Natsu x reader

This is just A x reader


3. Chapter 3


A/n: Hi guys or anyone that likes my story here is another one here enjoy


Y/n P.O.V

After i made up with Lucy we did the mission it was pretty easy. Anyway Natsu walked up to me.”Hey Y/n” Natsu said. ” Um Hey Natsu are you okay” i asked him. He blushed woah he is so cute when he blushes.” Y/n will you-” He was cut off by Lucy.” HEY Y/N I NEED TO TALK TO YOU” She Yelled.” okay sure” i said unsure. Lucy Grabbed me and pulled me somewhere where no one could see or hear us.” Y/n i am just going to say this Natsu is mine and mine only okay and by the way i think he likes me more” Lucy said with a smirk.”Hey Lucy I think some over heard you” i said pointing at Happy.”So you were saying Lucy” i said. Then Lucy stormed off.Wow she really likes him but i like him more.”Hey Y/n did Lucy really say i was hers” Natsu asked.” Yeah she did” i said to him and walked away toward the guild. ” WERE BACK” the gang said together. 

Mira P.O.V

It is so cute that Natsu was so close to Y/n. Oh no here comes ship crasher Lucy all she been trying to do is Make the ship sink and anyway Nalu was so last season I am in love Y/n x Natsu.” Hey Mira” Lucy said.” Oh hey Ship- i mean Lucy”i said she looked at me unsure and finally said something back to me.”Do you still ship Me and Natsu”Lucy said.Ok i can do this give her the truth.”No i don’t i ship Y/n and Natsu now” i said and she left out of the guild.


??? P.O.V

Oh my little Y/n i will make you mine and hurt even kill anyone who tries to take you from me HAHAHAHHAHA

A/n: sorry this was a short chapter i got so much to do



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