Age Is Just A Number|H.S

She tried to stop but she couldn't. She tried to stop loving a man who was 6 years older than her. He tried to stop but he couldn't. He tried to stop loving a girl who was 6 years younger than him. He wanted her,madly. She wanted him,badly. But Age Is Just A Number,right?


3. #WCW,@mariacowell.

Maria's POV.

I felt light right on my face.Sometimes I am really stupid and I forget to shut the shutters.Well now I am awake.I opened,slowly,my ocean blue eyes with my naturally long eyelashes batting on my rose kind cheek. and looked around me,streching my self a bit.I let out a sigh and let my back lay on the big golden headboard.I took my phone and checked my Instagram feed.Harry Styles followed me,yes!Finally I was waiting for that time,around 5 months,since i followed him.Then I checked his page and liked some photos.Let's not lie except from a gorgeous man,and really good singer he has some good skills on taking pictures.I closed the app and turned off my big phone,and let it on the night stand.I got up and wore my white fluffy slippers and my Victoria Secret silk light pink robe,and saw the tray with the breakfast on my make-up table.Suzan,our maid who is such a nice old lady,has some free time today and my parents are at work,is what I guessed.I ate my delicious breakfast and went to my bathroom.Once I did my whole morning routine in the bathroom I dressed in a tight white mid-thigh skirt and in a tight baby pink crop-top with sleeves.I wore my Adidas Superstar and did my make-up and straight my hair.I,finally after 1 and a half hour walked downstairs to see,that yes I was right and the big mansion is empty.Once again alone.I frowned and walked to the living room,turning on the giant TV to Disney Channel,and walked in the kitchen while singing to Zayn's new song 'Like I Would.'(A/N:I LOVE THAT FUCKING SONG,THE BEST OF M.O.M ALBUM!).I opened the fridge and took my exotic ice-tea and let it on the counter.''Ah please Maria as much as I love that amazing angelic voice of yours,stop singing my ex's songs.''I heard a female voice behind me,making me froze and turn around.I gasped.''PERRIE!HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?''I screamed,laughing and hugging the fuck out of her.She laughed and hugged me back.''Your dad wanted someone to check on you,so he sent me with the keys to unlock the gate and the front door.''She explained,smiling.I smiled too and took her to the big white and black kitchen table.She took my hand in hers and started making a conversation.''So,Maria,what's going on with Drake?''No,not the rapper,my ex,who is a year older than me.''We broke up.''I said with a frown.I really liked him,close to feel how it is to love a boy.We were together for 15 months.Perrie gasped.''Oh,Maria,baby I am sorry.''She said and hugged me.I snuggled in the crook of her neck,and couldn't help it but let some tears fall.I don't why I was so upset to this break up.I had total 3 relationships yet,and the third was with Drake.I never cried for my 2 other relationships.Only for Drake.''Shh,babe.''Perrie tried to soothe me,doing a really good job.''Sorry,but I don't know what got over me.''I whispered.Perrie smiled sweetly and kissed my forehead.''It's ok darling,all of us have that kind of moments.''I smiled and hugged her,as a thank you.''Let's talk about something else,ok?''She suggested making me nod.

Harry's POV*

Finally alone.Kendall left with Gigi Hadid,to the mall.Personaly I don't like her.I don't know what Zayn found on her.Perrie was a really good and talented girl.Gigi might be a model,but she can't dance or sing.And she is sometimes rude.(A/N:I am not hating on her.Yes the truth is that I don't like her that much,but if she makes Zayn happy I don't have a problem.I just really liked Zerrie.)I sighed and went again on Instagram.Hmm,I had to post a while.Then a brilliant idea came on my mind.I found Maria's picture from a Victoria Secret photoshoot with her in white bra and panties and with a silk sheet,barely covering her gorgeous body.I posted it with the caption:'#WCW,@mariacowell',since it was wednesday,why not.I smiled and laid on the sofa,turning on the TV on MTV.Zayn was performing at iHeart radio.Ah well,let's watch him.

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