Age Is Just A Number|H.S

She tried to stop but she couldn't. She tried to stop loving a man who was 6 years older than her. He tried to stop but he couldn't. He tried to stop loving a girl who was 6 years younger than him. He wanted her,madly. She wanted him,badly. But Age Is Just A Number,right?


2. Can't wait to meet that angel.

A/N:Good news guys!I missed writing and I wanted to continue that book no matter how many views it has.It's ok I already love you 100+ people that read that book,thank you so so much!I also changed some important things on my caracter,so please check it out,it's on the 1'st chapter,and they are really important cause they are gonna effect the story!But not in a bad way!Also summer break started and it's about for 3 months so I have a lot of time writing!Enjoy!

Harry's POV.

I was laying on the bed with Kendall laying on my shoulder.Seriously I feel way to tired to have her as a 'Publicity stand.'.I hate her.She is such a brat sometimes.She thinks that I am in love with her,we talk about mad love.She is crazy.Her family also hates me a lot,Khloe especially.I don't know what I have done.I need one day to go and tell them right to their face:'You know I am sorry that your daughter isn't that famous as she used to and she needs to be more famous!'This is what exactly what I need to do.Right now I am thinking anything but her.My thoughts are to Simon's daughter.I have seen her on some photoshoots for Teen Vogue and Victoria's secret.She has pure beauty.She is such a doll,so beautiful.Amazing body,gorgeous face,tall.The only problem is that she is young.Really young,she is only 16.''Harry,I am talking to you.''Kendall snapped,interuppting my thoughts rudely.Bitch.''What?''I scoffed.''Pay attention,when I am talking Harry.So you see I saw that Prada bag...''She started but I didn't even pay attention.I turned onn my screen of my black iPhone 6s plus,going to my Instagram app,and going quickly to Maria's profile.I can't believe that girl has 55.6 followers,more than all the members of One Direction do.Well she is a model.A gorgeous one.I looked at her pictures,making me wanting her more than before.I am not going to say that I love that girl,I haven't even met her.But I am going to say the truth;I like her,let's not lie.I want her.I can't wait to meet her,tommorow.Also finally I am going to see my mates.Louis is a father now,unbelievable,Niall is doing some charity things,Liam is dating Cheryl,also unbelievable.I remember when that bitch said at X-factor,'I am gonna say no.''And look what Liam did.Also she is 32.Liam never did stuff like me,and I am scared about him.And I am in a movie,'Dunkirk',really historical movie.But I am happy that on this break I am going to be an actor.''Harry,why are you looking at Maria Cowell's Instagram?''Kendall asked looking at my phone.She was jealous,fuck.'Because I want to.''I snapped looking still at my phone.She let out a loud sigh of jealousy,good.Can't wait to meet that angel.


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