Love Halfway Around The World

Skylar and her friends were just trying to enjoy a trip in Australia. She and her three best girls weren't looking for any kind of romance to come their way, and frankly Skylar didn't really want it. What happens when she accidentally knocks over Luke Hemmings in the street and he gets hooked? What about when her friends Mary, Emily, and Claire fall for the other three? Will love work out or cause trouble between best friends?


2. the party

Luke’s POV

“I want you to come with me to the party tonight.” She smiled at me. I froze in my seat and couldn’t move I was totally paralyzed and once again caught in the captivating brilliance that was her eyes. I couldn’t believe that she asked me that. I was lost in her eyes then the trance was broken when she snapped her fingers in my face.

“If that’s something that will make you uncomfortable, you don’t have to.” She looked at me worried when I didn’t answer.

“N-No that’s okay. I would be honored to accompany you to the party.”  I took a risk and looked into her eyes. “But I have nothing to wear.” I said without thinking, man nice one Luke. I’m a real idiot.

“Don’t worry about it dude, Skylar doesn’t care about that stuff. You could show up in sweatpants, an old t-shirt with holes and be covered in grease and Skylar wouldn’t care.” A tall skinny boy with short very light brown hair and glasses spoke up. He gave quite a description of what I could show up in. “But if it bothers you, you can borrow something of mine.”

“Are you sure your clothes will fit him Tim? You’re as skinny as a stick, and look at him.” Skylar narrowed her eyes at the boy and gestured at my chest.

“No that’s okay,” I blurted out “my house isn’t far anyway, I might be able to find something or I can just borrow something from one of my friends and come back. What time is the party?”

“It starts at 6:30, and don’t be late.” Conor winked at me and I knew he was referring to Skylar. “She isn’t joining the party until you show up.” I could see Skylar blushing slightly, but that quickly went away and she gave Conor an evil glare.

I took her hand lightly in mine. “Don’t worry, I won’t be late, I promise.” I locked eyes with her and before I realized I had reached out and brushed a strand of hair out of her face. I felt my checks heat up right away. I released her hand and turned away getting out of the hostel as fast as I could.


Skylar’s POV

I was back up in my room looking through all my outfits trying to find one that would be good enough for the party, but could find nothing. Just then the door opened and Claire walked in and tossed a shopping bag at me.

“What’s this for?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“That is for your date tonight.”

I rolled my eyes “It’s not a date.”

“Oh really?” Claire was smirking at me “You two were holding hands and smiling like total lovebirds.”

“Claire I had basically just met the guy” I snapped

“That doesn’t change the fact that you two looked like lovebirds earlier.” Claire said sternly but playfully

“Still that doesn’t make tonight a date.”

“You can think it’s not a date, but trust me that cutie Luke does.”

“No he doesn’t” I rolled my eyes at Claire

“You did see how he was looking at you, right. He totally likes you. Besides asking him to take you to the party! You basically asked him out.”

“Whatever” I sighed and opened up the bag and found a strapless dress that reached down to just above my knees, and was the same shade of blue as Luke’s eyes with silver sequence along the top, a silver heart necklace with matching earrings, and silver 3-inch heels, which was good because I’m not the biggest fan of heels but these were great. My mouth dropped slightly as I put the outfit out on the bed. “Wow, Claire this is amazing thank you.” I beamed at her and gave her a hug.

“Good enough for the party?”

“I think so.”

“It’s definitely good enough to make any guy fall in love, especially on you. Just be careful not to make Luke jealous. Oh and make sure to wear that special good luck Dolphin ring that you have.” Claire smiled trying hard not to giggle. I just smiled and when I looked at the clock my smile disappeared.

“OH MY GOSH! The party’s in less then an hour! I have to get ready.” I grabbed the dress and ran to the bathroom, suddenly nervous about seeing Luke again and it made my heart pound like crazy. Did I really develop a crush that quick? I tried to push the thought out of my head and concentrate on getting ready for the party.


Luke’s POV

I was walking up the street to the hostel for the party. I was planning to come alone, but somehow my friends Calum, Ashton, and Michael found out about the party and that I was supposed to accompany some girl that knocked me down in the street. Calum was about 6’ 2” and had tan skin, brown eyes, and black hair with blond streaks. He looked Asian even though he wasn’t. Ashton was only about 6 feet, with beige pale skin, brown curly hair, a dimple smile, and hazel eyes. Then there was Michael who was about 6’ 2” had white skin, blond hair with a black streak in the middle, an eyebrow piercing and piercing green eyes. I was walking and looked down at what I was wearing; my best pair of black skinny jeans, a white collared shirt, simple new looking black converse, and my hair styled up and swooped to the side. I was getting even more nervous by the second and I couldn’t understand any of it.

“So Luke this girl…” Calum broke my train of thought running a hand through his black hair that fell over his forehead and looked at the ground with a ghost of a smile crossing his lips.

“Yeah, what about her?’ I asked raising an eyebrow at his tone.

“Nothing, I just never thought you’d fall for an American girl”

I glared at Calum suddenly mad he would talk about her like that “There’s nothing wrong with Amer-“

“Luke you’re really here.” A short girl with brown hair cut me off, wearing a short black dress and heels running towards me and I realized it was the girl earlier who was gapping at Skylar and me. I remembered her name was Claire.

“Hey Claire. Here I am.” I slightly smiled at her.

“Oh you brought some other cuties with you.” She smiled ear to ear. “Hi guys I’m Claire one of Skylar’s friends” She looked at all the guys but her eyes stopped on Michael and she smiled even wider if possible. Her brown eyes lit up and she began to twirl her straightened hair in her fingers. Ashton and Calum nodded and smiled at her, and Michael looked at her without blinking. I looked around the room and could see people dancing but no sign of Skylar.

“Hey Claire where’s Skylar?” I asked searching the room again.

“Did you already forget what Conor said to you?” Claire smirked her eyes still trained on Michael. “She’s not coming down here without you." Claire added finally looking away from Michael. "She’s upstairs waiting for you to get here; she seemed pretty excited you were coming. Here take my key to get in.” My eyes widened, I remember Conor saying that to me but didn’t think he really meant it, or that she would really wait. Without meaning to I snatched Claire’s key out of her hand, bolted out of the room and up the stairs to Skylar’s room. Standing at her door knowing she was right on the other side made my heart race, but I couldn’t back out, not now. I raised my hand and knocked on the door and it almost immediately opened to reveal the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. The color of her dress matching my eyes perfectly, her face glowing like the full moon and her wavy hair shinning gold like the sun as always. My jaw dropped to the floor and she just laughed.

“Haha, you look great too.” She said smiling at me.

“S-sorry I d-didn’t mean to s-stare.” I stuttered.  She just smiled again grabbed my wrist and lead me back downstairs to the party.

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