The New Guy

His hair was cut into combover, his eyes were always hidden behind those black Raybans, there was a constant smirk on his face, tattoos all over his arms, a cigarette in his hand. He was a typical bad boy, the one everyone likes and wants to be around. Her hair was always in a pony neat and out of her face, her eyes were masked by square glasses, her head was always down never making eye contact, she walked around with books folded in her arms and staying out of everyones way. She was the typical nerd, the one everyone made fun of and nobody wanted to be around... until...


4. Chapter 4

“Hayden, in what world was it your fault? It wasn’t, you weren't the one driving the car that crashed into my parents.” I said pulling him close to me. “It is my fault Ada, I shouldn't have shouted at you like that. I should have just told you why. I left you there… You came too look for me. If I stayed then you and your parents wouldn't have been in the car when the car hit. I was stupid for leaving and look where it got me, my girlfriend doesn't remember me, my best friends parents are dead.” he cried.

“Hayden, look at me.” I said to him lifting his chin up, “We all make mistakes and to be fair its also my fault. I should have dropped it like you asked me to. But we cant change the past okay. Lets just move forward okay. Its been 2 years Hayden, and nobody is blaming you. Everyone is  blaming that drunk driver.” “I guess.” he whispered looking into my eyes, “I just wish you would remember me, remember us.”  “I am Hayden. But I can’t do it alone. It was you and Keegan who helped me remember that night. So I need you and my brother to help me remember everything else. I don't want to live the rest of my life not remembering 16 years of my life.”

“We will help you. Your brother and I have a plan for everyday, starting from when we were little.” Hayden smiled wiping his tears away. “We start tomorrow.” a voice said from my door.” Keegan. I smiled and walked up to my brother and gave him a hug. “Dude, why you eavesdropping?” Hayden laughed. “Well, you guys have been up here for a while so I came to make sure nothing funky was going on.” my brother winked at Hayden, making Hayden blush. What?

“Well, I am confused as ever so if you don’t mind I am going back downstairs to finish my delicious KFC” I said walking downstairs leaving the two boys to talk about whatever they were talking about telepathically.

The next morning I woke up to Hayden and Keegan jumping on my bed shooting me with water guns. “What the hell are you two boys doing?” I screamed jumping out of bed and running to my brothers room, jumping under his duvet. “Day one of Mission Bring Back Ada’s Memory.” my brother yelled walking into his room. He was about to shoot me with the water gun but realised that he would get his bed wet. 1 point for Ada!

“We were 12 years old, I was staying over one night and you were being a brat to Keegz and I so him and I decided to wake you up with water guns” Hayden grinned.

“Well its not my fault you guys were teasing me about my braces” I said. My eyes opened wide and the two boys looked at each other and gave each other a high-five. “Was that what happened?” I asked completely surprised. “Yes!” the two boys said together and jumping on the bed on top me. Hayden landed seriously close to my face making me blush. “It was also the day Hayden told me he liked me” I winked at him making him blush. “Okay, thats enough flash-backing for that day.” Hayden said getting up and walking out the door making my brother and I laugh.

“This is going to be fun.” my brother laughed. “I think I’m more scared to find out what you losers did to me when we were younger.” I said pushing my brother off me, “Now if you will excuse me I am going to shower.” I said and walked into my bathroom turning the shower on.

I climbed in the shower and started to do my usual shower routine. Shampoo, perform for the shower head, conditioner, perform for the shower head again, the usual things every teenage girl does in the shower.

I climbed out the shower and wrapped my towel around my body. I walked to my bedside table and grabbed my glasses. Clarity, the best thing in the world. I closed my door just incase one of them decided to spy on me and one of them being Hayden. He may be attractive but he can be such a perv.

I walked to my cupboard and stood there for what felt like forever deciding on what to wear. So to start somewhere I grabbed a bra and underwear and put those on. I looked at my clothes and decided on my black tights and my off the shoulder The Beatles shirt. I was putting on simple make up when i felt a presence walk up behind me. “You dont need that stuff Ada.” Hayden whispered taking the eyeliner from my hand and putting it on the table, “you’re beautiful without it.”

I turned around and looked at him, “What are you doing in here? Didn’t you see the door was closed?” I huffed crossing my arms.

“I did buttercup, but then I heard you shuffling around your make up so I thought you were dressed which you are.” he smiled at me pulling me close to him, “And I’m in here because theres one memory I really want you to remember. So do you trust me?” he whispered unhooking my arms as he put his hands on my hips.

“I trust you.” I whispered looking into his eyes. “Close your eyes.” he whispered and I did as he said.

A few seconds went by before I felt Haydens lips on mine. It was soft, gentle, as if he was scared to give more. Fireworks were going off, no not like that man, well maybe a little or alot. But there were fireworks and cheers all around, people yelling Happy New Year. I pulled back looking at Hayden who looked like he was about to cry. “We were 16, it was New Years. It was the start of 2013, before you got the guts to ask me out.” I whispered smiling at him.

He smiled at me, “It was out first kiss, and I wasn't scared to ask you. I just wanted to ask you in a way you'd remember.” he whispered, “Do you remember what happened afterwards?” 

I nodded my head and lifted my head just slightly kissing him. He kissed me back, but really kissed me. There was a sense of need and passion and I was enjoying it so much. I pulled away again as something else came to my mind. But why would that happen before we got together?

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