Natsu x reader

This is just A x reader


5. Chapter 4

   Y/n P.O.V

  I saw Lucy Leave the guild upset and crying then Natsu came up to me and put his  arm around me and i blush so hard ."Natsu what are you doing" I asked him. "Y/n i been wanting to tell you I-I-i" Natsu softly spoken which was barely. "What is it Natsu" I said with a cute smile." Why do you have to make it so hard" Natsu asked me."I don't know what you mean" i told him." Y/N I LOVE YOU !!!!!!" He yelled so every can hear. "R-really" I asked him. " Yes i do i don't like lucy i like you so much i love everything about you" he told me.  " I love you to" I said . "What you do" he said. Then we leaned in we got closer and closer until we kissed. it was a long good kiss and when we broke Mira was yelling so much it was somthing about "YEAH MY SHIP SAILED IN YOU FACE YOU ALL SAID IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN " she said. Everyone Cheered for us. "Hey Y/n" Natsu said. "Yeah Natsu"i said to him." Be my girlfriend" he said. "Of course" i said with a smile and pulled him in for a kiss then we stopped and i looked at Gray and he was mad.

A/n: Hey finally i got an idea share me your ideas and tell me what you all want to happen in the story also tell what X Reader you want next. AND FOLLOW ME PLEASE 

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