Red Ribbon (short story)

Their was a very pretty girl who always a wore a red ribbon around her neck and a boy who let his curiosity get the best of him....


4. 4.4

Finally night came and my wife was in the basement like she said and the kids were in bed so I went down stairs. "Dear the kids in the bed just like you asked so now will you tell me?" I asked her and she stopped doing the laundry and turned to face me a sad look in her eyes but a smile on her face. She didn't say a word and nodded her head letting a tear fall down her cheek. "Dear why do you always wear that red ribbon around your neck?" I asked getting worried about her. She sniffled letting another tear fall down as she said. "Take off the ribbon and see for your self my dear. Before you do how ever just know that I love you so much and never derempet of hurting you or the kids." I nodded and slowly undid the ribbon in the end when it was fully off her head fell off her neck and I screamed and grabbed the kids and we left the house with her in it.

I never saw my wife again after that and me and my kids lived a happy life until one day my son came home from school with a smile on his face. "You look happy today Niall. What happened in school today buddy?" I asked hoping to get good news. He looked at me and smiled and said to me. " I saw the prettiest girl ever today only she wore a red ribbon around her neck all the time." I screamed and Niall smiled at me. "Her name is Abby...." After my son said that my daughter came home wearing the same red ribbon around her neck...

The end or is it?

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