The New Guy

His hair was cut into combover, his eyes were always hidden behind those black Raybans, there was a constant smirk on his face, tattoos all over his arms, a cigarette in his hand. He was a typical bad boy, the one everyone likes and wants to be around. Her hair was always in a pony neat and out of her face, her eyes were masked by square glasses, her head was always down never making eye contact, she walked around with books folded in her arms and staying out of everyones way. She was the typical nerd, the one everyone made fun of and nobody wanted to be around... until...


3. Chapter 3

Ada P.O.V.

Its been a week since Hayden arrived and he hasn't left my house... He says he's here to visit my brother or for me to help him with school work but majority of the time he's helping me with work. My brother and him get along really well and something inside me makes me think that they really have known each other for years.

My brother and Hayden left 20 minutes ago to get food and they are still not back. It seriously can't take that long to get food.

Ada: Hayden, where are you guys??

Hayden: Still going to be awhile buttercup, your brother is taking forever…

I sighed and locked my phone… well considering they will still be awhile I need to do some snooping! I walked into my brothers room and looked for Hayden's bag, oh did I mention he's been staying over? I looked by my brothers desk and found Haydens black bag on the floor next to it. I ran too it and opened it trying too look for something, anything!


I then decided to go looking through my brothers draws. I know this is wrong but there is something oddly familiar about this boy Hayden and I need to find out why, especially since he keeps saying to my brother that I don't remember him. Well of course I don't remember him, Ive never met him. Or have I?

I opened the third draw to find a photo album that had my name on it. What is this? I opened it and found photo after photo of Hayden, Keegan and me from when we were kids. The photos continued till eventually it was just Hayden and I. Some photos were of him and I holding hands, there was one of Hayden holding roses and a teddy bear that now sits on my bed... It was loose. I lifted the photo to see what looked like my hand writing, it said The Day He Became My Boy. 27/04/2013

That was 3 years ago... Why don't I remember any of this?

I heard a noise coming from downstairs. Shit! I kept the photo and put the album back in the draw and ran to my room hiding the photo under my pillow. "Buttercup, we have food!" I heard Hayden yell from downstairs. Ugh can he stop with the whole buttercup thing its so annoying!

I walked downstairs still confused out of my mind about those photos. Hayden and I grew up together, we dated then what? I walked into the kitchen shaking my head and sitting on the stool at the kitchen island where they had my favorite food that I haven't had in nearly 2 years. I grinned at them, "How did you know that this was my absolute favourite?" I asked Hayden. I looked towards Hayden who looked scared, like he had no idea what to say. "I told him noodle." Keegan said for Hayden. I nodded and started opening the packet to get the KFC goodness.

I began eating my food and got carried away by my thoughts. Me and Hayden? It has to be impossible. It couldn't have happened. Is that why when I woke up in hospital my brother asked if I knew Hayden? Shit it has to be true! But how do I find out what happened.

"Adz!" Hayden yelled in my ear making me snap out of my thoughts. "Hmmm what?" I asked confused. "Noodle are you okay?" my brother asked concerned. "Oh yeah, I'm okay." I said trying to laugh it off but of course my brother didn't believe me. He grabbed my hand and walked me to my room telling Hayden we will be back now. "Ada, whats going on? You've been in a different galaxy since we came home." Keegan said and I knew I couldn't lie, so I sighed and turned around grabbing the photo from under my pillow and giving it tom him. "Tell me, please." I said looking at him with confusion in my eyes.

My brother sighed and sat on my bed, "Its not my place to tell everything but yes, we grew up with Hayden and then you guys got together. The accident with mom and dad, you lost your memory, all of it, the only reason you remembered mom and dad was because you were with them in the accident and me because I was there when you woke up. Hayden came everyday to the hospital to see you when you were sleep and you kept asking for him. When you said you didn't remember him, he went crazy. He lost the only thing he had a reason to live for. So he left to try get better. Then I told him you were doing better and that it was time for you to see him again thats why he came back. Thats why I said in my message that you'd be able to make a good friend because I knew Hayden would be there. Give him a chance Noodle." and with that he got up and left taking the photo with him...

