Birthmark ( Jason McCann Love Story)

When Ivy Summers was five she learned what her birthmark stood for. Her mother and father told her that one day when she is older she will meet someone who was born with the same tattoo as hers. That it would be her soulmate and she would know who she is suppose to spend the rest of her life with. As she got older she learned how true this was people always finding there other half around her. Her parents always told her that she would feel a pull to this person when she finally met them one day. She learned how right they were when she was sixteen and saw Jason McCann on the tv after he and his crew had robbed a bank. In the image of him you could see his tattoo. The same as hers. Her parents put the house up for sale the next day hoping that by moving and changing their last name that Jason couldn't find her. Though soon they will find out they were wrong.


1. Prologue





 I sit next to my mom and across from my dad at our kitchen table when we sit down for dinner.


  "How was school today Ivy?" My mom says glancing up at me from her plate.


  "It was good. I did well on my history test"


  "That's great sweetie" My dad says smiling at me before taking another bite of his food.


  "Yeah" I say glancing at the tattoo on my wrist.


 A black feather. The first time I had asked my parents about it I had been five years old. They told me that it would lead me to my soulmate one day. That everyone in the world is born with a birthmark that matches up with one other person in the world. I asked how I would know if it was that person just in case I might not see their tattoo right away. They said I would feel a pull toward them that I had never felt before with anyone else. I remember looking at my parents sun tattoos that were exactly the same, my moms on her wrist and my dads on his forearm and between them. They have always looked at each other with so much love. I knew from the very moment they told me that I couldn't wait to find my soulmate to find the person with the very same birthmark.


  "Can you turn on the tv?" My dad asks when we finish dinner.


 I get up and turn it on watching with dad while mom goes to wash the dishes. The news is playing and I pull out my phone to text my friend Janice. Not really liking to hear about the crime and violence going on. As I get up from the table I hear a name and see a picture of someone that I have never seen before but feel like I have known forever. My phone drops from my hands to the floor.


  "Sweetie what's wrong" I hear my dad say but I ignore him my eyes frozen on the tv in front of me as the news ancorman speaks.


  "News today in Arizona. Jason McCann and four other suspects have robbed the new bank on fitzgerald street. They have taken a total of 300,000 dollars. This is the forth state they have hit in a two month period. If you have any imformation on his whereabouts please call" He says an image of the bank flashing on the screen before they show the picture of him again.


 I stare at his warm brown eyes that seem clouded and his brown hair spiked up in the front. My eyes wander down his arms and feel my heart skip a beat when I notice the feather tattoo on his arm.


  "Dad look! He has it! My tattoo he is my soulmate" I say pointing out the tattoo to him in the picture on the tv screen.


 He stands up staring grimly at the tv. A look of horror and devastation filling his face.


  "Ivy get upstairs now" he says with a look on his face I have never seen before.


  "But dad it's-"


  "Now!" He yells motioning toward the stairs.


 I run upstairs frightened.


 He has never yelled at me like that before. I stand at the top of the stairs and listen to him argue with my mom.


  "Your sure they're tattoos matched?"


  "Yes it was right on his arm in the photo on the news"


  "Did she see?"




  "What are we going to do!"


  "We'll leave and we'll change our last name"


  "We can't do that. Her home is here"


  "Do you know what will happen if he goes looking for her? He will take her away before the police can catch him. I will not have my daughter spending her life with some criminal"


  "What if she tries to go looking for him"


  "I won't allow it"


  "How can we do this? We have told her her whole life what this means and how grate a gift it is when you find the person that shares the same birthmark as you"


  "I would rather her try to live her life without her other half than be with him and at the risk of dying from his lifestyle"


 I run upstairs pulling up an article about Jason on my phone and locking my door. The same pull coming back as I stare into those brown eyes. I quickly read over the article.


  Jason McCann

 Age: 18

 Height: 5'9

 Eyes: Brown

 Whereabouts: Unknown



 I stare at the picture once more before turning off my phone. I lay back on my bed as tears of fear fill my eyes. Why did it have to be him. Why couldn't it have been someone else. Someone good who obeys the law. I close my eyes trying to ignore the yelling from my parents downstairs.


 The next morning I wake up to my parents loading our stuff in their car. I had to move away from everything. My home, my friends, my school, and even my last name. I keep my eyes out the window not wanting to see the worry in my parents eyes as we speed away from everything I've ever known.

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