Eraxe Girlz

Nine girls find they are missing something in their lifes. Not only are they freaks but they are great singers or players of instruments. They find each other make a band to prove that even freaks and be believe and live life the fullest.


7. Nia Star


"Hey wanna rock out?".

"Yeah, awesome".

Cool, I am Nia Star the star is for always shining like a rockstar. I am nineteen years old. And my dream is to be a rock star one day. I have red short hair dark make-up on always, pale white skin and I am also short. I have a sister named Rena she's nineteen also. I and my sister got adopted in Japan so we both have Asian parents. I am a rock freak girl I love loud screaming music I am a star rocker. I play the guitar and I sing. I and my sister have been trying out auditions a lot. I and she dropped out of school to reach are dreams. So are parents are furiously mad. But I and my sister live in our own apartment. We have problems with our parents but that's nothing new right. They wanted us to be doctors.(makes a are you serious face)

But then fate brought us to a galaxy world where we met other stars, girls like me and my sister. 

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