The Sheik's Queen

Tamara, a simple girl with a simple dream, having a normal life. Jabril, a sheik with a dream, finding the girl of his dreams, so he can be crowned king. Tamara is a hard working woman who was abandoned by her parents when she was just a baby. Growing up in an orphanage in the poorest town in Batmeth was challenge, but now Tamara has to deal with living with an abusive boyfriend, who only wants her to work, work, work, and work to sustain him, his mother, and his lover. This forces Tamara to seek for a second job, and she finishes working in the royal palace, as Jabril's personal servant. Jabril Ramses, sheik of Batmeth. Jabril has only one goal on his mind, getting married. He has spent all his life preparing himself for the moment he becomes King of Batmeth, but he has only one thing missing, his Queen, and he is desperate search of her, because if he doesn't get married, he will lose his crown to his evil cousin. In desperation, he has done the most unorthodox thing to find his queen. Will they live happily ever after?


3. The Proposal


"Everything is fine with Miss Williams, luckily, the impacts received didn't cause any damage to any major organs, the swelling will be normal because of the strength applied, and Miss Williams may have a few bruises for a few days, besides of that, everything is okay, your highness" the royal doctor says and his highness sighs in relief "I'll prescript her some pain killers, so she can have a painless night sleep, and see her in a few days for check up" the doctor says and hands a paper to his highness "Thank you, doctor" his highness says, the doctor bows and walks out of the room.

>>"James" his highness calls "Yes, your highness" he says as he bows "Did you finished with the tasks I gave you?" his highness asks "The Fisher's are been escorted out of Batmeth, we have inform every single town in Batmeth about their exile, so they do not allow them to enter Bameth under any condition, also I have gathered clothes and other personal possessions for Miss Williams, and place it on your room as ordered" James says and I look at his highness "Your highness" I call "Jabril" his highness corrects, I mean, Jabril corrects "Jabril, I appreciate everything you are doing, specially, I am extremely thankful, because you saved me, and I do not know what would had happened if you didn't arrived, but there is no need of you buying me things, neither allowing me to stay here for the night, I'll just call Mary, and be on my way" I say, but his...Jabril tips his head aside "Is that so?" he asks "Yes, I seriously, do not want to be ungrateful or anything, but this is too much" I answer.

>>> Jabril smiles "This not too much and I will not allow you to leave, because the doctor said that someone must keep an eye on you during the night, and I doubt Mary will be up to the task, also I need to have a conversation with you" he says as he walks to the kitchen, I frown "Talk? About what?" I ask him as I follow him "I have a proposition for you, a proposition you will find quite interesting and hard to resist" he says as he puts some ice cubes in a towel "I am all ears then" I say "I need and want you to marry me, Tamara" he says and I look at him "What?" I ask "I have been preparing myself all my life to take my father's place, inherit the crown, become Batmeth's new King, and that time has come, the thing is that even in mid 21st century, I still need to get married to inherit the crown, and well I am a sheik, a very busy sheik, and it is very hard for me to meet women, and find the right one for me and Batmeth" he answers "And you believe I am the right one? That I can full fill the role of a Queen?" I ask "Yes" he answers, I am an orphan, I work as waitress, I used to live with crazy people, I have no manners, I am not beautiful, and I do have education, but still I am not royal material, so I have to ask "How did you come to that conclusion?" "I chose a very unorthodox process to get to that conclusion, I used the personal servant program, I would meet possible candidates, and none of them would try to impress me, they would just be themselves, when I made an approach that indicated that I wanted them sleeping with me, depending on the reaction, I would make a decision" he says and I shake my head "I do not follow" I say "I did not liked any of the women that worked for me, just you, something about you caught my attention, so I decided that it was going to be you, and after that kiss, I just convinced myself even more" he says and I sigh "I know is a lot to digest, but before you say anything, let me get to the benefits" he says and I nod "Besides of been the ruler of a whole country and been married with me, you will become one of the richest person in the whole world, and you will have a normal life" he says and I look at him "Normal life?" I ask "Yes, no more abuses, no more beatings, no more hard work, you will just have a peaceful normal life, well better said the normal life of a Queen" he says, a normal life, I will finally have a normal life

>>>> But before I get my hopes up "If I agree to marry you, will you be faithful to me?" I ask "Yes" he answers as he carefully places the towel with the ice cubes on my lip "Will you get to love me one day?" I ask and Jabril smiles "Yes, but that will happen sooner than you think" he answers and I blush "Will you be able to divorce me?" I ask "Not allow to" he answers, I nod "Any further questions?" Jabril asks and I shake my head "Can you give me an answer or would you need time to think about it?" he asks "Just give me a second" I say and he nods.

