Love Halfway Around The World

Skylar and her friends were just trying to enjoy a trip in Australia. She and her three best girls weren't looking for any kind of romance to come their way, and frankly Skylar didn't really want it. What happens when she accidentally knocks over Luke Hemmings in the street and he gets hooked? What about when her friends Mary, Emily, and Claire fall for the other three? Will love work out or cause trouble between best friends?


5. night before

Luke’s POV

“Hey Luke, are you sure this is okay, chasing this girl up the east coast? I mean we just met her yesterday.” Cal asked searching my face for an answer.

“It should be fine. I’ve never seen Luke so affected by a girl, she must really be something else.” Ash said with a puzzled look.

“Oh she is something else. She’s pretty darn hot! If Luke didn’t get to her first I would have gone after her myself." Michael grinned at me.

“Well now I have to make sure to keep you away from her. She will hopefully be my girlfriend pretty soon.” I grinned to myself and lay down on my bed.

“Relax man, I’m interested in the brown haired chick, so Skylar is all yours.”

I just chuckled at Mikey and stared at the celling and my head instantly filled with images of Skylar and wouldn’t stop.

“Mate you look like your head is about to explode.” Ash came into my field of vision. “You okay?” I got off my bed and walked towards the door.

“I’m going to Skylar’s room. I’ll be back later, okay.” I didn’t even wait for a reply; I walked out the door and down the hallway to Skylar’s door.

I casually walked all the way down the hall to Sky’s door. The hallway was quiet and empty; it made me fell a bit uneasy. I was just about to knock on her door when a voice spoke up. “You can’t seem to get enough of her can you?” I whipped around to see Drake standing there in just basketball shorts.

“Is there a reason you’re walking around without a shirt on?” I frowned and he just laughed.

“Relax pretty boy, what’s the problem?” Drake grinned at me.

“My name is Luke you know.”

“Whatever you say pretty boy. Now if you’re looking for Skylar which I know you are, she’s not in there.” Drake said pointing at her door. “She’s downstairs with the rest of the girls.”

“Well then see you in the morning… and please put on a shirt.” I turned on my heel and walked down the stairs in search for Sky.


Skylar’s POV

“I swear he’s perfect.” Emily was glowing and blabbing on about Ashton. They pretty much clicked after Luke basically shoved Ashton into my face while Emily was hiding behind me.

“Did you really have to pull Sky and me down here just to gush about this guy that you’ve know for what, like 5 hours?” Claire groaned and put her head in her hands as I let out a chuckle and shook my head, looking down.

“YES! I have to tell some people how amazing Ashton is. Plus I know you are interested in Michael, Mary has a thing for Calum, and Sky is already Luke’s girlfriend.” I glared at Emily with an evil look, she glanced at me and I saw fear start to crawl across her face. “What, did I say something wrong?” she looked at me.

“I’m not Luke’s girlfriend Emily, I wish you would drop it. We aren’t dating,” I said sternly to her.

“Well that hurts.” We all turned at the sound of Luke’s voice and I shot out of my chair. “Don’t worry, we will be dating soon.” Luke smiled at me. I blushed and looked away. Damn how can he make blush so easy?

“You sure about that?” I smirked at him. “You really think you’re that good.”

“I hope so. I did get you to kiss me.” He said suddenly looking down and I flushed.

“Alright rock star, now go to bed or you won’t be cute when you wake up.” I smiled, his eyes widened and he bolted off to his room.

“Uh is he okay?” Mary looked off in the direction Luke went confused.

“He’s just under Sky’s spell, you know how well she can manipulate boys.” Claire looked at Mary.

"I'm not manipulating Luke."

"I know,but you can make a lot of boys do anything, you know how they work." Claire smiled and looked like a light bulb went off in her head and turned to Emily and Mary. “That means she can work her magic for us.” I looked at her and cocked my head to one side.

“What the heck does that mean?”

“You know we all like the other boys so use your magic and help us get them head over heels for us like you did with Luke.” Claire was on her knees now pleading with me. I chuckled and smiled down at her.

“Alright I’ll help, but we better go get some sleep so we don’t look totally drained tomorrow.”


I was on my way up to my room when Kalob came out of nowhere pushed me against the wall, pinned my hands above my head and crushed his lips to mine.  His orange hair was wet from a shower and the water ran in my eyes as I tried to break away from his lips. I tried hard to escape but he wouldn’t budge at all and started to make the kisses rough, I could smell too much alcohol and I couldn’t breath. He was defiantly drunk or he wouldn’t be doing this “Kalob get off me now! You’re drunk!” I screamed and struggled to get free.

“Stop fighting it. Come on just dump that stupid pretty boy. You know you want me instead of him.” Kalob grinned, his brown eyes glowing dangerously and he pressed his lips to mine before I could protest. I kept fighting against him then out of nowhere Kalob was thrown of my chest and down the hallway.


Luke’s POV

I was walking down the hall towards the bathroom when I looked up and saw that Kalob had Skylar pinned to the wall, kissing her, and I could tell by her face and the way she was squirming around he was forcing kisses on her. I felt anger boil inside me, and the next thing I knew I threw Kalob off her and sent him flying down the hall. I took Skylar in my arms and held her to my chest. She was sobbing into my shirt but I couldn’t care less. I just held her tight for a long time then walked her back to her room. On the way it felt like she was just crying harder every second. My heart was shattered into pieces so small you would need a microscope to see them. I couldn’t stand to see her this way and I swear I will kill Kalob.

“Luke” she whimpered without lifting her head.

“Yeah?” I asked looking down at her.

“Please don’t leave me. I need you to protect me. That’s the third time Kalob has attacked me, I just want you to stay by my side, please. He’s been getting drunk a lot.” She was practically begging me.

“Sky, I told you before and I’ll tell you again. I’m not going anywhere, you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I will not give up without a fight. I’m all yours Skylar, don’t forget it.” The words just kept coming out, seeing Skylar like that I couldn’t stop myself. I’m falling in love with her and I love the feeling.  

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