One more day in hell

Storm Was with her family for Two years, A herd of Zombies came and and attacked them Storm was the only one to survive, She left and Soon came back to give them Mercy. She has been alone since then, It's been a Year, but One day she stumbled upon a group. Will She fall in love with The Sniper boy, or will She and Him just be friends, Because of age differences.


6. Girl Talk

I woke Up to Ear-Splitting Gun shots. I shot up from My Slumber, and Grabbed my Closest Weapon, Along with My Bag. 10k Shot up As well Grabbing his Rifle. "What's Going on?" Tommy Hollered, Because of the rapid gunfire. "How am I supposed to know?" I screamed, heading unseen to the Gunfire. Tommy followed close behind. I Seen The rest of the group and some other group firing at each other. Tommy and I joined in and sooner or later and the other group was dead, and some had gotten away. "We Have to leave now the Z's will be here any minute." Warren said gathering her belongings. 

"ight" I said helping out anyone of them who needed it. I guess some of them left their trucks, cuz we now have two trucks. We split up in the trucks. The first truck Held Me, Erica, Warren, and Addy. The second truck held Jake, Tommy, Doc, and Murphy. "Wait? Why do we have to split it Boys and girls?" Tommy asked clearly annoyed that he wasn't with me. "Even in the Apocalypse Girls want Girl Talk Now suck it up." Addy said, causing him to huff and hope in the back of the truck. "See ya at the next stop." I said leaning over the side of the truck giving Tommy a peck on the lips. I made my way to the girls truck and hopped in. I seen them looking at me with smiles. "Oh Don't say anything" I said. "We weren't" They said in unison.

 "So Erica, You and Jake what's up between you two?" I asked, looking toward Erica. "Ummmm We started dating a couple weeks ago." She blushed. "Really? and you didn't tell us." I said and we continued babbling about girl stuff, and things we did before this. "Alright let's search this grocery store." Warren said and we pulled into it's parking lot, It looked abandoned but that's just the outside, there's no telling what the inside is like. The guys pulled up beside us, and we all exited the vehicles. "So Let's go Storm, 10k you two guard the trucks." Warren said and the others headed toward the store. I hopped in the back of one truck, and Tommy in the other. 

"So what did y'all talk about." Tommy asked looking out into the open searching for Z's or enemy's. I decided to see how jealous he could get. "Oh we talked about how cute Jake was." I said smirking. "What?! What about me?" He asked. "Oh we didn't talk about you, I don't think your name came up in the conversation." I said, hoping to make him a little angry. "But I'm Your boyfriend why not talk about me." He said I turned and looked at him. "Um Idk Erica mentioned Jake and him being cute and Hot and we agreed and started talking about him, Well Warren didn't want to sound weird so she didn't say anything about him. Jake is Cute, but I wouldn't tell him that, well maybe I would I tell him when he gets back." By this time I wasn't looking at Tommy anymore. I heard the the truck bounce and I turnt in Tommy's direction. I didn't see him.

 I turned around to hope out of the truck but Tommy was right there. I jumped back startled. "Tommy you scared me." I said hopping out in front of him. He grabbed me and kissed me hard. I kissed back and he soon let go. "Your mine got that?" He said, "I was only joking around, We didn't even talk about Jake." I said, and he looked down, probably embarrassed by his actions. "Hey don't get all blushy your cute when embarrassed." I said, he looked up and smiled, but then he was knocked down by some man. "10K!!!"I yelled, he was knocked cold. I felt a hand over my mouth and I sobbed. I bit the hand that was over my mouth and it let go. I screamed for Warren, trying to fight off the two men. I soon was tazed and it paralyzed me for a couple a seconds, and caused me to black out. 

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