't go to sleep." He begged. I was going to say something but I was surrounded by darkness. I didn't have a dream.

 All there was, was Darkness. Was I going to die, Or Was Doc going to save me.

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