The Sheik's Queen

Tamara, a simple girl with a simple dream, having a normal life. Jabril, a sheik with a dream, finding the girl of his dreams, so he can be crowned king. Tamara is a hard working woman who was abandoned by her parents when she was just a baby. Growing up in an orphanage in the poorest town in Batmeth was challenge, but now Tamara has to deal with living with an abusive boyfriend, who only wants her to work, work, work, and work to sustain him, his mother, and his lover. This forces Tamara to seek for a second job, and she finishes working in the royal palace, as Jabril's personal servant. Jabril Ramses, sheik of Batmeth. Jabril has only one goal on his mind, getting married. He has spent all his life preparing himself for the moment he becomes King of Batmeth, but he has only one thing missing, his Queen, and he is desperate search of her, because if he doesn't get married, he will lose his crown to his evil cousin. In desperation, he has done the most unorthodox thing to find his queen. Will they live happily ever after?


1. The Shiek's Interest

"Miss Williams, everything seems to be in order, I just need to ask you one last question, and that will be it" Mrs. Eliza asks and I nod "Miss Williams, do you have a boyfriend?" she asks and I frown "I know the question has nothing to do with the job, but is something I must ask" she explains "I do have a boyfriend, Mrs. Eliza" I say and she nods "How long have you two been together?" she asks "2 years" I answer, she nods, looks at my papers, and looks at me "Well, I do not see a reason why you shouldn't work here, so welcome to the palace, Miss Williams" she says and offers me her hand, I shake it, "Now follow me, I will show you around, and tell you your duties" she says as she walks to the door, I follow her.

"Janine" Mrs. Eliza calls, a blond, short, woman in her mid thirties, appears "Janine, may I introduce to you to Tamara Williams, his highness new personal servant" Mrs. Eliza says, Janine salutes me with a simple head movement, I imitate her "Explain to her all her duties, the rules, well, everything, if you need me I'll be my office" Mrs. Eliza says and walks way.

"Follow me" Miss Janine says and I obey "Rule number one, wondering around, taking pictures, and recording videos are forbidden, rule number two, you will always wait for the guard to announce your presence, you will vow before his highness before you enter a room and before you exit it, rule number three, your job is to serve his highness, and only his highness, so you will do his laundry, clean his room, bring him dinner, prepare him a bath, stuff like that, rule number five, you will never leave the room, unless he orders you to, understood?" she asks "Yes" I answer "Rule six, always call him his highness, never by his name, not even if he asks you to, rule seven and most important, do not lower your guard when he is close, he can be a little persuasive, and you seem to be a hard working girl, it would be a shame to let you go" Miss Janine says and I frown.

Miss Janine opens a door "This are the locker rooms, your uniform is in locker 230, put it on, I'll come get you in 7 minutes" she says, I nod, and she walks out of the room.

Short skirt (above the knee level), tight shirt (pushing up my breast, exposing my thin waist and huge hips), hair in a pony tail, what kind of job did I just sign up to? "You are ready, perfect, follow me" Miss Janine says "Miss Janine" I call as we walk out of the locker room "I know, I know, the uniform makes you feel like a hooker, but do not worry, you do not have to do the job of a hooker" Miss Janine answers my unasked question, I sigh and follow Miss Janine to the royal kitchen.

"His highness wakes up at 5:30 am for his morning run, you need to be here at 5:00 am, as soon as he exits his room, you will do his bed and clean the whole room, when you are done, you will walk back to the kitchen, pick up his highness breakfast, bring it up, and serve it for him, once you have done that you will stand next to the door and wait for his highness to arrive, bow, introduce yourself, and wait for him to finish his breakfast" Miss Janine says as she hands me a food tray "When he is done, you will clean the table, bring the tray down, as long the Prince is inside of the castle, you will follow him, just in case he is in need of something, you will not leave his side, unless he orders you to" Miss Janine says and I nod "If he orders you to leave his side you will come down here, and sit next to this bell, as soon as it rings you will hurry to his highness room" she says and I nod "Today, you have arrived just in time for breakfast, his highness is waiting for it, and he doesn't like to wait, so hurry up" Miss Janine says and I nod "But before you do, what are you going to do?" she asks me "Knock on the door, wait for his highness to order me to enter, once he does, I bow, introduce myself, and serve breakfast" I say "Perfect, you are good to go, Guards" Miss Janine calls "As I said before, don't lower you guard when you are around his highness, and you will be fine" she says as two men stand next to me "Take her to his highness room" Miss Janine says, they nod, and I follow them out of the kitchen.

I have live in Batmeth all my life, and I have never been inside this castle. I do have heard stories of how enormous, wonderful and beautiful this castle is, but to be honest, the stories do not do any justice to this place "Miss Williams, please, do not stay behind, his highness doesn't like to wait" one of the guards say, I quicken my pace, I do not want to be fired on my first on the job.

