Eraxe Girlz

Nine girls find they are missing something in their lifes. Not only are they freaks but they are great singers or players of instruments. They find each other make a band to prove that even freaks and be believe and live life the fullest.


4. Trinity Brave

"Wanna watch the best kinda cartoon ever? is anime and is a cartoon for adults I love them Japanese funny characters said Trinity.

"Yes your a fan too cool said Trinity happily jumping.

Hey girl I am twenty and I live with my sister Leah. Shes younger than me my crazy girl. Me and my sister always wanted to make a a band together. But people always separate us or tell us that we are twins and that they don't like doubles. I know  is messed up. Just so you know I am a anime freak love them.

I have white skin, baby blue eyes like the ocean and blond medium long curly hair. I know how to play the guitar, piano and sing too. Me and my sister feel like we need more people in are band. I guess we just  have to be brave for what's coming. My sister says I am so brave that I cosplayed in a anime costume in a audition once, we had it was funny we also got rejected.

But hey I love being me so no one will take that away from me. I hope I can find my Dorothy's soon enough.

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