The New Guy

His hair was cut into combover, his eyes were always hidden behind those black Raybans, there was a constant smirk on his face, tattoos all over his arms, a cigarette in his hand. He was a typical bad boy, the one everyone likes and wants to be around. Her hair was always in a pony neat and out of her face, her eyes were masked by square glasses, her head was always down never making eye contact, she walked around with books folded in her arms and staying out of everyones way. She was the typical nerd, the one everyone made fun of and nobody wanted to be around... until...


2. Chapter 2

The next day at school I made sure to stay away from Hayden. He was bad news and I knew it, but as much as I wanted to stay away, there was a part of me that was drawn to him. A part of me feels as if I've met him before and that scared me. Every time he approached me I would walk past and get to my next class, not caring how early I would be. I just didn't want to be near him. Especially after what happened in the library yesterday.

I sat at my desk in Art doodling a little on the page in front of me when my phone buzzed in my pocket. My brother knew not to message me during class. I sighed and pulled my phone out surprised at the name that came up.

Hayden: Hey buttercup ;) I know you're ignoring me but we need to get this project done. Do you want me to come over after school?

I groaned, remembering about the project I had to do with him. I looked up making sure the teacher wasn't looking my way as I quickly typed a message.

Ada: Don't worry, I'll do it and put our names on it!

He replied as quickly as I typed that message. What does this boy want from?

Hayden: Don't be ridiculous buttercup! I'll meet you at our lockers after school and we will work on it together!

I sighed shoving my phone in my pocket, not even going to try argue wit him... 

When the bell went, I walked as slowly as I could to my locker, dreading the afternoon with Hayden. "Why you walking so slowly buttercup?" Hayden said, his steps coming insync with mine. 

"Because." I whispered hoping he didn't hear me. "Come on, I'm not letting you do this alone. No matter how much you want to do it alone. We both know you can't resist me!" he said nudging my arm, obviously smirking. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my stuff out my locker slamming it closed. "Fine, whatever. We have till 6 so can we just get this over and done with?" 


When we got to my house I sighed, as I was not looking forward to this at all. I walked up to the front door noticing it was unlocked, thats strange I remember locking it this morning. I walked in and hear music coming from upstairs making me smile. I ignored Hayden as I ran upstairs and ran into my brothers room jumping on him top of him on his bed.

"You're home!" I cried into his neck as his arms wrapped around me pulling me close. "I'm home my noodle." he said his voice breaking as tears started to roll down his face. I pulled back from him and laughed wiping my tears away, "Why did you tell me you were only coming home in a few weeks?" "I thought maybe I'd surprise my little sister. How's school have you made any friends?" he asked concerned. I was about to answer when there was a knock on the door, shit I completely forgot Hayden was here. 

"Umm, this is Hayden, we doing a geography project together." I said getting off my brothers bed so he could introduce himself to Hayden. "Sup man, I'm Keegan." he said shaking Haydens hand. "Well, I'll get some food before we start Hayden." I said walking past the two boys, Hayden was about to follow me downstairs when my brother called him back to talk with him. Oh no... my brother is so protective over me.

A few minutes later I had two bowls of butter popcorn and 3 chocolate milkshakes. Hayden came downstairs with my brother and they were laughing. At least someones getting on well with Hayden. "Yes! I have missed your milkshake sis!" Keegan said taking one and taking a sip. I giggled and looked at Hayden, he was already looking at me. I handed him a milkshake. "Try it, I promise I didn't put any drugs in there." I giggled taking a sip of my chocolate milkshake. I watched Hayden as he took a slow sip from the straw. "This is seriously good Adz." he said, his nickname for me making me freeze. Adz, no ones ever called me that. I like it. I smiled at him, "Should we start this project?" The only answer I received from Hayden was him nodding his head as he drank his milkshake.

I gave my brother a bowl of popcorn before he retreated upstairs to his room to watch tv. I grabbed the second bowl and motioned for Hayden to follow me to the study. I  set the bowl and my glass down on the table and grabbed a second chair and placed it next to me. Hayden watching me closely with every move. I stood their awkwardly as he looked at me. He walked up to me slowly and placed his hands on his cheeks. 

“I don’t understand why people treat you the way they do.” he whispered looking into my eyes. I shrugged, “Nobody likes the nerd.” “They crazy. You’re such an amazing person.” he said stroking my cheek under my glasses with his thumb. The simple show of affection giving me goosebumps. I pulled away and sat down, “We should get this done.” He sighed and sat down next to me.


A few hours later my brother came into the study and placed his chin on my head as typed ferociously on the keyboard as Hayden recited what I needed to type. “What’s for dinner?” Keegan asked me making both Hayden and I stop, “You going to stay for dinner?” he asked looking at Hayden. “Please, if its okay with you guys.” 

I smiled and looked at Hayden who was again, looking at only me. “I don’t mind.” “Okay, so take outs or should we go get something?” Keegan asked both of us. Hayden and I locked eyes as I suggested we go to the pizza place down the block from my house. Haydens eyes lit up. “I love that place!” he grinned making me and my brother smile. “Good, because we always go there!” my brother laughed. I quickly printed the project as I realised we had done everything we needed to and that we were finished.

“Well, I’m going to change I’ll meet you downstairs.” I said to Hayden as my brother walked out. I walked to my room when I felt Hayden grab my wrist and pull me close to him.

“What -“ I started saying, before I could carry on saying anything I felt Haydens lips on mine. What is going on? I freaked out and pulled away. “I’m sorry I didn't mean to.” Hayden started, “I know we barely know each other but theres something about you Ada!” “Umm, I’ll meet you downstairs.” I said blushing and quickly closed the door.

I finished getting changed into my high waisted jeans and my Gun’s ’n Roses top with my black Vans. I walked towards the stairs when I heard Hayden.

“Dude, she doesn't remember me! What can I do to get through to her?” Hayden said running his hand through his hair pacing infront of the couch where my brother was sitting.

“I don’t know dude… Try show her and help her remember who you are. She will come around. Its been hard for her since the accident. She only remembers me because I was there when she woke up… I remember her, when she was asleep, she would always call for you. I asked her the one morning and she had no idea what I was talking about, no idea who you were.”

“I need my baby girl back!” Hayden said softly. What the heck is going on?!

I walked downstairs, the boys acting like nothing happened. "Are you guys ready to go?" I asked awkwardly rubbing my arm. They both mumbled yeah and walked outside. Hayden not saying anything to me. My brother looked at me and pulled me back. "Did you hear us?" I froze, "No, I didn't hear anything." I lied. "Okay good. I spoke to Hayden earlier, he seems like genuine guy noodle. Give him a chance, I can see you pushing him away. I know you're scared but I promise he won't hurt you okay." he said and gave me a hug as we quickly caught up to Hayden.

I walked in between Hayden and my brother listening to their conversation about some random car. My mind drifted to what I over heard. Me and Hayden? Thats crazy. The only thing I lost from the accident was most of my eye sight and my parents, not my memory. Thats crazy. I was dragged out of my thoughts when I felt Hayden take my hand in his, his fingers interlocking with mine. I was surprised and I looked up at him. He was looking to see if I would pull my hand away. But I didn't. His hand in mine just felt so right, and so familiar...

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