Age Is Just A Number|H.S

She tried to stop but she couldn't. She tried to stop loving a man who was 6 years older than her. He tried to stop but he couldn't. He tried to stop loving a girl who was 6 years younger than him. He wanted her,madly. She wanted him,badly. But Age Is Just A Number,right?


14. Epilogue

A/n:So guys,I am writing the epilogue,cause I really don't know how to continue that book and I also have a new fanfic on my mind to write.Of course with 1d guy or Zayn.So I don't want to leave it like that at least I want to give you the epilogue.And I am so sorry if you expected more,but lately I watch a lot Pretty Little Liars,6 season,and yes I am stucked there and this lovely show,that I truly adore gave me the idea for my new fanfic<3All the love,M.

Harry's POV.


I felt something,or better someone,kissing under my ear.I smiled knowing of course,that this is M.I opened my eyes to find my gorgeous fiance smiling to me.I smiled back and kissed her with passion.Once I pulled back I saw that we were both naked.''Hmm,M,we really need to stop that.''I teased,placing a hand on her small bump.She smiled back,holding a giggle.''Baby Styles is going to get upset,if daddy continues making love to mummy.''I said,chuckling,making Maria giggle,finally.''But you are gentle Harry,it's not going to hurt him.''Maria said,laughing once my son started kicking her.''See,he agrees!''She exclaimed,making me giggle and kiss her again.Once I pulled back I heard a knock on the door and quickly I put on some boxers and my skinny jeans taht laid on the floor from last night.I went downstairs and opened the door seeing,Louis with an adorable 5 year old Freddie.''Hey Harold.''He said teasingly,with a smirk.I smirked back and let them in.''Uncle Harry!''Freddie yelled and hugged my waist.I laughed and bent down to hug him.''Hey buddy.''I said.''So Harry,Maria is already pregnant,when do you think you are going to stop?''Louis said,pointing the hickies on my neck.I smirked and without hesitation said:''Never,I am a gentle guy,Lou.''He laughed and loocked at Maria,who came down with some shorts and a tank top which showed her visible belly.''Auntie M!''Freddie exclaimed and rushed to hug Maria.''Careful,you are going to hurt your cousin!''Louis screamed to his son.''I am not an idiot,Dad!''He said,making as laugh.That's what I always wanted.Good friends,a perfect family,a great soon to be wife and a perfect child,which I already know is going to be perfect.

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