**KNOCK, KNOCK** "Come in" a calm and strong male voice orders, the guards open the door for me "Your highness, your new personal servant has arrived" the guard announces as I walk in, I bow "My name is Tamara Williams, your highness, and I am at your service" I say "Come forward" he says as he reads the newspaper "Yes, your highness" I say as I walk to the table, I place the food tray on it, and start to serve breakfast.

I place a plate in front of him, his highness lowers the newspaper, folds it, and places it a side, allowing me to watch his handsome face, and his naked, muscular, well formed torso "Are you going to continue serving my breakfast or you will stare at me all day?" he asks as he grabs the fork and starts eating "I am so sorry, your highness" I say and continue with my job.

I stand next to the door "You shall proceed with your chores" he says, I bow "Yes, your highness" I start to take the bed sheets of the bed "Tamara Williams, tell me about yourself, Tamara" he orders and I frown, what am I supposed to answer to that? "I am waiting for you answer" he says and I chew on my lip "What would his highness like to know?" I ask as I take the covers off the pillows "Where are you from?" he asks "I am from Lakeview" I answer "The poor side of Batmeth, how many jobs do you have?" he asks, I sigh "Why do you assume that since I am from the poor side of Batmeth I have two jobs?" I ask, his highness looks at me "Because I am the sheik, the prince, the future heir to the crown, I know every single one of my domains, and I know that from all the places in Batmeth, Lakeview is the poorest, and most of the habitants not to say all of the habitants must have 1 or 2 jobs, even 3, am I wrong, Miss Williams?" he asks "No, your highness, you are not mistaken" I answer "Now please tell me, how many jobs do you have?" he asks again "2, I work as waitress and now as your personal servant" I answer "Do you have any education?" he asks "Yes, the orphanage I lived in provided me with both secondary and post secondary education" I answer as I continue with my job "Orphan? What happened to your parents?" he asks "I do not know, all I know is that they dropped me in the orphanage with a letter saying they couldn't take care of me, neither bring me with them to where they were going" I answer "What did you study in college and where did you study?" he asks "I went to Ambrelle College, I made a Bachelor's degree in history and Master's degree in Politics and Economy" I answer "And you are working as waitress and servant?" he asks "Lakeview doesn't need a history teacher, neither a woman with knowledge in politics and economy" I answer "May I suggest moving?" his highness says "People do not have a good concept of us" I say "I see, do you have a boyfriend?" he asks and I look at him "Answer me, Miss Williams" he says and I sigh "Yes, I do have a boyfriend" I answer "Okay" he says and goes back to his breakfast.

And now is when he is done with his interview, I wish he had asked me for my boyfriend long before, so I would have avoid all the awkward questions.

"I'm done with my breakfast, I will take a shower, so you can clean up the table, and continue with your duties" he says and stands "Yes, your highness" I say as I bow, the sheik walks to the bathroom, and I start to clean the table.

I hang up the last dressing shirt on the closet, alright, I have washed and ironed all his clothes, I cleaned the table, I mop and broom his whole room, cleaned the dust, and I washed and ironed his bed sheets, I still have to make his bed, and clean the bathroom, but my dilemma is that his highness has not finished with whatever he is doing in the bathroom, so I will just go on with his bed, and clean the bathroom when he is done.

Making the bed, a task which requires me bending over in this tight and short uniform, showing my undies to whoever stands behind me, I take a deep breath, look around me, make sure the main door is closed, and that I hear the water running in the bathroom, coast is clear, I start to dress the bed (aka bend over showing my undies).

Harder task, the middle pillows, this task requires me to get in bed to place the middle pillows of this huge bed in position, again, I look around me, coast clear, I take my shoes off and hope on bed, I place one pillow on it's place, when I am about to the same with the other, someone grabs my ankle, pulls it, making fall on my back in bed, and pulls me closer to him, this someone (aka his highness) is now on top of me , looking at me with hungry eyes, with desire, I look back at him, at his handsome face, his wet, water dripping hair (the drops falling on my top, making it wet, exposing my breast to him), I want to kiss him...STOP! No, you do not want to do anything with the sheik, you are here to work, not to be his mistress, remember what Miss Janine said, never lower your guard around his highness "What are you doing, your highness?" I ask "What does it look like?" he says and kisses my neck, I chew on my lip **MENTAL COUGH** I shake my head and push him away "I am not that kind of girl, please, can you get off, so I can continue with my labor" I say and keep pushing him away, but he grabs my hands over my head, and pins me down to bed, his hips crashing against mine (among other hard things that crashed against me) "Miss Williams, those lips are calling my name, and I do not think I can resist them" he says and I blush, he gets closer to my face, and BAM! he kisses me, instantly, I feel the electricity running through my veins, I want to rip my clothes off and ask this man make me his, right here, right now.

