Love Halfway Around The World

Skylar and her friends were just trying to enjoy a trip in Australia. She and her three best girls weren't looking for any kind of romance to come their way, and frankly Skylar didn't really want it. What happens when she accidentally knocks over Luke Hemmings in the street and he gets hooked? What about when her friends Mary, Emily, and Claire fall for the other three? Will love work out or cause trouble between best friends?


11. found and the hospital

Conor’s POV

I was propped up against a wall in an alley covered in blood and most likely had a few broken bones. On the way back to the hostel I heard guys talking about Skylar and saying they were going to get her drunk and sleep with her. I wasn’t going to let that happen to my best friend. Skylar is the most important person in the world to me, and I promised her a long time ago that I would always be there for her. I promised I would protect her and I wasn’t about to break that promise. I told them to back off of Sky. I would hunt them down and kill them if they put a single finger on her. I stood up for her and got beat up for it.

Man I don’t want Skylar to see me this way. This would break her heart into a million pieces. To see me so broken and unable to even stand would just kill her. I just prayed someone would find me. Then someone did, but it was the one person I was hopping wouldn’t.

“OH MY GOD!!!!” I heard her voice and looked up to she her running up to me. Skylar Rose Porter, my best friend. This is the worst time to see her face. She looks more broken than me. “Conor, what happened to you?” she looked at the blood all over my face. I tried to speak but was too weak to even try. “Just sit tight.” Sky whipped out her phone and called Cal telling him where we were then called an ambulance and I felt her warm arms carefully hold onto me. She was so warm and made me feel safe. I gave into her warmth and heard sirens and her voice begging me to stay with her, and then everything went black.


Calum’s POV

I was running down the street when my phone suddenly started to ring showing Sky’s name on the screen. I answered and she told me where she was and that Conor needed and ambulance. I stopped the other guys. “Guys I just got a call from Skylar, she found Conor but he’s banged up pretty bad.”

“Where is she?” Luke turned to me

“An alley by the restaurant we ate at but she told us to just get to the hospital, she called for help so she wants us to meet her there.” I answered and flagged down a cab


Skylar’s POV

I couldn’t stop crying. Conor was lying lifeless in a hospital bed. He passed out in my arms in the street while waiting for an ambulance; even though I kept talking to him he still passed out. I wanted him to wake up so badly; he is my best friend and I need him. I don’t know what made me feel I had to do this but I did. I leaned over and gave him a small peck on the lips. “Please Conor, please wake up!” I cried even more with my head on his sheets.

“Don’t worry he probably felt your kiss and is trying to open his eyes.” I turned to see Luke surprisingly smiling at me I tried to fumble an apology but Luke just laughed. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it Sky.”

“You’re not mad I kissed him?” I asked confused and looked at the floor, afraid to meet Luke’s eyes.

“I trust Conor, and I get why you would kiss him. He is your best friend and you care about him. It makes me jealous to see you with other guys except for Conor. You have a different reason to kiss him. I know you really love him as a friend. Besides he’s been a good guy lately. Sure it took him a while to say my name, but he’s covered for us. I think getting a kiss from the prettiest girl ever is a great way to thank him. I can tell you can’t live without him. ” He just smiled and hugged me not caring about the blood on my dress.

“Well I can’t live without you either, Luke.” I said as he let go. “You and Conor both mean so much to me. I’m just so scared, Conor knows me better than anyone, he can’t die.” Luke sat down next to me, and I sobbed into his shirt.

“Don’t worry Sky. He just heard you and knows you care about him. He’s staying with you Sky.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I would never leave you Sky.” I heard Conor’s voice and saw his dark blue eyes light up with an amazing glow and sparkle as he smiled back at me.


Conor’s POV

“Well I can’t live without you either, Luke.” Sky’s voice said. “You and Conor both mean so much to me. I’m just so scared, Conor knows me better than anyone, he can’t die.” I could hear her sobbing. I opened my eyes to see her crying into Luke’s shirt.

“Don’t worry Sky. He just heard you and knows you care about him. He’s staying with you Sky.” Luke said looking at me. I smiled at him and focused back on Skylar.

“How do you know?”

“Because I would never leave you Sky.” I smiled at Sky and she looked at my face shocked beyond belief.

“CONOR!” She screamed happily hugged me instantly and much to my surprise kissed me. It was only for a second but felt great, but I was too shocked to really notice. I blinked at her confused then looked at Luke expecting him to be boiling mad. Instead he gave me a genuine smile then bowed and left the room.

“Is there a reason Luke didn’t just kill me?” I looked at Skylar

“He knows how much you mean to me, and the kiss was kind of his idea. He’s not mad about it. He’s okay with the fact I kissed you. For some reason it bugs him with all guys but you. You’re my best friend Conor, and I need you in my life, Luke knows that.” Sky said tearing up.

“Don’t worry Sky, I’ll never leave you.” I smiled and hugged her.

“How are you feeling?”

“Ah, I’m pretty banged up, but to be honest that kiss actually made me feel better.” I smiled and Skylar laughed. The doctor came in to take a look at me. Apparently I only had a broken rib and a few bruises. I had to stay for a few days but then I would be free to go. Sky stayed for another hour before a nurse came in and said visiting hours were over. Skylar stood up to leave when I grabbed her arm. She smiled and kissed my cheek. I looked at her and pretend pouted.

“You have to remember I’m dating Luke. Besides we friend-zoned each other a long time ago.” I burst out laughing so hard it made my rib hurt.

“I know Sky, I was joking.” She smiled gave me one last hug and left the room.

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