Tiger Apocalypse

"You thought the world would end in a zombie apocalypse? Or maybe even a nuclear explosion? No, my friend. Fear the big cats."


1. How the End of the World began.

          You probably thought the world would end all cool didn't you? You could go to the afterlife and brag how you died a heroic death in the end. Nope. I wish. The way the world ended? I would have had zombies. 

         We got tigers. Wild, shy, creatures who we used to be able to point at, and laugh at their funny noses. Not anymore. Now, evil killing machines, and once they get your scent . . . you're a goner. 

          A couple of years ago, a science experiment went wrong. It was designed to make tigers lovable, when the head-scientist's daughter told him she wanted a tiger as a pet. But nope. Wish they'd tested it first. Stupid computers. And now tigers all over earth are trying to kill us. And eat us. Not to mention the tiger population has increased. So much, It's not even funny. 

       People have no where to hide. The tigers will find you. Whether it's two years or ten, they're coming for you. And you better run when they do. 

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