As we kiss the sheik runs his hands up and down, from my legs to my tights, from my tights to my hips and he repeats the process **KNOCK, KNOCK** his highness ignores the knock, but it becomes persistent "WHAT?" he shouts, breaking our kiss, making my skin shiver in fear at the sound of his voice, but at the same time allowing me to catch my breath, allowing me to think clearly "Your date is here, your highness" a voice coming from the other side of the door answers, the sheik looks at me and I look at him, date? he is going out with someone and here he is trying to get under my skirt, I should have know better, I push him away "Tamara" he calls "I lost control for a minute your highness, but I secure you this will not happen again, I have a boyfriend, who I love very much..." "You felt it, I know you felt it" he says cutting me off "Felt what?" I ask "The electricity between us, I have never felt something like that" he answers "I am sure you say that to all the woman you had have in this bed" I say and he tips his head aside "What I mean, your highness is that I am not this type of girl, this will not happen again, and if you believe you can't keep your distance, then I shall quit" I say "I'll not touch again" he says, a part of me is crying (99% of me), but the other part is glad (1%) "Good, now please allow me to redo your bed" I say, but he shakes his head "Leave it like that, I will finish messing it up" he says and winks at me.

ARG! How does he dare to talk about feeling electricity between us when he is about to have another girl in his bed? What a nerve does our sheik have.

>>"Then shall I retire, your highness?" I ask "Yes, I do not require your services any longer, you can go home, and I'll see you tomorrow for breakfast" he says, I bow, and turn around "You should fix your hair" he says and I frown, I look at myself in the mirror, when did he loosen my hair? I start to fix my pony tail, when the door is open "Jabril, why are you..." Mrs. Eliza starts to say, but cuts herself off when she sees me fixing my pony tail and notices my top all wet "What is going on here?" she asks "What do you think?" his highness answers and I look at him "Miss Williams, I thought you said you had a boyfriend" Mrs. Eliza says and I look at her "I do, Mrs. Eliza, and this not what you think, apparently, his highness likes to joke" I say and look at him, he smiles "Just retire, Miss Williams, I need to talk to the sheik in private" Mrs. Eliza says and I nod "Your highness" I say, bow, and retire.

Now I completely understand Miss Janine's advice, his highness is a player, and he wanted to add me to the banged by the sheik, Jabirl Ramses club **SIGH** yes, I did felt the electricity, that kiss felt amazing, far beyond a kiss, but I know now the true intentions of the sheik, and I am not going to allow him to play like that with me again, and I wish I could quit, but I can't, Danny lost his job and there a lot of bills to pay, not to mention Mrs. Francis treatment, I have to make another deposit or she will not be able to treat her condition **SIGH** Please God, do not allow the sheik try to do the same thing he tried to do today, otherwise, I'll have to quit and seek for a new job.

"Hey Mary" I greet as I walk in to my second job location, Chef's Dinner "Hi Tamara, how did everything go?" she asks as she cleans up a table "I got the job" I say "That's perfect, you will start making a few more bucks, you can save some of those bucks. move out from the leaches home, leave Danny, and you know, live a better life" Mary says and I sigh "Is not as easy as you think" I say "Ah, right, the old witch will fake to be sick, you will end up filling sorry for her, and staying so you can help her our, even when she treats you like a piece of meat or Danny will go get you, beat you up, and force you to stay" Mary says "Look, I just have to give one more payment, one more payment, and I get rid of them, they will not have another reason to look up for me, I am going to leave, I am going to be free, no more Danny, no more Mrs. Francis, nothing, I am going to free" I say as put my apron on "Tamara, you know that you do not have to stay until you find your own place, you know you can come live with me, I do not mind having you" Mary says and I smile "I'll keep that in mind" I say **DOOR BELL** "Welcome to Chef's Dinner, I'll be with you in a minute" I say as I grab my notebook and my pen "No, you will not have that in mind, as soon as you make the last payment you are going to move out, and move in with me" she says "Okay, I'll move in with you" I say and she smiles "Now go take that client's order" she says and I head to the occupied table.

