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4. Luke: First Child

You and Luke have been great. Luke still takes you out on those cute dates like your first. All you want is you and Luke to be happy together but deep down you know if you say the 5 words your whole world could change.

"Hey y/n are you okay?" Luke said noticing your change of mood. Knowing that there's something on your mind you shake it off because you don't know what he would say. If you do it either would make him thrilled or the complete opposite.

"Oh nothing Lukey."


That took you off guard. You were not expecting from him. Did you actually acted like this week? It hasn't seemed that long. Now you feel bad for not telling him. You want to but you can't bare to see his reaction. It's now or never. "Luke I...I-"

"please don't give me an apology I just want to know." Luke said so quietly.

"I...I..." You're choking now but the words won't come out. "I...I-"

"Save it y/n I just want the best for you and our family."

Family? Family? Does he already know about the possible baby in your stomach. You stood there in shock you did not know what to do. All you thought of was 'did I tell the boys about it? Did they tell Luke?'. With that you took your stuff and left to the only place you thought of, Calum's house. When you got there you noticed that Ashton and Michael were there too. You knocked on the door and let yourself in. As soon as you saw the boys you lost it.

"OKAY WHO THE FUCK TOLD HIM!" You were looking at them for a response but no one spoke. You were about to speak until Ashton spoke up.

"Uh y/n we don't know what you are talking about? And if you don't mind asking why did you leave your house?"

You were shocked do they actually not know? So you went all casual and acted like nothing's wrong. "I don't know what your talking about? Why can't I leave my house without Luke just to come see you guys."

After you said that Michael chuckled. Michael better tell you why he did that and by the looks of it he will. "Well first of all you looked pretty pissed when you came in here. Secondly Luke told us what happened." 

Dammit he told the boys so quick. You were about to say something but a concerned Calum beat ya to it. "Y/n why won't you tell him what's wrong? He really does care for you and your family."

Again with that word. What do they mean by that? They must know something. " yeah and what does he mean by family?"

"Now that's a stupid question y/n."

"God dammit Michael! I actually mean it by what does he mean?"

"Y/n he means you, him and your dog Blue. If you're so scared of having an actual family with him he'll wait. Like if you go home right now and tell him you're pregnant he'd be thrilled but we all know you're not. Don't do that he'd get mad and sad."

You felt so embarrassed you thought they knew. Heck you do even know for sure you're pregnant. The relief went through you he actually wants to start a family with you.

"Hey y/n since we explained something to you, you have to explain something now. What were you talking about when you first got here?"

"Damn you Ashton. Well if you must know I was talking about something that I now know you actually don't know. If you must still know I got to go talk to Luke right now so I will tell you later."

With that you got your things and left. You did not want them to object on your decision to leave. Before you could go back home you had to go somewhere.

*1 hour later*

You got out of your car scared of what Luke might say. You opened the door and checked the time. You noticed that it was already 10 o'clock. As you walked in you were engulfed in a hug from Luke.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry y/n for making you leave I just really wanted know so I can make you feel better."

"Luke I just want you to know that you did not make me leave I just needed time to think. I went over to Calum's when I got my thoughts figured out I left. Sorry if they told you that I was there and left to come back to you but only come back until now. I went somewhere else to confirm something."

"Okay you had me worried for an hour. You're here now so not to sound rude but what's wrong?"

Right now you're in tears not sad, not scared but joy.

"Luke I'm pregnant." Luke then engulfs you in another hug looking happy as ever.

*2 years later*

These past two years has been a wild roller coaster with your first child and now your second one on its way. Your first child, Adelaide looks just like her father. You lay on the couch trying to get a decent amount of sleep but then you heard Adelaide wine. With your motherly instincts you go and see what's wrong.


Addy what's wrong? I'm trying to do my best."

You look over at Luke and Adelaide to see what's wrong. You see Luke trying to braid Addy's hair.

"You're doing it wrong." You laugh to yourself.

"No I am not!"

"Yes you are. Adelaide knows you're doing it wrong too."

"Okay you tell me what I'm doing wrong?"

"Last time I checked a braid has three strands not two."

"Don't laugh at me y/n! Just go take a nap you need it. I got this you don't need to worry."

"You're right I do need a nap but I'm staying to see if you mess it up again."

You watched Luke braid Adelaide's hair. When he was done Adelaide ran to the bathroom to see what it looks like. As she was running back, Adelaide had the biggest smile on her face.

"Good job!"

"So can I do your hair another time?"


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