Red Ribbon (short story)

Their was a very pretty girl who always a wore a red ribbon around her neck and a boy who let his curiosity get the best of him....


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I got to a school with mostly girls and my school is really weird. All the girls at my school look and act the same way almost as if their all the same person. Well not all the girls are like this really cause their is one girl at my school who stands out from the rest only she's really mysterious and keeps to her self.  She is short but very skinny and pretty, When she smiles at you your heart skips a beat and I swear her laugh could start world peace. One thing that always catches my eye about her is that she always wears a red ribbon around her neck and I've wonder why she did.

One faithful day at school I ran into the red ribbon girl. "Excuses me ...I wasn't looking at where I was going." She siad to me with a smile that melted my heart. "No I'm sorry for bumping into you," I said holding out a hand to help her up off the floor. She looked up at me and blushed a bit before taking my hand and thanking me. This was the first time I asked about her ribbon. "Hey why do you always wear that Red ribbon?" She looked at me and laughed. "How did you know I always wear it?" I blushed realizing what I just said to her as I blushed bright red. "It's just I saw you a lot aorund school and every time I saw you the ribbon was aorund your neck." I said with a goofy smile trying to cover up my mess up. She laughed which I took as a good sign and then she looked me closely in the eyes and said, "I'll yell you when we get older." Then she smiled and we parted ways.


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