Love Halfway Around The World

Skylar and her friends were just trying to enjoy a trip in Australia. She and her three best girls weren't looking for any kind of romance to come their way, and frankly Skylar didn't really want it. What happens when she accidentally knocks over Luke Hemmings in the street and he gets hooked? What about when her friends Mary, Emily, and Claire fall for the other three? Will love work out or cause trouble between best friends?


21. Surfing

Luke’s POV

We had been surfing for about 3 hours and I was so tired I couldn’t even feel my legs.

“Damn, how does she do that?” Calum asked out of breath

“How does who do what?” Mickey asked too tired to even look up

“How does Skylar still get up?” Calum answered pointed to the water. We all looked to the water and sure enough there was Skylar. She was up on her board gliding across the waves and was flawless. She didn’t look the least bit tired. Ryan and Joe were also still out there but looked a bit tired.

“Luke is your girlfriend even human?” Ashton started at her in disbelief

“Trust me, she doesn’t even know the answer to that.” Tim suddenly stood by us. “She no robot, but a human should be dead by now. Skylar on the other hand looks like she has 100% of her energy left.”

“Tim, you do know why that is don’t you?” Conor walked up behind Tim and placed his hand on Tim’s shoulder

“Why is that? Is she keeping something from me?” I asked Conor who again just laughed

“You don’t know who she is in America. Skylar Porter is an undefeated snowboarding champion. She never lost a single race or competition on a snowboard. A surfboard isn’t going to prove to be much of a problem, I mean look at her.” We all looked at Sky flying on the waves with a smile. I stood up and grabbed my board. “Where you going man?” Conor yelled

“We did come here to surf.” I yelled without turning back and ran into the waves. I don’t know how but I managed to surf for another hour but I did before we had to head back. All of us were dead by now. Even Skylar was tired after 4 hours in the water.

“Can I use your chest as a pillow it really warm?” Sky asked in a sleepy voice and I could tell she was already falling asleep like everybody else, who was out cold. I just chuckled, put my arm around her and pulled her onto my lap and held her to me. She rested her head on my chest and soon was fast asleep. I smiled at her and soon was fast asleep myself holding Skylar in my arms.


Ashton’s POV

I groaned trying to wake up after falling asleep in a van. I tried to sit up, but something on my chest was keeping me down. I looked down the see Emily fast asleep on my chest and smiled at the angel. Suddenly Emily was lifted off my chest and I looked up to see Calum holding her in his arms.

“Cal that’s Emily not Mary.” Cal looked at me and chuckled

“I know that Ash, I’m just helping you because you were trapped under her.” He just laughed and stood waiting for me to get out. “Are you going to get out and take your girlfriend because I should be getting back to mine.” I smiled at Cal and took Emily out of his arms careful not to wake her. I decided to go lay down with her so I took her to the lounge where there was a slumber party happening. Mikey was on the floor with Claire in his arms. Luke was asleep on the couch above holding Skylar who was snuggled to his chest and, Calum was laying back down with Mary on the small love seat, and every one else all over to couches and the floor. Except for Conor and Ryan who decided to share the pool table. I just couldn’t help but giggle and take a picture when I saw Ryan and Conor cuddling together on the rough surface, such a cute couple. I grabbed a few blankets and then lay down on one blanket with Emily in my arms and pulled another blanket over us and was soon asleep with the most beautiful girl asleep in my arms. I couldn’t be any happier even if I tried. I had fallen hopelessly in love and I never wanted to leave.

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