Age Is Just A Number|H.S

She tried to stop but she couldn't. She tried to stop loving a man who was 6 years older than her. He tried to stop but he couldn't. He tried to stop loving a girl who was 6 years younger than him. He wanted her,madly. She wanted him,badly. But Age Is Just A Number,right?


1. ''Well my boyfriend's in a band...''

''Well my boyfriend's in a band...''I started singing the 'Brooklyn Baby' by Lana Del Rey while playing my guitar.Most people said that my voice was like heaven let the angels start singing.My dad wanted to make me a singer since he owned a record company,SYCO Records,but I always said no.I wanted to keep my voice special.Only for me and my loved ones.I looked out of the window,and saw that the amazing melody from outside,was the rain falling to the damp ground now.A knock stopped my voice which made a great harmony with the guitar's music that my fingers made and the rain.''Come in.''I said,softly.My dad came in with the amazing smile.''So pleased to hear your voice,hun.''He said and came to my side to caress my rose-blushed cheek.''Thank you,daddy.''I said and smiled to him.''Mom said that supper will be ready in 30 minutes,love.''He said and kissed the top of my head.''Ok,daddy.Thanks for the information.''I said again with my dimpled smile.He smiled.''It's ok,sweety.''He said and exited the room.I left my classy-wodden guitar to the white couch which was near the also white-wooden framed window.I went to my walking wardrobe and pulled out a black mid-thigh skirt with a white crop-top and laid them on my king-sized golden-white bed.I took my golden iPhone 6s Plus,and plagged it with the charger because it only had 5battery.I walked into my big bathroom,and put some oils in the tub once it was filled with warm water.I hopped in the tub and closed my eyes,to relax a bit.Oh,how rude of me!I didn't introduce my self,did I?Well I am Maria Louise Cowell,daughter of Simon Cowell.I am 16 years old,with long blonde clear curly hair,blue-ocean big eyes and with two dimples on each cheek.I am pretty fit,since when I was younger I started gymnastics and I didn't stopped since then.I am 5,10 feet tall and proud of it,because it makes my tanned legs seem so long and thin making them look so good.I can sing really well and I can also play the guitar.I am British,making my accent seem weird.I have also modeled for Teen Vogue and for Victoria's Secret and continue modeling for these companies till today.I always have really good grades,being goody-good shoes.I am totally daddy's girl.I love to make both of my parents proud,but most my daddy.I never experienced true love,this is the only problem that I've got.I had some previous relationships,but I never did felt really the love.I wish one day I will.My daddy also said that tommorow he is going finally to let me meet the band that he owns in his record company.The world-wide band One Direction.I have met only Zayn,before he left but never in this 6 years the other boys,who by now are already men.They have a break now,so they had time to come by here.''Maria,supper!''My mom yelled from the other side of my bedroom.''Ok,mother!''I yelled back,getting ready to get out of this amazing bath and interrupt my thoughts for these four men.


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