The Sheik's Queen

Tamara, a simple girl with a simple dream, having a normal life. Jabril, a sheik with a dream, finding the girl of his dreams, so he can be crowned king. Tamara is a hard working woman who was abandoned by her parents when she was just a baby. Growing up in an orphanage in the poorest town in Batmeth was challenge, but now Tamara has to deal with living with an abusive boyfriend, who only wants her to work, work, work, and work to sustain him, his mother, and his lover. This forces Tamara to seek for a second job, and she finishes working in the royal palace, as Jabril's personal servant. Jabril Ramses, sheik of Batmeth. Jabril has only one goal on his mind, getting married. He has spent all his life preparing himself for the moment he becomes King of Batmeth, but he has only one thing missing, his Queen, and he is desperate search of her, because if he doesn't get married, he will lose his crown to his evil cousin. In desperation, he has done the most unorthodox thing to find his queen. Will they live happily ever after?

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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