Birthmark ( Jason McCann Love Story)

When Ivy Summers was five she learned what her birthmark stood for. Her mother and father told her that one day when she is older she will meet someone who was born with the same tattoo as hers. That it would be her soulmate and she would know who she is suppose to spend the rest of her life with. As she got older she learned how true this was people always finding there other half around her. Her parents always told her that she would feel a pull to this person when she finally met them one day. She learned how right they were when she was sixteen and saw Jason McCann on the tv after he and his crew had robbed a bank. In the image of him you could see his tattoo. The same as hers. Her parents put the house up for sale the next day hoping that by moving and changing their last name that Jason couldn't find her. Though soon they will find out they were wrong.


3. Chapter 2



We arrived at Terreices 20 minutes later. I groaned as I saw all the people and hear the loud booming music.


  "Don't start Ivy your still coming whether you like it or not"




  We climb the steps to his front porch and head inside. The room is filled with people dancing beers in hand lights flashing different colors from the strob light. I follow Kaitlyn to the corner of the room where the drinks are. We each grab us a drink.


  "So fun" I yell to Kaitlyn over the blaring music and she rolls her eyes pulling me out back where people are crowding around the pool.


  "Come on"


 We stand out back watching drunken people stumble off the diving board into the pool. Both of us laughing as Terreice goes to jump off and trips at the end of the diving board before falling in. The others in the pool laugh to when he reaches the surface again. I take in a deep breath of fresh air before taking another drink from my cup. Wincing slightly vodka is not the best tasting thing in the world but it sure helps when your stuck around a bunch of people at a party you didn't want to go to. My phone buzzes and look to see a new text message from an unknown number.


  "You look beautiful tonight" The text says and my hands starts to shake slightly. Even though it's from an unknown number I still know who it's from. The one person I had been hiding from for the last year. The person that is known as one of the most dangerous killers in the world. I take a deep breath before texting back.


  "I know who you are just stay away from me. I don't want to see you and I don't want to know you" I text him hoping that Kaitlyn doesn't notice my sudden change in mood.


 To my relief scott is motioning her over to him from where he's sitting by the pool. She gives me a pleading look and I nod letting her know it's okay. I stare at my phone waiting for him to text back but he doesn't. I look around me lloking for any sign of where he could be but the backyard is now crowded with people. I jump as my phone starts to ring. I try to hold my composure as I answer.


  "Jason just leave me alone" I say into the phone my voice shaking.


  "You know I'm not going to do that" He says and I almost drop my phone from the shock of hearing his voice for the first time.


  "Look I can't be with you. I can't be around you your a killer and a criminal. I deserve a better life than that" I say into the phone. Part of me feeling terrible for talking to him that way.


  "I will leave you alone if you can tell me honestly that you have no feelings for me" He says into the phone waiting for my answer.


 How am I suppose to answer that question. How can I possibly say no. When even hearing his voice makes my heart skip a beat. I look around the crowd trying to find him. My eyes finally meet with his brown when a group of people move from the side of the house to the pool with everyone else. He smiles and starts to move closer to me. He looks so different than he did a year ago. His skin still tan but more tattoos covering his arms. His short brown hair now blond and swished to the side. I feel the pull to him just like I did when I saw him on t.v. a year ago. He keeps walking up to me until we are mere inches apart. One of the worlds most dangerous killers is standing an inch from me and I don't even want to push him away.


  "Please come with me" He says his voice softer than it had been before.


  "I can't I'm sorry. I don't want to live my life in hiding. Your dangerous you've killed people"


  "I won't ever hurt you"


  "That's not the point" I say and back away from him.


 He doesn't let me get to far before he grabs me by my wrist. The feel of his touch is more than I could have imagined and by the look on his face I can tell it's the same for him too.


  "This is your last chance to go with me willingly" He says his eyes turning a dark brown and a look spreading across his face that had me truly scared of him for the first time. I refuse to let him threaten me. I give him the best get your hands off me look I can but he just smiles. A second later I feel something prick my arm. I look down at my arm to see he stuck me with a siringe and everything starts to blur.


  "I warned you" I hear him say as everything goes black.






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