Age Is Just A Number|H.S

She tried to stop but she couldn't. She tried to stop loving a man who was 6 years older than her. He tried to stop but he couldn't. He tried to stop loving a girl who was 6 years younger than him. He wanted her,madly. She wanted him,badly. But Age Is Just A Number,right?


9. Two months later.

Maria's POV.

How the hell did all this happen in two single months?Can someone explain this to me?Now all of you reading this don't have a single idea what's going on,right?Here is a couple of flasbacks:

2 months ago:Me and Harry are dating,and believe me I think it's the most amazing thing in the world;To have someone like Harry by your side,someone to love you and be always there for you.My dad knows about it;at first he wasn't really good with it,but he knows that Harry is more matured now,and that he loves me so he accepted our relationship.Harry broke everything off with Kendall,and as I did he told the world about us.Some of them like the relationship,some of them don't cause of the age gap.But we love each other and we don't care about what they think.Also Harry of course was my date for teen choice awards were I won the Hottest female of 2016,and yes I was so so happy.

1 month ago:Harry told me to run away with him with I don't know why but I did packed.I took a suitcase with everything I needed the most and yes I took at least 2 bags of make-up.Also he told me to take my phone,in case I needed it and yes that's it pretty much.It's the end of September so I took most my warm clothes.Suddenly there was a knock on my window.Oh,my Harry.I opened it and kissed him as we both smiled at the kiss.''Ready love?''He asked,making me nod.I was ready to do everything he wanted,even though I did not knew what the hell is going on.

Back to the time,I am just laying on our warm cozy bed of our small wodden house,while outside is raining pretty hard.And you are now like;Why the hell did you and Harry ran away?Here is another flashback:

1 and half month ago:''Harry?''I asked him,once we were in the small wooden house in the middle of nowwhere and out of England;we were in Norway.He smiled and looked at me.''Yeah,baby?''He asked me,coming close to me putting me close to his Greek God body.''Why did we ran away?I mean I like to be with you but Dad-'' ''This is excactly why we ran away,Maria.Your 'amazing and kind' daddy,was ready to take revenge by both of us for dating.We both thought he was okay with it but he clearly wasn't.He took money from my bank account,a lot,around 1,000,000 pounds.He used for all the fucked up things that were going on with this stupid kidnappers.And yes he has money,but he wanted to use mine,so I can end up to the jail,once the found that they are mine.And I don't know what else he has planed.Trust me baby,I am not lying,I wouldn't say stuff like that for the man that changed my life ok?''Harry finished,me crying while holding him close.My own daddy would hurt me?

Of course I believed Harry,the man that I truly love,cause he would do everything to protect me.The small house was a cover up for people to not notice our find us,and man it would be really hard to;we are in some forest,in the middle of now where,in Norway.The weather is the worse so no one can find us.I was reading my book,while Harry was showering.He came out with a towel around his torso,showing of his amazing body,making me want him more than ever.I let the book on the night stand and looked around to find Harry smirking at me.''Want me again,baby girl?After 2 times from last night?''He asked,coming over to me.I blushed and nodded,and Harry started kissing my neck,making me moan a bit.''Ok love,Harry will make you feel so good.''Ah yes.

A/n:I know,it's sooo forward,but that's more interesting.Also Harry is not lying he is saying the truth just wanna tell you.I am sorry if you like Simon,cause I like him too,but we can't have such a happy story,it needs some suspense.And yes Harry has so long ago taken her virginity.Also the picture up there is the house,and yes I found that picture at Pinterest.A last message;I am so proud of our Louis,he is such a great judge!,Thanks for reading,All the love,M.

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