Pros of marrying Jabril: I will no longer be poor, I will no longer have to stand beatings or insults, I will be able to build my own family, I'll have a normal life. Cons of marrying Jabril: Well I can't think of something bad that can happen from marrying Jabril.

"Alright" I say and Jabril looks at me "I'll marry you" I say, he smiles, and kisses me "You have made me the happiest man alive" he says and kisses me again, I smile "You look so beautiful right now" he says and I laugh "I look beautiful with blows in my face?" I ask and he sighs "You would and will look even beautiful when those blows are gone" Jabril says and kisses the huge blow on my face, I blush "I am so sorry to interrupt, your highness, but dinner is serve" James says "Thank you, James, we will right there" he says, James bows and retires, Jabril looks at me "We have a few last things to discuss and we will do that over dinner" Jabril says as extends his hand to me, I grab it, and we walk out of the kitchen.

>>"In 4 days, my mother, Queen Martha, will be hosting the annual Royal Charity Ball" Jabril says, I look at him "In 4 days, I must introduce you to my mother, make the parliament approve our marriage, get you dresses, and of course a crown, once all that is done, we will announce our engagement to the whole world in the ball" Jabril says "Someone must approve our marriage?" I ask "Yes, the parliament must approve our marriage" he answers "What if they don't?" I ask "Nothing you have to worry about" he answers "Jabril" I call and he looks at me "We will get married and that's all it matters" he answers and goes back to his dinner "If you say so" I say and go back to my dinner.

I get myself in my pajama, dry my hair, and walk back to the bed room. My fiancee is already in bed, in boxers, giving me the perfect opportunity to admire his body, his sexy and perfect body, oh Lord, I can't wait for my honeymoon "You like what you see?" he asks and I smile "What if I do?" I ask back, Jabril smiles "Come here" he orders and I get in bed, Jabril kisses me **MOAN** I blush and look a side, breaking our kiss, did I just moaned? Oh my...this so embarrassing, how could that had happened, he just kissed me that's all, nothing more, he has done it hundreds of times "Stop giving yourself a hard time, is a normal sound" he says and kisses my cheek, I blush "Princess, is sexy, there is nothing to worry about" he says and pulls me closer to him "I have never made such sound and I am so embarrassed" I say and cover my face with my hands, Jabril pulls them away "Well for me is sexy and when we get married you will get used to make that sound" he says and kisses my neck "In the mean time, I'll enjoy making you blush red like a tomato" he says and kisses me "Good night my queen" he say as he turns off the light "Good night my king" I say as I place my head on his chest.

Why am I so hot and sweaty? I do not remember feeling like this last night, is there any problem with the A/C? **STRETCH** as soon as I start stretching, I rub against someone, I stop and freeze, I forgot I was sleeping with Jabril, I open my eyes and look next to me, my sheik, sleeping like a baby, in the other hand, here I am moving around disturbing his sleep "Is everything alright?" Jabril asks, yep, I just woke the sheik up "Yes" I answer as he sits down "Then why are you up so early?" he asks "The heat did not allow me to sleep" I say "I see" he says as he stretches "Sorry for waking you up" I say and he kisses me "Don't worry, we had to wake up early anyway" he says **KNOCK-KNOCK** "Yes" Jabril answers "Your highness, her royal highness is on her way" James says "Thank you, James, make sure my mother is comfortable when she arrives" Jabril says and I look at him "What?" he asks "Her royal highness is coming and you did not tell anything" I say and he frowns "I should have told you, because?" he asks, I sigh and roll my eyes to the heavens "I do not have anything pretty to wear and I look like I just got out a boxing match" I explain to him, man, sometimes they can be so obtuse "Honey, my mother will not care about your looks and well we will have to hide those blows, because you are going shopping with her today" he says and I open my eyes like plates "Just the two of us?" I ask and he nods "I want her to meet you, and vice versa" he says and I sigh "Tamara, there is nothing to worry about, my mother knows everything, I do not hide things from her, also she is the sweetest thing on earth, as long as you stay in her good side" he says "Is that supposed to be making me feel better?" because is not helping at all "Just be yourself and you will be just fine" he says and gets out of bed.

