Age Is Just A Number|H.S

She tried to stop but she couldn't. She tried to stop loving a man who was 6 years older than her. He tried to stop but he couldn't. He tried to stop loving a girl who was 6 years younger than him. He wanted her,madly. She wanted him,badly. But Age Is Just A Number,right?


7. My girl.

Harry's POV.

Yesterday,was the worst day of all.Why?Cause Maria,was almost raped.That's right,the bastard is already in jail,for trying to kidnap her and rape her,he was a pedophile,around 35 years old.And now you are like,why do you care that much about her?Because I don't only like her,I realised that I love her,madly.But what I learned last night,was a whole new world,wanting me to protect her more than anything.I try to deal with all my feelings but I feel that once I see her I am going to kiss her in instance.But let's get to reality now.Rumors say that Maria,is not on her best.That after that inciddent,she is depressed,and I really need to fix that;I need to fix her.I heard that may of her friends and even models,went to visit her;Thank the God Kendall,wasn't there.She looks so jealous lately,and I think that it really is cause of M;my new nickname for my girl.Oh,my girl.How I would love to call her that,everyday that we would spent together as a couple.I really want M,to love me as much as I love her.I know it's kind of illegal about my age,but as always,at least for me Age Is Just A Number.So that's why I want her,I need her.Tommorow I am going to visit her since today she is going at home after she was at the hospital for a day,to run some tests in her,to see if she really wasn't raped.I will try,to fix my girl,my broken girl.

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