The New Guy

His hair was cut into combover, his eyes were always hidden behind those black Raybans, there was a constant smirk on his face, tattoos all over his arms, a cigarette in his hand. He was a typical bad boy, the one everyone likes and wants to be around. Her hair was always in a pony neat and out of her face, her eyes were masked by square glasses, her head was always down never making eye contact, she walked around with books folded in her arms and staying out of everyones way. She was the typical nerd, the one everyone made fun of and nobody wanted to be around... until...


1. Chapter 1

I woke up to my phone buzzing on my bedside table telling me it was time to get up. I grabbed my phone and sliding my finger across the screen to turn it off. Monday... first day back at school after Spring Break. I sighed getting up and walking across my room feeling the soft, fuzzy carpet underneath my feet as I made my way to my en suite bathroom. I turned the shower on and started to undress the cold air blowing through the window causing goosebumps to form on my body. I rubbed my arm and quickly jumped into the shower, the hot water pouring down my body, warming me instantly.

I jumped out the shower wrapping a towel around my body and one around my hair, hoping it would dry a little. I grabbed my glasses off my dresser and put them on, the world becoming a lot clearer. I walked to my cupboard opening it and wondering what to wear. I set on my usual, my skinny jeans, an oversized black jersey and my plain black sandals. I took the towel off my hair and combed through it before tying it into a tight pony at the back of my head. I sighed looking at my appearance, noticing the brown little specks that appeared on my nose and cheeks right under my eyes. A tear slipped down my cheek as I thought of my older brother who had the same freckles in the same place as me. I wiped the tear away quickly as I grabbed my school bag and walked downstairs and out the door, making my way to school.

When I arrived I quickly made my way to my locker. When I made my way down the hall I saw my name on my locker that my brother put for me, it was a rectangular piece of paper, with 'Ada Harper' painted in a grass green color. My smiled quickly dissapeared as I noticed a figure standing next to my locker struggling to open the locker next to mine. Thats strange, everybody who used to have the locker next to me always asked to move. I shook my head getting rid of any thoughts that could cause to my humiliation as I walked towards my locker. When I got there I noticed the person was someone I've never seen before, his dirty blonde hair was pulled back into a combover and his jaw was clenched as he slammed his fist against the locker making me jump and causing the locker to finally open.

He mumbled something under his breath as he emptied the contents of his bag into the locker. I quickly diverted my eyes as I turned the dial on my locker and pulled it open. I looked at my time table that was stuck on the inside of the locker door, seeing my first three lessons were my least favourite, mainly because I had the worst person ever with me in them, Megan! She was my primary school friend but when we got older she got bored of me and found new friends and now she hates me. 

"Hi, you're Hayden, right?" speak of the devil it was hear, she was obviously talking to the guy next to me. "If I were you, I'd change your locker." she said as she moved her head over his shoulder to look at me and sneer. I sighed, and so it begins."

"Why is that?" the guy, Hayden, asked. "Well you see the girl next to you Ada, she's a freak and is a loser, I don't want her to ruin your reputation." she sighed. To think I used to call her my best friend...

I sighed slamming my locker and making my way to my first lesson, geography. I enjoyed geography, I just hated the person who sat at the back of the class always passing me rude notes or saying rude things. 

When I arrived I saw that I was the first person there, as usual. I took my seat in the front and pulled my phone out finding a message from my brother. 

Hi my Ada, so I managed to get some cell reception, I hope you have a good day back at school. Don't worry about the other kids, they just jealous that you have a handsome brother like me ;) I'm just kidding. You'll be fine, maybe you might be able to make a good friend. I love you my little sis. I miss you. I'll be home soon okay, just a few more weeks. Hang in there my noodle xx

A tear slipped down my cheek again, I quickly wiped it away as I heard the bell go and kids started pouring into the class. I put my phone away, sniffing as I pulled my text book and note pad out. I started to write down notes for the upcoming test when my body stiffened as a body sat in the open seat next to me. I looked up and noticed it was him. He looked at me noticing I was staring at him, he gave me a nod as if to say hello making me drop my head causing a soft chuckle to come from him.

The teacher walked in and began with todays lesson, I sighed as I already knew the stuff so I began to doodle on my page. I looked across me to see Hayden sitting with his phone in his hand under his next, not paying any attention to the lesson. I rolled my eyes, typical. I started writing down music lyrics when I heard the teacher start talking about a project. I dropped my pencil and began to pay attention.

"You guys will be split into pairs to do a project on hurricanes -" he stopped noticing a hand go up, "Yes, Megan what is it?" he sighed. "I was wondering if we were allowed to pick our partner, because I choose Hayden!" she said excitedly at the thought of working with Hayden.

"I'm sorry Megan, but I have already put you in pairs." he said causing a groan to come from both me and Megan. Megan obviously because she can't work with Hayden, and me because I wanted to work alone and because I was hoping not to be paired with her...

The teacher started reading the pairs out, Megan with her ex-boyfriend, Sebastian. My name was called out and I froze completely when he said who I was working with. "What? How does that loser get to work with him?" Megan screeched. I looked to my left to see Hayden looking at me. Great, Megan is going to destroy me...

When the bell went I packed away my things quickly and got up rushing out of class when a hand grabbed my wrist, I froze hoping it wasn't Megan. I turned around coming face to face with someones chest, tattoos being seen on his collarbone. Hayden. "Where you rushing off to buttercup?" he smirked. "U-um, m-my next lesson." I stuttered trying not to make eye contact. "Well, before you go, can I get your number so we can organise when to work on our project?" he said looking me in the eyes. My breath hitched as I nodded taking his phone out his hand. I went to contacts quickly adding my number in. Leaving it on my contact so he knew it was my number. "Thank you buttercup." he grinned letting my wrist go. I turned and rushed to my next lesson sitting down as the teacher stood up to begin the lesson.


It was lunch and I made my way to the library, staying out of everyones way. I grabbed my phone and my earphones. I plopped myself on the couch as I put the ear buds in my ears and playing Arctic Monkeys. I opened Candy Crush and began to play. 

10 minutes later I didn't even notice the couch dip down next to me, an arm reaching across my face taking out my right ear bud. I looked up as Hayden put the ear bud in his right and nodding his head in approval. "Y-you shouldn't be here?" I said not making eye contact.

"And why is that?" he said taking my phone and playing my level of Candy Crush finishing it. "Didn't you hear Megan this morning? I will ruin your reputation before you even get one." I sighed taking my phone back exiting Candy Crush quickly locking my phone as Hayden rose his eyebrow at me as he saw my wallpaper, my brother and I.

"Is that your boyfriend Ada?" he smirked. "Besides, I don't care what Megan says, I can be friends with who I want!" 

"Its my brother." I sighed sadly, Hayden noticing my change in mood. "What's wrong Ada?" he asked concerned pausing the music and looking me in the eye. "Nothing, just my brother is a touchy subject." I said. Hayden opened his mouth to say something but was stopped when the bell went. I grabbed my phone and my bag and rushed out the library leaving Hayden on the couch. 

You can't be friends with him Ada. I scolded myself, he's just going to leave like everyone else!

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