The Sheik's Queen

Tamara, a simple girl with a simple dream, having a normal life. Jabril, a sheik with a dream, finding the girl of his dreams, so he can be crowned king. Tamara is a hard working woman who was abandoned by her parents when she was just a baby. Growing up in an orphanage in the poorest town in Batmeth was challenge, but now Tamara has to deal with living with an abusive boyfriend, who only wants her to work, work, work, and work to sustain him, his mother, and his lover. This forces Tamara to seek for a second job, and she finishes working in the royal palace, as Jabril's personal servant. Jabril Ramses, sheik of Batmeth. Jabril has only one goal on his mind, getting married. He has spent all his life preparing himself for the moment he becomes King of Batmeth, but he has only one thing missing, his Queen, and he is desperate search of her, because if he doesn't get married, he will lose his crown to his evil cousin. In desperation, he has done the most unorthodox thing to find his queen. Will they live happily ever after?


2. The Sheik, my savior.

I unlock the front door of Mrs. Francis' house "Danny, she is here" Janice, Danny's lover, shouts, and before I know, Danny is holding me by the neck "Where have you been?" he asks as he smashes me against the wall "Working, I went out to get a new job, so I can cover the bills and deposit more money for Mrs. Francis" I say **SLAP** "You seriously believe, I am going to fall for that?" he says "I am not lying, my paycheck doesn't cover everything, I hear the palace was looking for new cleaning help, I got the job, so I will make more money" I say and he kneels next to me "For you own good, this must be true, and soon I expect to have 2 pay checks in my hand" he says and pushes my head.

I stand up, grab my bag, and head upstairs. Just one more day, Tamara, just one more day, and I'll be gone, I am going to disappear, I am going to be free, I am going to have a normal life.


I grab my bag and hurry downstairs "I hope you get my money today or I am going to sell you like a whore to get it" Mrs. Francis says "I will bring the check today, do not worry, Mrs. Francis" I say as I grab my coat "Where are you going so early?" Danny asks "New job, I have to be there early, I'll see you tonight, after my shift at Chef's dinner" I say "With the check?" Danny asks "Yes" I answer and head out.

"Good morning, Miss Janine" I greet as I grab the food tray "His highness didn't went for a run today, he is in a terrible mood, so hurry up, and deliver his food" she says and I nod as I head out of the kitchen.

As soon as he sees me, James opens the door for me "Morning James" I greet "Morning, Miss Williams" he greets back, I walk into the sheik's room, as soon as I walk in, I can't believe what my eyes are seeing, the sheik KISSING Mrs. Eliza. I knew it, I knew it, I knew that the only thing the sheik wanted was to get in my pants, all this investigation thing was bullshit, he only wants me in his bed, and then leave me in a lot of trouble.

James coughs, very loud, I look at him, but his highness and Mrs. Eliza seem to be in another world and continue with their kiss "Your highness, Tamara is here with your breakfast" James says, but again, ignored by the sheik, I look at him and he shrugs, I cough, Jabril pushes Mrs. Eliza away "You are here" his highness says, like if I had caught him doing something bad, like a kid stealing cookie from the cookie jar "With your breakfast, but if this is a bad moment, I'll just leave the tray, and come back later, if that's okay with his highness" I say "That would be perfect" Mrs. Eliza says and places her arms around, his highness' neck, I look at the sheik "Actually, no, Eliza was leaving, you will serve breakfast, and start working" he says and I bow "Yes, your highness" I say and walk to the table "Jabril..." "Bye Eliza" his highness says dismissing Mrs. Eliza "Tamara, when you are done, I want to have a word with you" she says "No, you will not talk with Tamara about anything, now leave, I want to have breakfast, and Tamara has to work" his highness says and Mrs. Eliza walks out of the room, not very happy.

