Red Ribbon (short story)

Their was a very pretty girl who always a wore a red ribbon around her neck and a boy who let his curiosity get the best of him....


2. 2.2

*After High school*

Ounce I had graduated high school I forgot all about the girl and what she said. I was in college now and had enough to think about as it was. Until the day that I was out in town running some earns when I ran into the girl from high school and to no surprise she still wore the red ribbon around her neck. I laughed as I bumped into to her making her turn around. "We have got to stop seeing each other like this all the time." she laughed and agreed with me. Then i realized that I had never heard her name in high school and she never heard mine. I held my hand out to her like I did the day we meet and helped her up. "O wow thank you um..." She got quite not knowing my name and I laughed a bit. "Sorry...the name's John." I said with a smile and she smiled back at me. "It's nice to finally officially meet you John I'm Abby." She smiled back and we shook hands.

We walked and talked for awhile and then ounce again my eyes landed on the ribbon around her neck. "Abby since we are older will you tell me why you always that pretty red ribbon around your neck?" She looked at the ribbon and smiled brightly. I was sure she was going to tell me at last but instead all she said was, "I'll tell you if we ever get married." then she waved good by and walked away from me. I didn't see after that for awhile but this time I made sure not forget her or that beautiful red ribbon that danced  around her as it hugged her pale moon skin.


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