Eraxe Girlz

Nine girls find they are missing something in their lifes. Not only are they freaks but they are great singers or players of instruments. They find each other make a band to prove that even freaks and be believe and live life the fullest.


3. Narissa Wild

"Hi I am Narissa, would you love some cake? I love sweet and cute things said Narissa smiling.

"Oh no your not a cake person oh well okay said Narissa pouting cheerfully.

I am miss sweet heart of Texas. I am twenty one, some people say I am too nice and stupid or even motherly. But I love kindness it brings smiles to peoples faces. I have white skin, hazel eyes like pretty jewels and long dark blond hair like sleeping beauty's. I am wild only when I am playing the guitar and the piano. I can also sing.

Some people say I look ugly when I look and act wild but this is who I am sweet and wild. Sometimes I feel like my sweet cake is my missing something sour. Just my life. In Texas there was a talent contest for sweet hearts. I sighed up with my guitar.

For ones I wanted to be Narissa Wild. The judges rejected me because my wildness does not match my appearance, Stupid right. Then I am just gonna have to find my missing sour. And then a month later I found my missing sour. They are the great sour girls.

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