>>"Is not what you think" his highness says as I serve him breakfast "What do you mean, your highness?" I ask "What you saw" he says "That's your personal life, your highness, and I shall not get involved" I say "I have been thinking about you" he says and I laugh "I noticed, your highness" I say as I head to the bed "I am serious" he says "You were kissing, Mrs. Eliza, a minute ago, how can you say you been thinking about me?" I ask "Because it is true, I have been thinking about our kiss, all night, all morning, I didn't even, noticed when she walked in, or what she said or why she kissed me, I was distracted" he says "Your highness, you do not have to respond to me, I am just your employee" I say, he grabs my hands "What if I want you to be more?" he says and I frown "That would be ridiculous" I say, his highness surrounds me with arms, his strong arms "I'm serious" he says "We do not know each other" I say "We can get to know each other better" he says and kisses my neck "Your highness..." "Is this a hand mark?" the sheik asks cutting me off and I freeze, I am in big, big trouble now.

>>"Tamara Williams, answer me" he demands and I sigh "Yes, it is a hand mark" I say and his highness looks like if he had eaten something rotten "Your boyfriend beats you up?" he asks, I can't answer that, I already told him that my neck marks were made by hand, so I have to answer "Tamara, you silence is a confirmation, but I want to hear it come out from your mouth" he commands "Yes, he beats me up" I say and his highness laughs, I look at him "JAMES" he finally shouts "Your highness" he says and bows "Find Daniel "Danny" Fisher, bring him to me" his highness orders "Your highness" I call and he looks at me "I do not have where to live, that's my only home, if you get involved he will get more violent, just allow me to do things my way" I say and he sighs "You will get of out of that house tonight, James will drive you, wait for you, and drive you to my apartment, I will wait for you, and if he lays a finger on you, I'll kill him myself" he says and kisses my head.

What just happened? Did I just told the sheik, future King of Batmeth, that my boyfriend beats me up? WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST DID?

His highness is not a 100 % happy with me walking into that house on my own, he insisted on me taking James with me, but I can't, I know he will flip, he will make things worst, I can't get his highness involved in something like this, why in earth I told him about it? Why I allowed him to get so close to me, why? Because he is sexy and in the two days we have been under the same roof, he makes me feels like the sexiest thing alive...get your head on the game, hand the check, and get out, I have all my papers, and I can buy new clothes later, yes, that's it.

I walk in to Mrs. Francis' home, instantly, Danny grabs my hair "And?" he asks and I hand him the check, he releases me, looks at it "Very well, Tamara, now go to your room" he says, but I shake my head "Excuse me?" he questions "I paid the whole treatment, I am not going to continue living here, I am going to leave" I say and they start to laugh, out of nowhere Danny grabs my neck "Leaving? Oh no, darling, your are not leaving, and you know why not? You are my golden goose, you work, I get your pay check" he says and throws me against the wall "You are going nowhere" he says and punches me "I bet your friend, got this dumb idea on your head, that you could be free after you paid Mom's treatment, that you could leave me, this house but guess what? She lied to you, you can't leave" he says and grabs me by the neck "Why is that, you may ask?" he says as he tightens his grip on my neck "You can't leave, because you are about to make us rich" he says and loosens the neck grip "A little bird told me that the sheik has shown interest on you" he says, I open my eyes like plates, how could he find out about it? But most important what Danny wants to do to the sheik? "You are crazy, why would the sheik look at me?" I snap at him, Danny laughs, and punches me "You think I am stupid, you think you can fool me? I have eyes everywhere, Tamara, I know everything you do, every move you take, and you have been really selfish in keeping this relationship under a secret, after all we have done for you" he says as he grabs me by the neck "But you do not have to worry, because we know the perfect way you can pay us up" he says and releases me from his choke hold

