Age Is Just A Number|H.S

She tried to stop but she couldn't. She tried to stop loving a man who was 6 years older than her. He tried to stop but he couldn't. He tried to stop loving a girl who was 6 years younger than him. He wanted her,madly. She wanted him,badly. But Age Is Just A Number,right?


11. I would love to see you try.

Maria's POV.

''Aww princess,scared are we?''Jason said in my ear.Scared?Terrified.I am hear only in my Calvin Klein grey sports bra and panties,with a gun to my head.Tears running down my face,destroying my make-up that now I don't care for.''Last words,darling?''He asked,ready to pull the triger.I shut my eyes closed ready to face the pain and my death.Want to know something?My daddy never was the person who took the money.These bastard's lied,not only to me but and Harry..let's not talk about him.They wanted money and now they have it.They called my daddy,and now he is coming for me.I am so happy that my daddy didn't do that things that Harry said.A gunshot heard.But I am ok.How the fuck?I opened my eyes to see my daddy's men shooting Jason and Chris.The two bastards that did all of this things,to take money.''Baby!''My daddy shouted,tears running down his eyes.''Daddy!Daddy!I want to come back home!''I said and started crying again as he came and took me in his arms.''I know baby,we will,now where's Harry?''He asked,looking me in the eyes.My expression hardened as I looked at him.''He wasn't with when they founded me.I was walking away from him since he CHEATED!''I said coldly,emphasizing the word cheated.My dad looked like he could kill him.''He did huh?Well princess,leave that to daddy,now let's get back home.''He said.Once we got to his jeep he gave me the blanket which was in the back of the jeep,to cover the almost nude body of mine.Ahh warm.We talked about the lies this kids thought and about the house so I am going to take my things.Once we were there the door opened revaleing Harry.He was ready to hug me back I walked in without talking as my dad took him in the living room and started yelling at him.I took all my things and fixed my make-up and ponitail and dressed up in white long pull-over which reached my mid-thigh and it was my favourite was Kylie Jenner gave it to me,and also I put some black boots which reached my knees.I took my things and my phone,and walked downstairs to see that Harry had taken his things.Hmm,he is coming with us back.We walked and hoped in the car once we made sure that we had everything.To the whole ride,Harry tried to talk to me but I didn't let him.I was on my phone,trying to avoid him.After hours we were to the airport were Daddy'd jet was there,so we went in,and then is when I gave up.''Ok,ok talk.''I said,putting my arms on the air.''Baby I swear,I was at the store and she was all over me,and she was a fan so she said about going for coffee at her house.I said better at a cafeteria around there which didn't have many people.We drank coffee there and it's like she put something in when I wasn't looking and then you saw what happened.''He explained,looking at me,as he took my hands,kissing them.''Please,baby,give me a chance.''He said during the kisses.I took a deep breath,I mean his explanation seemed truthfull.''Ok,Harry.One last chance.I would love to see you try.''I said,making him grin.


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