Natsu x reader

This is just A x reader


1. Chapter 1

Y/n: Your name

F/c: Favorite color

Y/L/N: Your last name

Y/M: Your magic

A/n: Me Talking to you


Y/n P.O.V

Love is very dumb sometimes I think I love some one but he is weird and by the way i never felt this way before.I walked to in the guild and sat down “Hi Mira” i said “Hi Y/n how are you doing” Mira asked. ” Fine I guess” i tell her ” Whats wrong”Mira asked . “Well I like someone and i don’t know if i really like him or if he likes me and it feels so weird” I tell her my whole problem. She giggled a bit ” Well how about you just tell him how you feel” she told me.”i’ll try Mira Thanks” . Mira nods and smiles at me. I can do this Oh no not again. I look at Natsu and Grey Fighting each other like always.” You Are dumb Flamebrain” Gray said “Not as dumb as you Elsa” Natsu said to Gray.Then Gray Punched Natsu and then everyone started fighting.Erza came and every one froze.”What on Earth is going on here it better be nothing”Erza said.”Aye sir”everyone says.”Anyhow Mira i need to see the master right now” Erza said. “Ok i’ll get him right away” Mira said then leaves to go get the master. Then Erza turned to me and smiled a little.”Hello Y/n” Erza said to me.”Hi  Erza How are you”I said.”Great But you look confused for some reason Y/n what wrong”. REALLY EZRA. “Um- I think i like someone but i think they don’t like me back and i never felt this way before” i tell Erza everything.”Why don’t you ask him”Erza simply said.”Mira just said that”i said. When i said that she went to talk to the master. Natsu is so cute sometimes wait what am i saying he is cute all the time.


Natsu’s P.O.V

I Looked at Y/n and she was blushing while looking at me then turn away.She was so red she look like Erza’s hair. ” Hey Y/n whats up” i asked her. “Well the sky” she laughed nerously. ” So want to do a mission Happy already picked on” She Smiled “Sure Natsu I love to” she said . “Great”I said and walked to happy. “Hey happy guess what” i asked him. ” What Natsu” he asked me “Y/n is coming with us to the mission were doing” i told him.”REALLY OMG OMG SHE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN LUCY YAY” He said so loud I think Y/n could hear. She is cuter than any girl i met.

A/N: Hey I really LOVE ANIME please let me know what you think


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