Love Of My Life

Do you ever believe that you can live you dreams?
Well in Daniellas eyes you can!


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Daniella's POV 

"Go get a life Daniella or should I say whore!" Amber said She is one of the most popular girls in school and who is a bully.

Now that you know that I have a bully maybe I should tell you the ret about me. My name is Daniella, Im 17 years old, which makes me a junior. One thing that everyone knows about me by everyone I mean everyone knows, is that Im a huge One Direction fan.  I have an older brother who is 21 named Blake and younger sister who is 15  named RIley. My mom is usually seen doing work in her office and my dad left so I have a step dad who is either always high or alway drunk. I never liked him and never will. Now back onto the story.

I walked through the crowded, noisy hallway filled with making out couples, obnoxious jocks and the bratty freshman girls.  I was trying to get to my locker with no problems ahead of me. I got all the stuff I need and left the school and walked to my car. I pulled up to my driveway and walked into my house and a cloud of smoke hit me, why can't he smoke away from the house.

"Hey can you smoke somewhere away from the house, that smells really bad," I said 

"Why don't you make me?" He said as he winked 

"Why don't you fuck yourself?" I said 

"How about you?" He said with his perverted mind

"Gross pervert,' I said annoyed.

I went to my moms office and as always she is always on the phone.  My sister was hanging out with her boyfriend, and my brother was in his room doing his own thing. 

"Hey Blake," I said he was the only who was nice to me, he acted like a father figure to me.

"Hey sis, how was school?" He asked 

"Same as always," I said 

"Amber again?" He asked 

"Yup" I said 

"Well I got something to cheer you up," Blake said 

"What is it?" I asked 

"Close your eyes" He said 

he placed something in my hands.

"Open," He said 

"Oh my god no you didn't!" I screamed 

"Yes I did" He said smiling as he saw me screaming for joy and giving him hugs. He got me two One Direction tickets, One for me and one for my friend Emily. It was front row tickets and it was this thursday.

"Thank you so much!" I said 

"You are very welcome sis," He said

I can not wait until I tell Emily this. I ran immediately and grabbed my phone and see the same old stuff I always see. It was Amber and her litte possy commenting on my photos, tweets, status.  I can never get away like this, in school and now at home. I always ignore them.  

To: Emily

Hey you busy tomorrow? 


No, why? 

To: Oh just wondering, cause  I just got concert tickets to the One Direction concert tomorrow,

From: Emily 

OMG! Really?! Who gave them to you? 

To: Emily

My brother obviously! and do you want to sleepover tonight?

From: Emily 

Yes of course, Ill be there in 15 Just need to get my stuff together,

To: Emily

Okayyy :)

This is literally happening, I am going to a One DIrection concert with my best friend. I went on Facebook and wrote a status

Seeing my favorite 5 boys tomorrow with my day one! 

I fell into a deep day dream about tomorrow night,

I was singing Little Black Dress and dancing, I looked up and saw Louis looking me up

and down over and over again.  I danced sexier and sexier as the song was playing. Louis came off the stage grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him and grabbed my face and met my lips on his lips *beep* *beep*

My phone ruined my daydream. I looked down and had a comment on my post and it was....Amber 

          This bitch thinks she will be "soon to be" wife to one of them, nah Louis is mine bitch, You are not the               only one going there slut.

So I guess Im a slut now, very clever Amber. I went to my closet and tried to find some clothes I should wear tomorrow.  
"Daniella, John wants you downstairs," Riley said 

I walked downstairs to a blast of music in my face

"What do you want John," I asked 

"Why don't you ever call me daddy?" He asked smiling

"Fuck off, what do you want?" I asked 

"I want you to get me a beer," he asked

"You are already drunk and why can't you get one yourself?" I said 

"Because I want to get really fucked up," He said 

"There's this thing called a bar where you can go and get drunk, not here in my house,"  I said

"You say this is your house, no sweetie it's my house,"  He said 

"Um excuse me asshole, who was here before you?" I asked 

"Bitch who the fuck care who lived here first, I'm your dad," He said 

"You are my STEP-dad not my real dad, I do not even want you to be my step-dad" I said before he even said a word I walked outside to wait fo0r Emily to get here. I saw a blue car pull up and it was Emily 

"I seriously can not wait for tomorrow Danniella" She said 

"Why can't you wait for tomorrow?" John asked 

"Oh we are going to a One Direction concert," Emily said 

"Who said you can go to the concert Daniella?" He said

"Um I did now go fuck off" I said 

"You are not going," He said

I was literally ready about to punch him in the face if he tells me I can not go somewhere.

"Watch me," I said 



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