**COUGH** **COUGH** "I bet everything, that the sheik saw the hand mark on your neck, I even dare to say he ordered you to get out of the house, and knowing you, I place myself in the fire line and say that you told him to stay away" Danny says and I look down, he knows me so damn well, not just that, he is about to get what he wants, tons of money, and the worst part is that I did not had any idea and drag the sheik in to this "So this is what we are going to do to, we are going to hold you hostage, this will make the sheik worry, come look for you, but when he does, surprise, surprise, you are gone, then I will offer my services to tell him where he can find you, but of course for a low amount of money, and with low, I mean 5 million dollars" he says "What makes you think the sheik will worry for a girl he met 2 days ago?" I ask and Danny sighs **SLAP** "I just know and it is not your job to question, all you have to do is keep your mouth shut, and do what I say, other wise things will go really bad for you Tamara" he says, I clean the blood off my lip, I need to run away, I can't allow Danny do something like this to the sheik, but how do I escape? Where will I go? I have nobody, no, that's not important right now, all it matters is that I can't allow the sheik been drag into this.

I look at Danny, he is talking to Janice and his mother, without hesitation, I stand up, and run to the door "She is trying to escape" Mrs. Francis shouts as I run, Danny grabs me by the hair "Oh no you don't, where do you think you are going?" he says as he pulls me back in the house and closes the door "Oh Tamara, why do you have to be so selfish?" he says as he throws me, forcing me to fall on the floor "Now you do not leave me another option than punish you" he says, I close my eyes, and wait for the impact **BAM** the door is burst open "What the...who the fuck are you?" Danny asks and I open my eyes "Bow before his highness" James says as hits Danny on his knees, forcing him to kneel before his highness "Tamara" he calls, I look at him "What has he done?" he asks and I look down, his highness grabs my face "It's over now, I am here" he says and hugs me, I shake my head "You need to get out of here, you need to stay away from me" I say and push him away "Leave you here, with this monsters? Are you crazy?" he says "Your highness, they want money, there willing to keep me hostage, ask you for money, and I am a hundred percent sure that there will be a lot of people like them, people that will try to harm me to get to you, to get money out of you, and you are the sheik, you shouldn't give them a penny, you shouldn't worry about someone like me" I snap back at him, his highness looks at me and then kisses me, I gently push him away "With more reason, I can't leave you on your own, I need to keep you save from people like them" he says and I sigh, this conversation is going nowhere.

>>>"Johnson, James" his highness calls "Yes, your highness" they answer "I want you imprison this people and make sure to add the charges, I do not want them wondering in my streets" his highness orders "Yes, your highness" James and Johnson say as they force Janice, Danny, and Mrs. Francis to stand up "Your highness, please, show your mercy, we will do everything, just do not send us to jail" Mrs. Francis says and his highness looks at them "Anything?" he asks and they nod "Okay, you will leave Batmeth, and you will never return, specially forget about Tamara" he says "Leave? Where would we go? Our life is here in Batmeth" Janice says "Then jail it is, James, Johnson" his highness orders "Fine, fine, we'll leave" Danny says "Perfect, pack your belongings, leave, and if you even dream with returning to Batmeth, I will imprison you" his highness says "Yes, your highness" they chant "James, Johnson, make sure they leave Batmeth" his highness orders "Yes, your highness" they say "Come" his highness says and helps me stand "Where are your things?" he asks "I do not have any belongings" I say and he nods "Let's go, I'll get you new things in the morning, right now I want a doctor to see you, so we can talk" his highness says and I nod.

His highness opens the door of his car for me "Get in" he orders "Where are we going, your highness?" I ask, his highness sighs "First, do not call me your highness, you can call me Jabril and I already told you, I am going to take you to my apartment, we will talk, and my doctor will check on you" he says "Your highness, you do not have to do this, I'll be fine" I say and he tips his head aside "Sorry, Jabril" I say "Tamara, I am not asking you, get in the car" he orders in low and dangerous voice, making every single one of the hairs of my body erect, and not in a good way "Okay" I say as get in the car.

This night turn out to be quite perfect. I said quite.

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