Love Halfway Around The World

Skylar and her friends were just trying to enjoy a trip in Australia. She and her three best girls weren't looking for any kind of romance to come their way, and frankly Skylar didn't really want it. What happens when she accidentally knocks over Luke Hemmings in the street and he gets hooked? What about when her friends Mary, Emily, and Claire fall for the other three? Will love work out or cause trouble between best friends?


13. the airport

Luke’s POV

I had been with Skylar for about two months. She was supposed to be heading back to New York with everyone else and leaving me behind. Instead all four of us decided to come back since we were all hopelessly in love with American girls. (Never thought I’d say that) As I got on the plane with Cal, Mickey, and Ash I could see Jono giving me a nasty stare. I knew he was in love with Skylar and hated me because I got her instead of him. I just shook it off and sat down in my seat. I had Mickey next to me. Skylar and Claire in front of me. Cal and Ash were behind me and Mary and Emily behind them. Every one else was on the other side of the plane, and we were all ready to go to New York again. 

Sky also wanted me to meet her parents; I have spoken over video but have not formally meet them. Her mom was a bit shorter than Skylar, but looked fairly different. Her skin was very pale, her hair was short and dark brown, and her eyes were brown. Her dad was very tall and had brown puppy dog eyes. His light brown hair was military style and his skin was fairly light, but darker than her mom. Skylar told me to relax but I was never good at meeting parents.

More than 12 hours on a plane made me feel like I was trapped in a box. That’s one down side to having long legs. I had thankfully fallen asleep and woke up to Mikey shaking me. “Mate come on we finally got to New York.” I sat up and looked to the seats in front of me.

“Dude, where’d Sky go?”

“Haha, mate she’s not your babysitter and she’s no kid. She’s with everyone else on the way to baggage claim. Now come on.” I grabbed by backpack from under my seat and followed Mickey out of the plane. A flight attendant was still waiting at the door. She was shorter than Skylar even in those heels, had dark Chocolate brown hair with bright green eyes, and her uniform practically screamed slut. He skirt just covered her butt and her boobs were practically falling out if her shirt. I mean she was basically begging to be fucked by anything that moved. She winked at me and giggled like a schoolgirl as I just ignored her at walked out of the plane. It may not seem like it but I’m not into girls like that.

I was a baggage claim when I saw Jono going up behind Sky and reaching for her waist with his hands. She didn’t notice though because she was talking to Emily. I was about to run towards her but before I could Ryan came up and put his hand over Jono’s mouth and Conor pinned his hands behind his back as the pulled him away from Skylar. I walked closer to Jono to hear what Conor said, “I told you to leave her alone man. Especially now since she is with Luke.”

“Come on Conor everyone knows that won’t last. Luke is just some guy who wants to get in Sky’s pants. I will make Sky feel better than Luke and fuck her senseless.” I could feel anger rise inside me and as I was about to attack Jono Conor punched him right in the nose and sent him to the ground. Everyone including Sky turned and looked at what just happened. Before she could walk over Ryan stopped and explained it to her. She looked at me and ran into my arms. She hugged me tight then looked at Jono, seeing if he was watching us. When he did look over Sky grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me and I kissed her back to show Jono that she was mine.

“I’m with Luke and I don’t plan to leave anytime soon.” She hissed at Jono and I stepped in.

“I’m not letting Skylar go, never in a million years so I suggest you find some other girl to fuck up, maybe the flight attendant will take you up on that offer, but stay away Skylar or you will have to answer to me and Conor and believe me, that will not be pretty. I started at Jono who just growled and walked away with his bags. I felt relieved with him out of my life, and just hugged Skylar while waiting for our bags.

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