Autumn Leaves

" The coarse of true love never did run smooth. " She read aloud ending the Shakespeare novel. The thought of having someone to love brought a quick crooked smile to her face. Then to leave instantly as she was brought back to reality. " Are you ready. Ready to say your'e goodbyes? "Janet asked, walking into her room. Obviously trying to hold back tears. Today was her mother's funeral. The day she actually was finally going to feel the lost of the person she needed most in the world. " How could I ever be."....(Short Chapters)


2. Prologue....

" Let us now bow our head's as a moment of silence for the now deceased life Of Kristen Baker. " The preacher's words brought a shadow to my day now. I realized that I now had to let her go. 

As the tears streamed carefully down my cheeks the five minutes of silence was done and the funeral was over. I felt as if the whole world had stopped. As if the air in the world had been sucked out in a tiny tube. That gravity was now none existent. I had lost my mom and that was the beginning of my tragedy. 

" Rae, honey is their anything you want to do before we leave for home? " Janet asked. Janet was like my older sister. She's lived with my family and I since I was seven and she was  fourteen. Technically she's my first cousin but were so much more closer. " No, I just want to get out of here." I said. The words had declared my throat dry. And my brain declared my pain. Suddenly my head was pounding. Like as if I were just hit in the head with a brick.-

Finally home, I ran up to my room. Undressing my self quickly to get the tight black dress off. I didn't want any part of that funeral on me. I had needed my mother. I needed her to still be here. Here to brush my hair as she sang my nursery rhyme. I needed her to take me clothes shopping every special day of the month. Her to still teach me lessons about life. For god's sake I'm only fifth teen. 

Now in ordinary clothes I headed for my mother and fathers room. My father was gone. Nowhere to be found since the police came to tell us the sad but yet truth. He had left me. In my time of need. I could almost swear that I hate him. But I couldn't bring myself to say it because If I had the chance I would run too. Run as far away as I could. 

In my mother room now I felt like I couldn't breathe. My heart pounding in a slow then fast beat. Walking farther into the room I let the tips of my fingers run on the top of her dresser surface, then her side of the bed. Her pillows untouched. You could still see her head dent in them. 

Lying on the bed now, I tried to lay in her exact position. My body as her Body. Then not to long  I couldn't help but crawl up into a ball and let the tears burst out. "I need you mom." I said to myself in a low trembling voice. 

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