Los Angeles—the city where all of your dreams come true. Rosie Jones couldn’t have imagined a life better than the one she’s currently living. She had just moved into a new apartment and meets a guy from across the hall, who has a secret of his own. Everyone warned her about him, but she didn’t listen. What happens when all of your dreams comes crashing down?


11. Ten

Two years have passed since then. I never saw or spoke to Zayn. Jack had ended up divorcing Cheryl, which wasn’t a surprise to me. The thing about being faithful is being faithful to one person. Cheryl failed to understand the true meaning of love, loyalty, and trust.

I’m not one to brag about relationships because I’ve had my share of failed attempts. I had moved on from Zayn by dating both Liam and Niall, but even then, they were not the guys for me. It was something about Zayn that was so different. I introduced Jane to Niall.

It didn’t surprise me that the two of them had gotten along so well. Harry was still dating Jade. Guess it seemed like everyone was content with their lives while I was living my miserable life. My life wasn’t that bad these past two years. I had a job that I enjoyed. I had friends that cared about me. I had everything I could ever want, almost everything.

“Rosie, you can’t just sit around and mope all day.” My friends and I were at my new apartment. This apartment had a much better view of the Pacific ocean. What was a girl to do? I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m always feeling left out every time my friends go on these dates. Well, Liam and I were the lonely ones.

Though, I am still good friends with him despite breaking up with him. Jade was trying to persuade me to go and do something exciting with my life. I wasn’t in the mood. A part of me kept thinking about Zayn and what he would be doing right now.

I’m assuming he found himself a new girlfriend. Besides the fact that he is the owner of a record label, I’m sure he’s popular with the ladies. If he could hook up with a woman like Cheryl and a small town girl like me, then he can reel in any girl he wanted with just one look. 

“You’re thinking about him again, aren’t you?” asked Jane. I couldn’t help it. A part of me still wanted Zayn. I sighed and said I needed some air. I grabbed my phone and headed out of my apartment. I headed into the elevator and went down to the main lobby.

When I exited the building, I could finally breathe. The cool spring breeze against my face. It’s what I’ve been needing for so long. It was a breath of fresh air. I began the walk down the street to a local cafe. It was a block away from my place. I just had to clear my mind from all of that Zayn talk.

Though being outside didn’t help with imagining Zayn. His black hair, hazel eyes and that body of his. My heart raced against my chest just thinking about him. As I enter the cafe, a man was walking out. He bumped into me. I dropped my phone.

He bent down to pick it up. He stood and handed it to me. “Zayn?” It was the familiarity of the look in his eyes that he gave me before he was about to open his mouth and apologize.

“Rosie. It’s been… uh…”

“Two years.”

He nodded, “Right…. two years.” A blonde woman exited the cafe. Guess I was right. Before the woman could ask Zayn about me, I started to walk away. I could feel this ache in my chest when I saw the two of them together. I heard him call out my name, but I walked faster.

Zayn grabbed my arm when he caught up to me. “Rosie, what’s wrong?” The nerve of him to ask me that question. I wanted to lash out at him. I wanted to tell him that he knew what he did wrong. He had done all those bad things to me. I forgave him for all of those things long ago.

“It’s good to see you’ve found someone else. Goodbye Zayn.” I looked up at him. I could tell that he was confused. He released his grip. I continued on down the street towards the direction of my apartment building.

I went back up to my apartment. Jane was the first to ask me what was going on. I told them that I saw Zayn with another girl. “Typical.” said she. I couldn’t help but agree with the fact that she was right. Liam walked up to me and gave me a hug.

I hugged him back, grateful for having my friends here when I needed them. There was a knock at my door. I pulled away from the hug and walked over to answer it. Zayn stood outside the door. He had followed me inside. “Rosie, let me explain-“

“You’ve done enough. Just leave her alone.” Jane interrupted.

“I want to hear what he has to say.” I said.

“Rosie, that girl was an old friend. We were just having lunch, that’s all. She knows about you because I told her. These past two years haven’t been easy for me. I know what you’re first thought is going to be about. I wasn’t the reason Cheryl and Jack divorced. Yes she and I had our one-time fling, but that was it. I had no involvement in their relationship. Cheryl had come to me at a time when she was losing feelings for her husband Jack because she had met some other guy. I was there to comfort her. You only saw the end of our fling. We were saying goodbye to each other. It was fun while it lasted. Cheryl and I are still good friends, but we vowed that it would be best to not see each other.

“I’m not here to talk about them. I’m here to talk about you. I have made many mistakes in the past, and I’m sure you’ve heard from Jane about the kind of guy that I am. I’m sure she’s said something along the lines of me being a player who can’t fall in love with one girl. I’d like to prove her wrong. I fell in love with you. Since the day we met and the day we stopped talking, I was in love with you. When you went off to Virginia, I thought you’d never come back. You did. I know you have trouble opening up to me about a lot of family issues, but I understand that. Rosie, you had faith in me. You proved to me that there is some hope that I can be good. I was trying to hard to be good for you because that’s what you deserved.

“I know this apology won’t be enough to fix every bad thing that’s ever happened to you. I will do my best to make everything right again. I don’t care how long it takes. I want you. I’ve always wanted you. So even if it may seem to your friends that I’m standing here like a fool thinking you’d take me back, I’m really here to ask you for a second chance. Take it if you want, or we can just leave it here. We can start over fresh tomorrow or just end it right here, right now.” I looked behind me at my friends.

This wasn’t their choice to make. It was mine. I turned my attention to Zayn, who was anticipating my answer. I didn’t care what my friends thought about him. I didn’t care that they thought he was bad for me. Good or bad, I would always choose Zayn. I leaned in and kissed his lips. I pulled away and looked into his eyes. “You’re all I’ve ever wanted Zayn Malik. You entered my mind when we first met; and you’ve never left since.”

. . .

Zayn’s place was still the way I remembered it. He had moved out of his apartment and permanently resided here. “What have you been up to for these past two years?” I asked him when I set my bag down on the counter. He told me that he had taken time away and traveled. Some part of me wished that I had gone with him. “I can take you to New York or Seattle, if you’d like.” I remember he told me that he owned condos in those two cities. “Unless you’d like to go somewhere else.”

“I’ve always wanted to go to Europe.”

He smiled, “I’ll take you there. Just say when. Look, I brought you here because there’s something I want to ask you.” Zayn and I have gotten back together after his apology to me. He was the only man I’ve wanted more than just a friend. It came as a surprise to me that Zayn was in love with me. I wasn’t sure about what he could be asking me.

We haven’t been dating long, so I doubt that he was asking me to marry him. Though, I was looking forward to when that day does arrive. My friends are still trying to accept the fact that I would rather be with Zayn than anyone else. They are trying to see past his bad boy exterior. I’ll give them credit for trying. “What is it that you want to ask me?” I asked him. We were outside on the patio, enjoying the warm summer air.

“It’s not really a question. I would like for you to move in with me.” said he. “I know things are going a bit fast, but-“ I interrupted him. I pressed my lips against his and wrapped my arms around his neck. He wrapped his around my waist and held me close. I pulled away and looked into his eyes. I put my hands on either side his face and nodded slightly. “I’ll move in with you. Here, New York, anywhere. I’m happy as long as I’m with you.” I smiled. He smiled and kissed me again.

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