I apply some make up on my face, so I can try to hide the blows on my face **KNOCK** "Tamara, my mother is here, and she is inpatient to meet you" Jabril says from the other side of the door, I give myself one last look in the mirror, no blows, I am perfect "Tamara" Jabril calls, I fix my clothes and open the door "How do I look?" I ask "Beautiful" he answers "Can you see my blows?" I ask and he shakes his dead "Then I am ready to meet your mother" I say and Jabril moves aside so I can walk out of the bathroom "Wait, how should I call her?" I ask as we walk out of the room "Her royal highness, unless she tells you other wise" Jabril answers "Do I have to bow?" I ask "Yes, unless she tells you other wise" he answers "Anything I should know?" I ask "No matter what, my mother is always right" he says and I nod as we walk in to the living room "Mother" Jabril calls and hugs his mother "Jabril" she calls back and returns the hug "How was America?" Jabril asks as they end their hug and Jabril sits down facing his mother, and taps on the available space next to him, ordering me to sit down, which to I obey "Beautiful, I never get tired of how amazing that country is" she answers looking at me "And the president?" Jabril asks "A complete gentleman" she answers (still looking at me) "What did he wanted?" Jabril asks "A war is near, menacing many countries, the president just wanted to know if he could count we will stand next to him like they stood up for us, when the war between us and Finesia started" she answers (and no, she has not stop looking at me) "To which you said?" Jabril asks "Like they stood with us in our war, that same way we will stand next to them, after all they were the ones who helped us capture your father's kidnappers, that they could find an ally in us" she answers "Perfect" Jabril says "When are you thinking to introduce us?" she asks "Mother, she is my fiancee, Tamara Williams" Jabril introduces, I stand up and bow "A pleasure, your royal highness" I greet "Hmm, cheap clothes, no manicure, no hair done, simple make up, no fancy perfume, no jewelry" she says and I frown "She doesn't come from a royal family, much less a rich family, why did you chose her Jabril?" she asks her son **MENTAL SIGH** Great, the Queen of Batmeth hates my guts, because I am poor, if I do not get approved by his mother, how can I expect to be approved by the parliament.

>>"I chose Tamara, because she is beautiful, hard working, intelligent, humble, she has determination, and she protects her love ones, I chose her because she has the qualities that the Queen of Batment must have, and because I am a 100% sure I just zing on her" Jabril says and I look at him, zing? what's that supposed to mean? "Tamara, why did you agree to marry my son?" she asks, what? how am I supposed to answer to that? Why did I agree to marry a stranger I barely know? Well, because he took me out of the misery I was living in and he will give me a normal life, and he also saved me from the jackass that used to beat me, yeah that will give the Queen a good impression "Tamara, my mother is waiting" Jabril says and I nod "I accepted to marry his highness, not because of his money, neither the social position, I accepted, because his highness has an amazing heart, he might seem scary, serious at first, but he worries for Batmeth, he worries for the people he cares about, and he is handsome, extremely handsome, and he is just perfect, and I know he will make a great King, and I do not even have the right words to express why I am marrying his highness, all I know is that I have started t fall in love with him since the moment I saw him" I answer and Jabril grabs my hand, I look at him, and he smiles "I can't believe the personal servant contest worked" the Queen says "I can't believe it either, but here she is" Jabril says and I frown "Welcome to the family" her royal highness says and pulls me into an hug, I do understand what just happened, but I am just going to assume that her royal highness just gave us the green light to get married.

