Natsu x reader

This is just A x reader


2. Chapter 2

Y/n P.O.V

I really thought this mission was only me ,Natsu and Happy.Not Lucy,Erza,Gray,Wendy and Carla. Man this just sucks so badly and Lucy is using Natsu as her boy toy.As If i am going to let her.”Natsu are you sure you want to get on the train” I asked him.”Yeah i’m ok this faster than walking”Natsu said. I nodded and went on the trian and sat in a empty seat and then Natsu sat next to me. Lucy gave a death glare so i returned the glare.”Will you both stop glaring at each other”Erza said.”Fine”Me and lucy say at the same time.”Shut up” we both say. “Stop copying me” we say again.We both move are right hand then the left hand.”Hmph”We both say. “That was cool”wendy said.”Really Darling” Carla said. After the long trian ride we got off.”Natsu why did Lucy have to be here i thought it was going just Y/n, You, Erza, Gray, Wendy, and Carla” Happy groaned. ” I am right here you know”Lucy said.”Happy you don’t have to be rude you know” i said to him in a sweet way.”Okay” Happy said.


Lucy P.O.V

Wow how did Y/n do that Then i see Natsu Looking at Y/n. There is no way a am letting that happen so i push Y/n in a puddle.”Why did you do that “Y/n said in a mad tone.”oopsie”I say. “You are DEAD” when Y/n said that i got my key out.”OPEN GATE OF THE LION LEO” i yelled. She had smirked at me “really” she said. Then everything was quiet.”Come on Loki Fight her” he as i said.”Y/m”Y/n said. Loki was gone back to his world now.”Sorry Loki” y/n said.”lets just Forget this ever happened ok Lucy”Y/n said. “Fine”i said. “well lets go”Y/n said to the gang. The bad thing was Natsu was falling for Y/n


??? P.O.V

You will be mine foever Y/n Y/l/n. And no one will take you from me not even that Fire Breath .



A/n: DUN dun dun. what will happen to you and who wants you find out later bye


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