Age Is Just A Number|H.S

She tried to stop but she couldn't. She tried to stop loving a man who was 6 years older than her. He tried to stop but he couldn't. He tried to stop loving a girl who was 6 years younger than him. He wanted her,madly. She wanted him,badly. But Age Is Just A Number,right?


4. Those eyes........


Kendall POV*

I was on Instagram because I saw that Harry had posted a picture.Smiling,I got into his page,but once I saw what he had posted,made me way too jealous.The most succesfull and youngest VS angel,Maria Cowell as his WWC!The picture was posted 4 hours ago and it had already 1,987,008 likes.I was so jealous that it made me so angry.Gigi was her friend and I knew it;they were both following each other.I turned to her as she was drinking her coffee.''What do you think about Maria Cowell?''I asked her,as I watched her put her coffee on the table and her face turn to a smile.''From where do I start?Amazing and gorgeous model with the most perfect body;and she is only 16.So beautiful face;with out any pimple or flaw,so soft and clean face with plump lips and rose cheeks and eyes...those eyes making you want just to dive in them as like they are an ocean.Beautiful blonde long curly hair;the colour not dirty,so clean and beautiful blonde.Tall;beautiful height for a girl.So nice character;Sweet kind.And I also heard that she sings like an angel.If I was a guy I would totally go for her.''She finished making me more jealous than before,if that is possible.Damn it!


Maria POV*

Thursday 9:40 pm.


It was the day that I would meet them;One Direction.I saw what Harry had posted yesterday and couldn't be more happy!He had such a beautiful girlfriend but I was his WWC crush!Even though I am not totally a woman yet,but it didn't seem like it bothered him.Thank the God he had posted one of my greatest photoshoots.I shook my thoughts away as I was walking to my walking wardrobe,picking out my white tight short dress,with my white 10 inch heels.I wore both of them and did my make-up;A way too good make-up;I needed to impress.I took my white purse and put my phone in.I put my blonde long hair in a high ponytail after I made them straight.I walked out of my room and saw dad smiling at me.I smiled to him back and went ready to get out of the house and in the car.


10:30 pm.

It's been an hour and it's just amazing.All of them such gentlemen with such good and kind compliments.Louis is cracking the whole table,and I am sure he is an amazing daddy.Liam is mature but he has his times when he says something not too serious.Niall,is way too carefree and I love that.And Harry.....I can't start about him because I won't stop.The way his beautiful pink lips turn into that smile and show off his dimples,the way his emerald green eyes shine,his curly long hair flips by a touch of his large hand?He is just so gorgeous and kind,a bit of flirty but that make his character more interesting.I can't stop thinking about him.We were all now saying goodnight,Harry was the last.He came to me,took my hand gently and bent down to lay a kiss on it.I blushed,and he looked up,smiling.''Goodnight my gorgeous lady.I think I gave you my number earlier didn't I?''I nodded,and his smile widened.''Then how about we go out tommorow?''He asked,while hugging me.''I would love too.''I replied,and kissed his cheek.''Goodnight,Harry.''I waved as he did the same and got to his car.What a wonderful man.

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