>>"Now that the introductions have been made, what if we go shopping?" her royal highness asks "Perfect, Tamara does need a new closet, also I made an appointment with Harold, she needs a crown among other jewelry" Jabril says and I look at him "You chose whatever you like, the price it doesn't matter, understood?" he asks and I nod "Also, Mom get her some lingerie, I can't stand the pajamas she sleeps in" he says "You know that you can't touch her until you two get married" her royal highness says "But I can torture myself until we do" Jabril answers and her royal highness laughs "Alright, I have an important meeting to assist to, so enjoy your shopping" he says and kisses her royal highness's cheek "And I see you both at lunch" he says he walks to me "Be a good princess and buy things" he says and kisses me, I sigh "Love you both" he says as he walks to the door followed by James "Be safe" her royal highness says "We love you" I say and he winks at me.


"Hugo" her royal highness calls "Your royal highness, what a pleasant surprise, are you here to see my new spring collection?" a man greets and asks "I love your clothes, but no, I am not here to get anything for me, I am here, because my son's fiancee needs clothes, also a dress for the ball, and of course I wouldn't trust anyone to dress the future Queen of Batmeth" the Queen answers "Of course your royal highness, where is the lucky girl?" Hugo asks and the Queen points at me "Oh my" Hugo says and I frown "Definitely, this girl needs our help" Hugo says and the Queen nods in agreement "Alright, tall, curvy, huge hips, thin waist, I believe my new collection will be perfect for her" Hugo says "Let's see it" Queen Martha says.

Hugo's collection has 60 pieces, which I had to try on, model for the Queen and Jabril (yes, my fiancee was part of this) and wait for them to give me the green light, in other words they just bought me a collection of 60 pieces of clothes from a high class, very recognized fashion designer.

When I was done playing dress up, Queen Martha took me to Royal Jewels to chose jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces, crowns everything, which means that I have to play dress up again, but with diamonds.

"Hello, Harold" Queen Martha greets "Welcome, your royal highness, your highness" Harold greets and I look behind me "Is everything alright, your highness" Harold says and I look at him, wait, he is talking to me, I'm your highness? "Yes" I simply answer, I can't believe it, 2 days I was a nobody, now, I am been called your highness **MENTAL CELEBRATION** "His highness has informed me that her highness needs jewelry, so we have selected our newest collection to show you, and as ordered, we have prepared your crown, your royal highness" Harold says "Perfect, I am sure, Princess Tamara will enjoy all the pieces you have chosen for her" Queen Martha says and this means that I will be taking home a whole collection of diamonds.

Queen Martha is trying on her new crown for the royal ball, I already tried on the jewelry that was chosen for me, so now I am allowed to wonder around. Obviously, I am wondering around the engagement rings, I am getting married, and like any girl I want a ring, my dream ring, I know, that Jabril just bought me a whole diamond collection, but none of those pieces match my dream engagement ring.

"Is there anything I can help you with, your highness?" a sales woman asks "I am just looking around" I say "If there anything you would like to try on, please let me know" she says and I nod, I keep looking, I am about to give up, I do not believe this store has the engagement I have been dreaming with all my life, when I see it, my dream ring, a single huge diamond ring "Excuse me, can I see that ring?" I ask the sales woman and she nods, I chew on my lip as she takes it out "Here you, your highness" she says "Thank you" I say as I look at it, and it's even more beautiful now that I am holding it in my hands, I just love it, I want to try it on.

"You like it" Jabril? I turn around and see my handsome prince standing before me "I thought you were at meeting" I say "I was, but now I am here" he says as he gets closer to me "You haven't answered my question" he says and kisses my head "Yes, I like it, but you are not going to buy it for me, because I already have a lot of new jewelry" I say and my dream ring back into it's box, Jabril smiles and grabs it "And what if I told you, this is your engagement ring" he says and I look at him "You are serious?" I ask and he gets one knee, oh, is he doing what I think he is doing? "Tamara Williams, you are the best thing that has happened to me, I love you, and I want you to be my forever after, so would you do me the honor of marrying me?" he asks and I fight my tears "Yes" I answer, Jabril stands, places my dream engagement ring on my finger (yes, it does fit perfectly), and kisses me, everyone in the store claps and cheers, and I just got my dream engagement, with my dream man, and my dream ring. I am in the moon right now, and I do not want to get down.

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