Birthmark ( Jason McCann Love Story)

When Ivy Summers was five she learned what her birthmark stood for. Her mother and father told her that one day when she is older she will meet someone who was born with the same tattoo as hers. That it would be her soulmate and she would know who she is suppose to spend the rest of her life with. As she got older she learned how true this was people always finding there other half around her. Her parents always told her that she would feel a pull to this person when she finally met them one day. She learned how right they were when she was sixteen and saw Jason McCann on the tv after he and his crew had robbed a bank. In the image of him you could see his tattoo. The same as hers. Her parents put the house up for sale the next day hoping that by moving and changing their last name that Jason couldn't find her. Though soon they will find out they were wrong.


2. Chapter 1

                                                                    One Year Later.........


 I head to my locker after class ends for the day. I shove my books in hating them and the school I've been forced to go to for the past year. I have lost everything. Even the respect I once had for my parents. We moved across the country and changed our last name to Silvers just to make sure that if Jason where to look for me he couldn't find me. They had even tried to see if they could find a doctor that would be willing to remove my tattoo or cover it with another one. Though the doctors told them it was impossible even if you tried to cover it the birthmark would raise above it on the skin. The day they had tried that eight months ago was the last time I have spoke a full sentence to either of them. They try but I don't respond. I don't want to be around them anymore.


  "Hey Ivy" I hear someone yell to me as they ran over.


 I turn to see Kaitlyn running toward me. Her curly blonde hair bouncing against her shoulders as she walks and excitement shining in her blue eyes. She is the only friend I have here. Probably because she is the one person who didn't judge me when I moved here out of no where. Everyone had spread rumors about me, making up all sorts of reasons for me being here. She was the only one that bothered to ask me. Which I had to lie and say my dad got a job here. I have to wear long sleeves everyday because my parents are afraid someone will notice my birthmark on tv.


  "Hey Kaitlyn what's up" I say walking with her toward the parking lot.


  "Terreice is throwing a party tonight and your coming with me. I won't take no for an answer"


  "I'm not really in the party mood" I say unlocking my car.


 We both get in and put our bags in the backseat. She crosses her arms and gives me her your not getting out of this glare as I start the car.


  "Your never in the party mood"


  "That's probably because I don't like parties"   


  "Well Scott's going to be there and I am nervous so I refuse to go alone"


  "Can't you just skip this one"


  "Please just come this one time and I'll leave you alone about parties forever"


  "Ughhhhhhhhhh fine I'll go to this one party with you but if you ditch me to go sleep with Scott your paying for my gas for a week"




 When we get to Kaitlyn's house I text my parents telling them that I'll be spending the weekend with her. Which I do most weekends. She drags me upstairs and has me search through her clothes for something to wear. She pulls out a black skirt a silver sequence top and a pair of gray converse. I pull on a pair of black shorts and a maroon sweater with my black converse. She pulled her hair up in an elegant bun and I curl my long brown hair. We spend the rest of the evening talking about random things. She glances at her phone when it is almost 10:30 to see a text from Kelsey who is in our first period class.


  "It looks like the party is in motion come on Ivy" Kaitlyn says and we hurry downstairs.


  "Mom we are heading to the movies" Kaitlyn says as we pass her mom in the living who's typing away on her laptop.


  "Alright don't stay out to late guys okay" Her mom says as we pull the front door shut behind us.


  Her parents are always working so Kaitlyn barely gets to see them. That's one of the things we both have in common. We both feel on our own. We get into my car and head to the party.





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