I sat there trying to help myself  remember but nothing... all I could remember was that fatal night where I lost my parents and my memory... I could feel the immense pain that went through my body when the drunk driver slammed into the front of my parents car. I could feel the glass shattering and cutting my body. Out of everything I had to remember why was it that...

My head shot up when there was a soft knock on my door. Hayden, he had the photo in hand and a tear streaming down his cheek. "Adz..." he asked softly. I patted the spot next to me motioning for him to sit next to me. He walked slowly to my bed and sat down looking back down on the photo. "I was your first boyfriend, your first kiss, your first..." he cried. "I should have stayed with you, I shouldn't have left after our fight..." Hayden put his head in his hands and his body shook.

"Help me remember Hayden." I whispered. HE lifted his head and looked at me. "I will Adz, I promise I will." he whispered kissing my cheek and thats when I felt. The electricity shooting through my body. It was different, but yet so familiar to me.

"What happened that night?" I asked Hayden, "All I can remember was being with my parents late at night when a drunk driver lost control and drove into the the front of my parents car. Everything before then... I can't remember it. But when you hug me, hold my hand and now when you kissed my cheek, it was all so familiar to me."

Hayden took a deep breath, almost scared to answer me. "You came to my place like you did every friday night. We were watching movies when you saw the scars on my wrist. Except they weren't the old scars you were used to seeing, they were new. You got really upset and I got angry because you kept asking me why I did it and I screamed and told you it was non of your business. We fought and I was getting really angry and I was starting to scare you so I left... I left you at my house all alone."


"Hayden... Whats this?" I asked him looking at the fresh new cuts on his wrist. "Oh uh nothing." he said pulling his arm away from me. "Babe, its not nothing. What happened? Please tell me why you did it. You promised that if you got upset to that stage you'd phone me." I said looking at him. "Its nothing Ada, okay! Just drop it." he said trying not to yell at me. I moved away from him. "I won't just drop it Hayden. Why did you do it? Why can't you just get it through your mind that I care about you and I hate that you do this to yourself because you may think people don't need you but I need you Hayden. Was it because of your father?" I asked regretting it immediately when he stood up in front of me.

"Dont Ada! Don't you dare bring my father into this!" he growled. "I will Hayden, because ever since he came to see you last week you've been acting off with not only me but Keegan to. So stop trying to be some tough guy and tell me." I yelled at him.

​"I don't have to tell you everything that goes on in my life Ada!" he said walking away from me. "Yes you do, Im your girlfriend Hayden. I care about you and I love you please lets just stop fighting it." I said following him. I reached out for his arm but he immediately pulled away. "Ada, drop it okay!" he screamed at me. I backed away from him. He's never gotten this angry with me before. He grabbed the lamp sitting on the table next to him and threw it across the room making me jump. "Hayden, baby, please calm down you're scaring me." I said trying not to cry. He looked at me, then looked around the room, he looked so lost and broken. "I - I'm sorry..." he whispered before walking out the door slamming it behind him.


Its been 20 minutes since Hayden left and he won't answer my calls. I need to get to him.

*Mom, I know its late but please can you guys come fetch me. Hayden and I had a fight. He stormed out and hasn't come back. I need you to take me to the park by the school please I think he's there.*

*Sure sweetie, your dad and I will be there now. Meet us downstairs in 5 minutes okay.*

*Okay mom, thank you. I love you*


I jumped into my parents car when they arrived and my dad started driving to the school. Within a few minutes the park came into my view and I saw a figure on the swing. Hayden. I sighed glad that he was okay. My dad stopped at the red light. Hayden had seen my dads car and started to get off the swing and started to walk towards the car and thats when it happened. The accident. The screams. The sirens. Haydens voice in the background telling me he was sorry and that he loved me.

--memory over--

I got up off the bed walking to the window needing fresh air. "Adz, whats wrong are you okay?" Hayden asked worried catching up to me and grabbing my arm. "I remember. I remember the fight. You left. You were at the park by my school." I said shaking my head. "Adz, I am so sorry for yelling at you and leaving you at my house. I should have stayed. Its my fault your parents are dead. Its all my fault..." Hayden cried.

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