>>"Welcome to Chef's Dinner, I am Tamara, and I will be serving you tonight, may I take your order?" I say "I want today's special, but please remove the onions and pickles, I want to change the fries for the spicy fries with cheese, also I want a large soda, James, do you want something?" the client orders, I write down "I want the same as his highness" I freeze, frown, and look at the man in front of me "Your highness? What are you doing here?" I ask "I am hungry and I wanted a hamburger, so I came to get a hamburger" he answers, I tip my head aside, am I supposed to fall for that? "You are the sheik, you could just had asked for the royal chef to make you one" I say "I heard this place has the best burgers in all Batmeth" he says and I sigh "I do not believe what you are saying, but you are right, you Chef makes the best burgers in all Batmeth, so I will be back with your order" I say as I turn around "In the mean time, could you ask your lovely friend to come please, and have this Chef, deliver my food, I would like to have a word with him too" he says and I sigh.

>>>"Chef, I have two day specials, both no onions, no pickles, and instead of fries, they want spicy cheese fries, also pull out your best spatula and apron, because the client wants you to deliver the food" I say as I play the order in the rotative tray "Why would the client want me to deliver the food?" Chef asks "Because the sheik of Batmeth wants to have a word with you" I say and Chef looks at the only table occupied in the dinner "The sheik" he says "Why is he here?" Mary asks "I do not know" I answer "And who cares, he is here, and that's all it matters, I'll get on his food right now" Chef says and goes back to the kitchen "Also, Mary, he wants to talk to you" I say and she looks at me "Don't ask me, I do not know, he just asked for you" I say, she takes a deep breath, fixes her uniform, checks her hair, make up, and walks to the sheik.

Chef walks to the table to deliver the order, Mary stands up, bows, and walks towards my direction, "And?" I ask when she gets closer "He asked me a lot things about you" she answers and I frown "What?" I ask "Yeah, but he focussed a lot in your relationship with Danny" she answers and I open my eyes like plates "You didn't tell him that Danny hits me, right?" I ask, the last thing I need is the sheik getting involved in my private life "No, I just told him that things weren't working out" she says and I sigh in relief, still why is he so interested in my life?

Chef walks back to us with empty plates on his hands "He wants to talk to you, Tamara" Chef says and I sigh, let's find out why is he really here. I walk to the table "James" his highness calls and the man next to him stands, and leaves us alone "Tell me about this Danny" he says and I sigh "Your highness, why are you here?" I ask "I am curious about you, I want to know more things about you, I like to know things about the people I work with" he answers "And you want to know specifically about my relationship with my boyfriend?" I ask and he nods, I sigh "If you talked to Mary and Chef, well, you know my relationship is destroyed, I am only with Danny, because I help him take care of his sick mother, and as soon as I pay the last treatment session, I am going to leave him" I answer "Does he force you to pay for the treatment of his mother?" he asks and I freeze

>>>>"COME HERE, TAMARA" he shouts "No, let me go, I am done, and through with you, your sick mother, and your lover, I am not your slave, I do not have to sustain you" I snap back **SLAP** "Nobody is asking you for your opinion, you do as told, and that's it" he says as he pushes me "Is my money" I say **SLAP** "That's how much I care, now listen to me, and listen to me good, you will give me your next pay check completely, I am going to deposit it, and if you even dare to waste another paycheck like you did, I am going to lock you up, do you want that Tamara?" he says and grabs me by the neck "No" I answer "Then you will do as I say, and things will go fine" he says and releases me<<<<<

"Tamara?" his highness calls, I shake my head, pushing the memory away "No, I do it, because Mrs. Francis is an old lady, she can't work, her son doesn't do a minimum effort to find a job and help her, so she is on her own" I answer "That's why you got a new job?" he asks "So I can hurry up and pay for her treatment? Yes" I answer "Why I have the feeling there is something you are not telling me?" he asks and I look away "Your highness, please, stay away from me" I say "Why? Because you have a boyfriend who you do not love" he says and I fight my tears "Because I have enough in plate to add you complicating things, please, just stay away or I am serious, I'll quit, and you will never see me again" I say and he sighs "Fine" he says and stands, I follow him, he hands me 2 bills of one hundred "For the food, and for you" he says, places the money on my apron pocket, and kisses me "I am not going to give so easily" he says and walks out of the dinner.

WHY ME? Why me? Why did the sheik had to find me interesting? What I am going to do if Danny finds out? He will flip, beat me up, lock me up, do horrible things to me, I sit down and rest my head on my hands, and just cry.

"Tamara" Mary calls "Danny will kill me" I say "You should have told the sheik, he would have been able to help" Mary says and I shake my head "He just wants to be inside my pants, once he accomplishes that, bye, bye me" I say "You should..." she starts to say, but I shake my head "I'll stay away from the sheik, and pray that Danny doesn't find out about this or anything related with the sheik" I say and walk to the bathroom.

I can't have a normal life, I can't have a normal relationship with a loving faithful man, because I am stuck with a man who sees me as his personal slave, and in the other hand I have a man who is giving mixed signals, and I am not sure what he actually wants with me, I am so screwed.

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