5SOS Life (Imagines)

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1. Luke: How You Met

You were under a tree at the park crying because your boyfriend broke up with you. You're use to your boyfriends breaking up with you but this one hurt more. He broke up with you to be with another girl.You tried not to make it obvious that you were crying. So when people walk by you they would not talk to you. When people walked by you they didn't bother to talk to you. You were happy that no one was talking to you. Few more people walked by until this one person stopped. You just ignored the person. "Maybe the person just stopped to do something." You thought.The person walked back and stood right in front of you. "Oh great someone is going to talk to me!" You thought to yourself. As soon as thought that the person spoke

"are you okay?" The person asked. "Oh it's a guy." You thought. "Um hello?" He said.

"Oh yeah I'm fine."

"Well I don't know that much of girls but I do know 'I'm fine' does not mean I'm fine. So what's wrong?"

"Why should I tell you anything I don't even know you or your name? You could be an axe murderer for all I know."

"True but trust me I'm not."

"You can say that but that'll prove nothing to me."

"Okay if you want proof I'm not holding an axe."

"That all the proof I'll need. So pretty boy what's yo name?"

"names Luke. Now you know mine what about yours?"

"My name is y/n. happy?"

"Wow a pretty name for a pretty girl and yes."

"Wow where did you get that one from the book of cliche pick up lines? You never saw my face and you'll never will."

"Hey all girls are pretty in their own way.Yes actually do you want to borrow it sometime?"

"Ummm no."

"Now can you please look at me and say what's wrong?" You were debating whether to or not. You thought he seems like a nice guy so you did.As you look up at him you realise that you are talking to Luke Hemmings from 5 seconds of summer. Wondering why he wants to know you answered him.

"Umm My boyfriend broke up with me but I'm use to them breaking up with me."

"Oh my god I'm sorry do you know why?"

"Yeah he broke up with me to be with another girl."

"That's even worse that I thought. How about we go somewhere to get you mind off things?"

"Yeah that's sound nice."

"Great do you want to get some ice cream?"

"Yeah let's go." You and Luke both went to the closest ice cream parlour and ordered your ice cream. You both walk back to the park and sit down on the swings.

"So Luke how's life?"

"Well I don't know if you know this but I'm in this band."

"Yeah I know called 5 seconds of summer. I realized who you were when I looked at you."

"You knew? I wouldn't of guessed."

"I didn't want to bring attention."

"Thank you. Anyway the band is doing great, I'm having fun with it."

"I have a question. Why do you care?"

"Care about what?"

"Cheering me up I guess."

"Well because I'd rather someone to be happy that their shitty boyfriend broke up with them than sad."

"Thanks for cheering me up."

"No problem. I have to go."

"Wait before you go can I have your number ."

"Okay text me whenever you like."


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